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Now that you've focused on your brands and you have a good idea what they do for marketing and what you would recommend, I'm curious what you would put in their marketing tools tech stack? 

For example for many of the clients we handle at Ingenex Digital Marketing, we use the following tools:

- Google Analytics

- Wordpress CMS

- Hubspot Marketing Automation

- Mailchimp Email Marketing

- Appropriate social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest)

- Google Adwords and other PPC Services

- Paid social media 

All these tools combine to give us a robust offering and give our clients the digital marketing they need. These tools allow us to build campaigns and market for our clients. 

So knowing this, what tools would you use to build a Marketing Tech Stack for your client?

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My brand I chose was Burton Snowboards. After researching their various marketing tools, I discovered that it might be wise for them to use Google Ad words to break into the outdoor gear and apparel market they have recently started to target. Because Burton mainly produces snowboards, many people don't even realize that they also make camping, hiking, and outdoor apparel. By focusing on improving their SEO for Google Ad words like 'outdoor apparel' and 'camping', they can compete with other brands like REI and YETI. 


Google AdWords is one of Google's most efficient ways to make money. Basically how AdWords works is it gives you information about people using keywords to either find your businesses page or website. When I tried accessing Adwords it would not let me due to it saying it needs billing information. But describing AdWords it has many tools you can use to track analytics and statistics. Approximately 10-100 people have searched.

Simmons OneView from the National Consumer Study is an annual survey of U.S. consumers buying and media habits. Simmons OneView allows you to create custom reports on multiple sums of data.



Red Bull Is at the top of their game for many of the tools you have listed. However, improvemnets for any company can always be made. That being said, I believe Red Bull could increse effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Hubspot Marketing Automation, for added benefits of inbound marketing
  • Google anaytics, for incresed data knowledge 
  • Search engine optimization, for an increase in user traffic
  • Paid social media, for a wider audience

The Marketing Tech Stack I would recommend for Urban Outfitters are: 

  • Popular social media platforms, which they are already utilizing: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify. In addition, I would use Sprout Social to manage all of these platforms.
  • I would definitely enhance their blog page by incorporating a variety of topics, such as fashion trends, to leverage their brand authority.
  • Mailchimp

Nike's tech stack already includes, social media, adwords and paid social media. I would definitely add Hubspot and Wordpress. Nike has a blog presence in the newsletter portion of their website. There is so much potential for great content I think it should be promoted and expanded


The market tools which I will put in my brand, and also my client, Micheal Kors, should be:

-popular social media platform, like INS, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube,Pinterest and so on

-Mail and messages sent to customers (Email and message marketing)

-Google adwords

-Sample sale in some trade exhibition

-Google advertising from downside of the website


Under Armour does a good job with there social but there are aspects that could be improved:

  • Fix their Google Adwords because they barely compete with other brands similar to theirs on an organic search
  • Technology to segment their email audiences
  • Update their social media plan to have it work more effectively

I do believe Old Spice currently uses most, if not all, of the tools you have listed in your tech stack. My recommendation would be for them to add more social media related tools like:

-Buffer (a super scheduler for all social media posts)

-Sprout Social (a one-stop-shop for marketing managers)

-Tagboard (usefully to see top trends across all social media platforms)


The Food Network already uses a few of these tools such as appropriate social media, however they could probably use a few more in depth ones like: 

- paid social media posts, they never do any promotions or link any stores to their posts.

- google adword, to utilise the search engines and specific phrases for recipes or shows on the network

- make the blogging on the network website more prominent. 


My client, Pure Michigan, relies heavily on imagery and leading potential customers to plan their own Michigan-based getaways and activities. Some tools I'd use to build the optimal marketing tech stack for Pure Michigan inlcude:

  • Google adwords (for when target marketing is searching for trip ideas)
  • SEO (to achieve better organic results in searches)
  • Popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and increase of YouTube)
  • Paid social media on said platforms 

The marketing tools I would put in Samsung's tech stack include:

  • Google Adwords
  • Search engine optimization (through tools like Google Analytics or Google Keyword Planner)
  • Paid social media ads
  • Social media blogging/posting (primarily on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter)
  • Email marketing (especially for subscribers to the newsletter that gets mailed out through the Samsung Newsroom site)
  • Finally, the newsletter itself which is hosted on a blog-like website that posts articles on how their technology serves communities

For Barnes and Nobles I would put Appropriate social media, hubspot, paid social media, and google adwords in their tech stack!


The tools that I would incorporate into the digital marketing tech sack of the Detorit Red Wings brand include blogging, paid social media advertisments across all social platforms, search engine optimization, and Google Adwords. 


The tools that I would include in Steve Madden's "marketing tools tech stack" would be Google Adwords, sponsored social media advertising, blogging, social media platforms ( Twitter, Instragram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.), and email marketing.

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