Be Digital - MSU Communication Students are!

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He calls it the "Digital Drivers License", and says its mandatory for all 3,500 MSU Communication Arts students. He is B. Bonin Bough, Global Director of Digital & Social Media for Pepsi Co., and he is referring to the New Media Drivers License course in the Advertising, PR, and Retailing Department at Michigan State University.

I love this guy. He has to be one of the most searchable people online. What a great name! Sorry I didn't get to meet him when he was the keynote speaker at MSU Communicators this last week. And he had such a good time meeting with MSU Students, and with our amazing Dean Pamela Whitten, that he wrote about us in his blog on Forbes.

B. Bonin Bough of Pepsi Co.

Check out his blog post on Forbes:

Thanks B. Thanks Bonin! Thanks Mr. Bough. Class - let's all drink a toast - with Pepsi of course!