Use digital marketing. Develop content for blogs. Write digital public relations (PR). Master social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube. Build community with your customers. Practice search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Understand how Google and Yahoo! search rankings impact your business bottom line.

The New Media Drivers License course is provided by The Michigan State University Advertising, Public Relations & Retailing Department.

Class Overview

Learn in the classroom & online. Two full day classes and the rest of your work can be done from home!

Learn by doing. Optimize and promote your own blog and social media accounts.

Be prepared for the future. After the class is over you keep all your work, ready to use!


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Ross Johnson

Ever want to "snooze" your friends?

9/16/2017 posted in Social Media

I often ask students what bothers them most about social media. "Annoying status updates" is a common response. Whether it's over sharing, charged political views or public fights... it seems we all have connections that rub us the wrong way from time to time.


Ever want to "snooze" your friends?

9/16/2017 posted in Social Media
Authored by Instructor

Summer of Amazon

7/11/2017 posted in Google, New Media
Authored by Instructor

Your social network

6/28/2017 posted in Facebook, Twitter
Authored by Instructor

Dream Agency Dream Job

6/19/2017 posted in Google, Ingenex
Authored by Instructor

Planet of the Apps & More

6/8/2017 posted in Social Media, Twitter
Authored by Instructor

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