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Now that you've focused on your brands and you have a good idea what they do for marketing and what you would recommend, I'm curious what you would put in their marketing tools tech stack? 

For example for many of the clients we handle at Ingenex Digital Marketing, we use the following tools:

- Google Analytics

- Wordpress CMS

- Hubspot Marketing Automation

- Mailchimp Email Marketing

- Appropriate social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest)

- Google Adwords and other PPC Services

- Paid social media 

All these tools combine to give us a robust offering and give our clients the digital marketing they need. These tools allow us to build campaigns and market for our clients. 

So knowing this, what tools would you use to build a Marketing Tech Stack for your client?

Comments & Feedback


The brand I have been researching has been Easton. The brand has multiple channels on various social media sites for each of its sporting categories. I suggest they utilize their social media by using the features offered on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This will help the brand better target their audiecne by understanding their behavior on social media and appeal to those who may be intersted in sports, more specifically baseball and softball. You can locate whre users are and push for a stronger social media campagin in that reigon.

I also suggest Easton to utilize Google Analytics and Google Adwords. With Google Analytics the brand can track session on their website and understand what catches the users attention. This could lead to the brand postioning its items differently and translate the users behavior. Focusing on keywords such as high quality baseball and softball equipment could lead to Easton showing up more often on searches which could lead to a higher ROI. 


Having now analyzed Sub Pop Records’ website and social media, it is likely they are doing many of the things included in the tech stack listed above. Google Analytics (everyone should be using this), MailChimp for email marketing, and appropriate social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They pay for posts on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s one thing to use all these platforms and strategies, and it’s another to be successful in doing so. From this outside perspective – not actually having access to Sub Pop’s metrics – what are some other observations that can hint at their strategy or actual success?


I did my brand on Chrysler and FCA, and what I found to be the most helpful was using social media platforms to help brand themselves. Posting pictures to Instagram help gain immediate attention to viewers quickly while it is also free and easy to do. YouTube is a very big tool for FCA as it allows them to post a lot more content to help build followers to show them new products that are coming out. This is nice for reviews and descriptions about the company and what they are up to. I believe that consumers love this the most because it makes shopping for a car way easier than before. By using celebrities and social media tagging them into photos or videos can also get traffic from their profiles adding more attention to it. By using social media to brand yourself it means you have to find the best proponents to give your company a good image or the internet will take it another way. 


I prefer to use Google Analytics to help my brand. In my opinion, Google Analytics is a tool that shows all important imformation of your brand in number and graphs. It transfer thoughts and feelings into exact math problem. I can know how many clicks website has a day, what kind of devices people use to log in, what they do, what are their identities, and any other information about your customers. Because of it, we can easily find problems of our brand by analyzing the data Google Analytics collects. It can also let me have a more particular knowledge of the brand in order to make a better strategy to build accurate brand image. For example, Coca-Cola used to define itself as a kind of health drink. After a long period of data collection they finally realized that most people who would like to buy it are because of it taste but not function. Then they changed their strategy until now. Howrever, if they had Google Analytics at that time, they could realize it almost the real time, which would save plenty of time. Thus, I think Google Analytics will be an important part of brands.


For this class, I have chosen McDonald's as my brand. After all of the research I have done so far, I suggest the tools they use to build a Marketing Tech Stack include appropriate social media and Google Analytics. I find these 2 tools most effective because they both do different things, but both benefit the company the best in the end. They are also both the easiest to use and collect data from in my opinion, so this could be very helpful if everyone doesn't have that marketing mindset that is on the McDonald's team. Google Analytics is a great tool because it gives insights on how users find and use your website. You can see how traffic comes to your website (direct, organic, social), what pages those visitors are looking at and see how long they actually stay on that page. Overall, it's a great way to grab insights from consumers and McDonald's could really grow from this. The appropriate social media tool would also be a great way for McDonald's to market to their clients. Now a days, it's almost impossible to not use atleast one form of social media daily. McDonald's needs to take advantage of this because these platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. 


I chose to research Walmart for this course. I believe Walmart does an efficient job with their marketing skills, but in order to build a Marketing Tech Stack for my client, I would utilize Google Analytics, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and Google Adwords. These tools are extremely useful for digital marketing. Google analytics allows companies to track behavior on websites and analyze how successful the site is. Social media is a great way to engage brands with their clients to ensure customer satisfaction as well as projecting messages and information to a wide range of audience at one time. Google Adwords allows for a more efficient SEO. Purchasing certain words can increase the chance of more individuals coming to the brands site. These three tools are extremely useful in the marketing industry. 



The brand I chose is Pure Michigan. The social media tools I would reccomend for Pure Michigan would be

  • Google Analytics because it's a great tool to find out specific things about your target demoghapic such as their online shopping habits, interests, hobbies, income, relationship status and that only scratches the surface. These things are important to Pure Michigan because its important to know the best strategies to reach the broad demographic that illustrates Pure Michigan's audience. 
  • Google AdWords would be also be benifical to Pure Michigan because their website encompasses the endless things to do in Michigan such as restaurants, events, shopping, festivals, sights, parks, the list goes on. So a simple google search for "best restarunt in Lansing" could take you to Pure Michigan's web page and give you a list of not only places to eat but also things to do in Lansing giving them a huge online presence.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube are also all effective ways to reach Pure Michigan's target audience because Pure Michigan already has a popular hashtag #PureMichigan and encourages online users to submit their favorite photos of Michigan and it's breathtaking views.   

The brand I have been looking at is Amazon. They do a very good job on social media marketing and are on all of the major platforms of social media, posting valuable and important things. Email marketing is also something this company has down to a science. Every email they send is very personalized and uses everything the website knows about me like what I have bought, what I have looked up and things that I would like. This makes me feel the company cares about me as an individual customer for a huge company. 


The brand that I chose was the Detroit Red Wings.  They have a very pronounced social media presence, but it could be used more effectively in terms of establishing its personality as well as interacting more with their users.  Additionally, email marketing would be an effective tool in terms of reaching out to prosepective ticketholders or to those who have expressed interest in going to a game.  Google Analytics would also be a valuable resource in seeing what interests are of the consumer and how/where we can effectively reach them.


The brand I choose is Pizza Hut, an America restaurant chain, known for its Italian-American cuisine menu including pizza and pasta. It has very mature social media, including almost all of the well-known types such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, of course, it has its own official website. However, in my opinion, its official website needs some changes, since it seems like a website just for ordering food and showing the discount activities. Oppositely, on other social media, Pizza Hut shares publics its core idea, target audiences, and interactions. That's what their official website also needs. Moreover, Pizza Hut can use Google Analytics to learn more about customers. And change its selling strategies by their social media using habits and peak buying period.


The brand I chose was Pepsi Co. One thing I could not help noticing is how weak they are on social medica compared to their main competitor which is Coca Cola. Pepsi Co is the parent company which they do most of their sustainability advertisement on but their Facebook page only has a measly 271k followers. Their Pepsi brand only has 38M followers compared to the 100M+ followers that Coca Cola has. One of the major differences I can see between the two Facebook sites is that Coca Cola stays engaged with its audience. Although they stay very active on social media, from what I saw there were no replies from either Pepsi or Pepsico to comments on their posts. Their facebook page is littered with negative comments with no indication that Pepsico is even listening. Therefore the most important tool I would recommend for them is Quintly. Quintly is an social media analytical tool that can be used for most of the popular platforms. It mainly gathers data and gives feedback to improve social media growth and engagement. With proper engagment, Pepsico can build a more positive image. 


The brand I chose is topshop. Topshop is the high street brand and also fast fashion brand. “high street” and “fast fashion” are their search keywords, as long as the search for fast fashion or high street, you will be able to see the Topshop website. Topshop's social media, such as ins, snapchat, has been very mature. But I think that in the official website of Topshop,consumers can be encouraged to participate in the clothing matching activities on their social media and encorgae consumers tag "topshop" , which can broaden the consumer groups and increase the interaction between brands and consumers.


For Stitch Fix, a robust social media tool is needed to keep on top of all their pages and the customer feedback. Sprout Social is a social media management system I have a little experience with, and I think it would be perfect for the work involved with managing Stitch Fix's social accounts.

Due to the sophisticated tools and pages run on the company's site, I'm not sure if it runs on a conventional CMS like WordPress or DRUPL, or if they use an in-house CMS (though I would guess it runs on WordPress). The massive amount of content Stitch Fix publishes needs intuitive and powerful content management.

In addition, keeping up on market research with simple tools like Google Trends and Statista would help my client keep on top of digital trends in fashion and beauty. This would coincide with internal analytics on the site using tools and methods like Google Analytics, running a/b tests with paid social, Google Adwords and more.

Finally, the subscription business model Stitch Fix uses demands a premiere CRM effort. Using tools like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to design and distribute emails is key.

After writing all of this, it seems like a lot of the best/necessary programs needed to have great digital marketing cost a lot of money. Do you have any program recommendations for companies or agencies who can't afford a service like Sprout Social?


The brand that I chose is GM, the reason on why I chose GM was because I'm a big car guy and I wanted to know more about the company. Social media is such a big thing in the world now, almost everyone has some kind of social media but it's all about the way you use it. They are a great company but they can work on somethings like the commiunication, they had a problem with communication not too long ago but I feel as though they can be better than what they have been doing. They can start have controlled groups more and asking their customers what they can do better with their products if sells arent going the best. They should be more involved with their social media platforms, they can post more and read some of the direct messages that they are getting and if they are good then they can use that to improve the company. Other than that the company marketing is good. 


I choose Zara for my focus brand since I love the product it has. The Zara brand offers men women and kids’ clothing, shoes and accessories. It also has sub-brand for provides trendier and edgier items. The key message of Zara is simple ---“fast fashion”. Zara’s audience is extensive, it aspires to create responsible passion for fashion amongst a broad spectrum of consumers, spread across different cultures and age groups. There are many factors caused its’ success, but the most important one is its ability to put customers first. When you become Zara’s membership, they will send you email to welcome you and show you what’s new.


My brand I chose was Burton Snowboards. After researching their various marketing tools, I discovered that it might be wise for them to use Google Ad words to break into the outdoor gear and apparel market they have recently started to target. Because Burton mainly produces snowboards, many people don't even realize that they also make camping, hiking, and outdoor apparel. By focusing on improving their SEO for Google Ad words like 'outdoor apparel' and 'camping', they can compete with other brands like REI and YETI. 


Google AdWords is one of Google's most efficient ways to make money. Basically how AdWords works is it gives you information about people using keywords to either find your businesses page or website. When I tried accessing Adwords it would not let me due to it saying it needs billing information. But describing AdWords it has many tools you can use to track analytics and statistics. Approximately 10-100 people have searched.

Simmons OneView from the National Consumer Study is an annual survey of U.S. consumers buying and media habits. Simmons OneView allows you to create custom reports on multiple sums of data.



Red Bull Is at the top of their game for many of the tools you have listed. However, improvemnets for any company can always be made. That being said, I believe Red Bull could increse effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Hubspot Marketing Automation, for added benefits of inbound marketing
  • Google anaytics, for incresed data knowledge 
  • Search engine optimization, for an increase in user traffic
  • Paid social media, for a wider audience

The Marketing Tech Stack I would recommend for Urban Outfitters are: 

  • Popular social media platforms, which they are already utilizing: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify. In addition, I would use Sprout Social to manage all of these platforms.
  • I would definitely enhance their blog page by incorporating a variety of topics, such as fashion trends, to leverage their brand authority.
  • Mailchimp

Nike's tech stack already includes, social media, adwords and paid social media. I would definitely add Hubspot and Wordpress. Nike has a blog presence in the newsletter portion of their website. There is so much potential for great content I think it should be promoted and expanded


The market tools which I will put in my brand, and also my client, Micheal Kors, should be:

-popular social media platform, like INS, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube,Pinterest and so on

-Mail and messages sent to customers (Email and message marketing)

-Google adwords

-Sample sale in some trade exhibition

-Google advertising from downside of the website


Under Armour does a good job with there social but there are aspects that could be improved:

  • Fix their Google Adwords because they barely compete with other brands similar to theirs on an organic search
  • Technology to segment their email audiences
  • Update their social media plan to have it work more effectively

I do believe Old Spice currently uses most, if not all, of the tools you have listed in your tech stack. My recommendation would be for them to add more social media related tools like:

-Buffer (a super scheduler for all social media posts)

-Sprout Social (a one-stop-shop for marketing managers)

-Tagboard (usefully to see top trends across all social media platforms)


The Food Network already uses a few of these tools such as appropriate social media, however they could probably use a few more in depth ones like: 

- paid social media posts, they never do any promotions or link any stores to their posts.

- google adword, to utilise the search engines and specific phrases for recipes or shows on the network

- make the blogging on the network website more prominent. 


My client, Pure Michigan, relies heavily on imagery and leading potential customers to plan their own Michigan-based getaways and activities. Some tools I'd use to build the optimal marketing tech stack for Pure Michigan inlcude:

  • Google adwords (for when target marketing is searching for trip ideas)
  • SEO (to achieve better organic results in searches)
  • Popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and increase of YouTube)
  • Paid social media on said platforms 

The marketing tools I would put in Samsung's tech stack include:

  • Google Adwords
  • Search engine optimization (through tools like Google Analytics or Google Keyword Planner)
  • Paid social media ads
  • Social media blogging/posting (primarily on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter)
  • Email marketing (especially for subscribers to the newsletter that gets mailed out through the Samsung Newsroom site)
  • Finally, the newsletter itself which is hosted on a blog-like website that posts articles on how their technology serves communities

For Barnes and Nobles I would put Appropriate social media, hubspot, paid social media, and google adwords in their tech stack!


Why do you think HubSpot is a good idea for your brand?


The tools that I would incorporate into the digital marketing tech sack of the Detorit Red Wings brand include blogging, paid social media advertisments across all social platforms, search engine optimization, and Google Adwords. 


The tools that I would include in Steve Madden's "marketing tools tech stack" would be Google Adwords, sponsored social media advertising, blogging, social media platforms ( Twitter, Instragram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.), and email marketing.

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