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2017 is gonna be a great year. And IMHO a good year to have some distractions to avoid the news. What is a better distraction than Pop Culture entertainment for that?

So I ask you students, what pop culture do you follow? I'm very curious to hear your favorite band/musician, movie/movies, tv shows, hobbies, anything else?

This will give me a good barometer for what's important to the upcoming generation. Here's my favorites.

Band: Phish, Kanye, Niki Manaj, Childish Gambino, The White Panda

Movies New: La La Land, I need to see Hidden Figures!

Movies Old: All Godfather movies, Moulin Rouge, Big Fish, Adam Sandler

TV Shows: Not watching any right now, but I like GOT, Silicon Valley, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Fixer Upper on HGTV

Hobbies: Watching my kids swim :-), Working out

Other: Huge Hamilton Fan! Going to see it in Chicago soon. I suggest giving it a listen.

Please share your favorite Pop Culture topics in the comments.

Oh and my other favorite is the MSU Spartans! Go Green!

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Music Artists: Post Malone, Khalid, The Eagles, Milky Chance

Movies: Moana, Beauty & The Beast

TV Shows: GOT, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Stranger Things, The Office

Hobbies: Traveling, shopping, working out


A few of my current favorites are as follows:

Bands: Tycho, Odesza, SZA, Khruangbin

Movies New: Moonlight and Nocturnal Animals

Movies Old: Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

TV Shows: Broad City, Stranger Things, Bob's Burgers, Chopped

Hobbies: Painting, photography, creating art, listening to music, going to concerts

Go Green!!


That's so cool you like Childish Gambino - he's one of my favorites as well. My all time favorite band/artist, however, is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Favorite movies include The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 10 Things I Hate About You, and The Dark Knight. Currently I'm watching Californication on Netflix but my all time favorites are The Walking Dead, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Shameless. Some of my hobbies are hanging out with my friends, going on runs, and listening to music.


I commented on this post early in the semester, so I thought now was a good time to look back on it and see if my interests have changed over the past few months.  I feel like I've grown more as a person recently, and have started to follow things Im passionate about more closely.  I believe in my first post I mentioned my love for punk rock.  Recently I was able to show my passion for it and had the experience of seeing Green Day at the Joe Louis Arena as one ofthe final events to take place there.  It was pretty sentimental, and made me realize how much a place can truly mean to you.  My choices in TV shows and movies are still the same, but I'm trying to expand on them per friends' requests.


Artists: Drake, Beyonce, Kayne, Justin Bieber, Rihanna

Movies New: Southpaw, Lion, Beauty and the Beast

Movies Old: The Parent Trap, Cheaper By The Dozen, Breakfast Club, Devil Wears Prada

TV Shows: All Chicago shows (PD, Fire, Med), Big Little Lies, Grey's Anatomy, Mad Men

Hobbies: Working out, eating, shopping, netflix, sleeping

Other: LOVE musicals


Band: Migos and Taylor Swift

New Movies: Get Out and King Kong

Old Movies: Nancy Drew

TV Shows: The Flash and Grey's Anatomy

Hobbies: Reading and Photography

Other: I love to travel!


Band: The Killers

Movies New: Arrival, La La Land

Movies Old: Sabrina, Labyrinth

TV Shows: The Office

Hobbies: Watching too many movies

Other: I have never seen Wicked, but I know all the music and I'm dying to!


I know that I already submitted a comment for this one...but this just reminded me that I am really starting to love the deceased musical phenomenon, Selena!


Band: Frank Ocean, Chainsmokers, Drake, Beyonce, Daughter, Galantis, The weekend, 

Movies New: Haven't seen any lately

Movies Old: Father of the Bride 1&2, Harry Potter, anything with Seth Rogen (This Is The End is very good)

TV Shows: New Girl, Seinfeld, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Bob's Burgers, Mindy Project, Brooklyn 99

Hobbies:taking my dog on walks, exercising, going out with my friends


Musician: The Weeknd, Banks, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Chris Brown

Movies New: Nerve, La La Land

Movies Old: Stepbrothers, The Proposal

TV Shows: The Office, Scandal, SNL, Black Mirror, American Horror Story

Hobbies: Volunteering, going to concerts, traveling

Other: I am very involved in my sorority, participating in philanthropy/fundraising efforts and taking leadership positions in the chapter.


I am a little late here, but I wanted to participate nonetheless.

Here is a list of favorites from a very indecisive young lady. 

Band: The 1975, 5 Seconds of Summer, Little Mix, Journey

Singer: Taylor Swift, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Sam Hunt, Brett Young, THE LIST NEVER ENDS

Rapper: Chance the Rapper, Drake, Nicki Minaj

DJ: RL Grime, Galantis, Flume, Metro Boomin, Skrillex

Movies New: LA LA LAND!!!

Movies Old: 10 Things I Hate About You, Titanic, A Walk to Remember, The Uninvited, Grease, Forrest Gump, The Little Mermaid, 50 First Dates, THE LIST NEVER ENDS

TV Shows (Still Airing): SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Gotham, Jane, RuPaul's Drag Race, Shameless, The OA, Stranger Things, Family Guy, Black Mirror, How To Get Away With Murder, Supernatural, Bob's Burgers

TV Shows (Ended): Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, Friday Night Lights

Hobbies: Yearbook, Kappa Alpha Theta, travel, Netflix+Hulu

Other: I am very passionate (I hate that word) ardent about detail. I don't just like music, movies or TV shows. I dissect and analyze every lyric, line and plot element until I understand utterly and completely on a deeper level than most care to. I must hear every word said by a character, sometimes causing me to watch shows and movies with the subtitles on, a lot of times causing me to rewind countless times and finally, the quirk my sister hates the most, causing me to pause the show or movie (for as long as it takes) until I have Googled whatever question or thought I had since the last scene. Unless I understand exactly what is going on in a scene or exactly what a song is about, I can't fully enjoy it. Maybe it's not so weird, but I do think I am bordering on obsessive in many cases. I look to Reddit a lot to see other viewers' analyses and comments on shows, movies and songs and it is one of my favorite hobbies!


Band:blink 182, U.S.S, Nerviana

Movies New: The Martian, The Accountant, Harry potter..all of them.

Movies old:2001 a space oddesy, King kong, And casablanca 

Tv shows:The walking dead, The americans, Timeless

Hobbies:Paintball, Competitive shooting and technology

Other:I have found that i really enjoy reading science fiction books.



Hello! These are a few of my favorite things..

Band:Daughter, Young the Giant, Local Natives, Kevin Garrett, Alina Baraz, James Blake

Movies New: Hidden Figures, Fences, The theory of everything 

Movies Old: Dirty Dancing, Forest Gump, What's Love Got To Do With It,

Tv Shows: This is Us, Empire, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Any animal related tv show

Hobbies: Yoga, Track and Field 




Band: My absolute favorite artist of all time is Bon Iver. I do listen to much more - Khalid, Dre, Mumford & Sons, Brantley Gilbert...

Movies: The Dream Team and Batman (Really any - I'm a huge fan!)

TV Shows: I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan, but I also enjoy Fixer Upper, Breaking Bad, How to Get Away with Murder...

Hobbies: Sports, outdoors, music (playing and singing)...

Other: I'm very passionate about a natural approach to health! My house is 100% toxic free - I make my own products, buy from companies that I have done butt-loads of research on, and am continuously reading on ways to better mine and my family's life. I'm currently trying to make my home a zero-waste home, but this has been quite a challenge!




Hello everyone, here are a few of the pop culture things I follow:

Band:Lion, Mayday, Rolling Stones

Movies new: Split, LaLaLand, Hidden Figures

Movies old:Titanic, The god father

Tv show:The daily show, Project Greenlight,the voice of china

Hobbies:Swimming, Watching movie, Dancing

Other:Reading some book, See the sights


Here are a few of the pop culture that I followed

Band: By 2, SHE(chinese girls band)

Movies new : XXX I love action movie

Movies old : The Matrix

Tv shows: Amerian Voice 

Hobbies: Swim; work out ; fix small thing and personal design


Here are a few of the pop culture things I follow! 

Band: Adele, Maroon 5, Tim Mcgraw, Eric Church

Movies New: A Dog's Purpose, Split, Patriot's Day

Movies Old: Any Disney movies, Tom Hanks movies

Tv Shows: Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Quantico, New Girl, Suits

Hobbies: Playing with my dog, baking, watching movies



Hey guys! Here are some of my personal favorites:

Band: Saint Motel, Chance the Rapper, Cherub and Two Door Cinema Club

Movies new: Totally agree on La La Land, Honestly haven't seen any other movies lately

Movies old: 500 Days of Summer, Interstellar

TV: Shameless, The Office, Arrested Development

Hobbies: Dance, Biking, Reading 

Other: Social media and the Spartans


Musician: Hip Hop & R&B no one specific 

Movie- Dont Breathe 

TV Shows- The get Down 

hobbies- Screenwriting, skit writing 

Baasketball team = KOBE (alone) 


Band: Future, Drake, Wiz Khalifa

Movies: Step-Brothers, Napoleon Dynamite

TV Shows: Meat Eater, Discovery Channel

Hobbies: Hunting and Fishing

Other: I love the outdoors!


My favorites are listed below.

Band: Green Day

Movies New: The Great Wall

Movies Old: Flipped, The Legend of 1900

TV Shows: Prison Break

Hobbies: Watching TV, Photographing, Video Games




My favorite things.

Band: Black eyed Peas

Movies new: Split, rings

Movies old: One day

TV shows: Gossip girl

Hobbies:Sleeping, shopping, watching TV shows


I follow my favorite bands and singers (Coldplay, Adele, Jack Johnson to name a few). I love watching Netflix so i follow what new shows are good to watch. I also am interested in health and fitness and enjoy finding new workouts and recipes. 


I like La La land also.

Band: Linkin Park

Movies New: La La land, Interstellar

Movies Old:The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight, The Lord of the Rings, Pulp Fiction, Schindler's List, Inception, Saving Private Ryan

Director: Christopher Nolan

Hobbies: Working out, Swimming and swimming with beauty


Pop culture has an explosion development during these years. It is easy for people to get involved.

The Pop culture that I followed including movies, Pop musics and TV shows.

I love Pop music and basically I am listening it when I drive, shower or walk. It makes me feel relax.

Also, Varity Show is my favourite becasue it makes me laugh all the time. Some people may think this kind of show is innutritious but it makes me happy! And, happy is the most important thing!



Hi there!

Favorite Bands: Arctic Monkeys & Big Sean

Movies: Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, and anything directed by Steven Spielberg.

TV Shows: The Office, Modern Family, and It's Always Funny in Philadelphia

Hobbies: Hiking/with my dog, longboarding, photography, and drinking craft beer.

Other: Tailgating for football games


I typically follow sports and music in pop culture. I feel that both of these fields are very indicative of American culture and the way our youth interact with each other as well as the fact that the crossover between these two fields occurs on a very regular basis.

Band: Chance the Rapper, Drake, Childish Gambino, Big Sean, J. Cole

Movies New: Star Wars: Rouge One, Split

Movies Old: Any Star Wars movie, School of Rock, Superbad, Remember the Titans, Ruby, The Batman Trilogy

TV Shows: House of Cards, Sons of Anarchy, Scrubs, Breaking Bad

Hobbies: playing/watching sports including football, basketball and rugby, working out, outdoor activities including hiking and bike riding

Other: Some of my favorite athletes/celebrities include Michael Jordan, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Chance the Rapper, and J. Cole


Hello everyone!

Bands: I am really into old music/old time feel music so my favorite musicians are Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Cake, Koko Taylor and Chuck Berry (if you find a modern day version of these people let me know)

New Movies: The last two movies I've seen are Lala Land and The Accountant and I loved them both.

Old Movies: I have two very different genres but I am either dying to watch a rom-com or anything action related (Marvel movies) depending on the mood. Also shoutout that you like Moulin Rouge, one of the greatest movies of all time

TV Shows: I have to rank my favorite shows by category so, comedy: Parks and Recs and the Office, Drama: House of Cards and the Blacklist, Misc: Shameless

Hobbies: Traveling, eating sandwiches, yoga

Other: Big fan of math 


Pop culture is something that I heavily indulge in. A lot of times I find that I often have new favorites because new things are constantly being produced. I mostly find myself on social media or streaming television shows.

Right now here are my favorites: 

Music Artists: Beyonce, Drake, PartyNextDoor 

Movies: Anything with Johnny Depp starring in it, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, any Fast and Furious movies

TV shows: All on netflix - Shameless, The Office, Family Guy, Law and Order SVU

Hobbies: Fashion/Makeup, Reading, Volunteering for different organizations, Watching movies


Hello everyone! My name is Damion Terry I am currently a Junior with an Advertising major.

I find myself very involved in pop culture whether it is the latest trends, music, tv shows, etc. Pop Culture is a big part of society and I feel has a big influence on the citizens involved and plays a vital role of how people view certain things.

Band:Drake I would say is my favorite artist right now, but I am very open to my music choice and like music of alldifferent kinds.

Movies: Goodfellas, Wolf of Wall Street, Friday Night Lights.

Tv Shows: Shameless is my favorite Tv show at the moment.

Hobbies: Playing sports, video games, watching movies, hanging out with my friends.

Others: Love the Pittsburgh Steelers and Lebron James.




Bands/Music: The Internet, 6LACK, The Weeknd

Movies New: Any cheesy Lifetime Movie

Movies Old: The Little Rascals, Toy Story, Flight

TV Shows: House Hunters, Flip or Flop, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy

Hobbies: Sneakers - collecting, blogging, traveling to sneaker shows across the US

Other: Enjoy running and crazy obstacle events such as Tough Mudder



Band (odd mix) - Mogwai, GRIZ, Stone Sour, Needtobreathe, Incubus, Chevelle, Staind, Jonathan Coulton

Movies Old - Any Stanley Kubrick (2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove, etc...), Trading Places, Blazing Saddles, any Monty Python

Movies New - It Follows, Occulus, Anchorman, The Hangover (original), The Big Short

TV Shows - GOT, Westworld, Flight of the Conchords, American Horror Story, Bates Motel

Hobbies - Road trips (I get to travel all over MI and the US for work!), camping, playing guitar (not well), kayaking and accidentally swimming, fishing

Other - Red Wings, Lions, Tigers, and Spartans!


My favorite Pop Culture topics 

Bands: Drake, The Chainsmokers, The Weekend 

Movies: A dogs purpose, Hidden Figures, The Sandlot, 17 again 

TV Shows: One Tree Hill and New Girl 

Hobbies: Playing sports and traveling 


Hi everyone, I'm Wanze. And here is my favorites.

Old movies: Gone with the wind, The third man, In the good old summer time.

new movies: La La land, Doctor strange.

brand: Nike, MK

TV shows: Koeran TV shows,and Chinese TV shows. Running man

Hobbies: swimming, dancing, shopping and travel.


Bands: Russell Dickerson, Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, Kenny Chesney

Movies: Stepbrothers, Talledega Nights, Gone Girl, Persuit Of Happiness

TV Shows: None right now 

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Road Trips, Detroit Red Wings Hockey, MSU Athletics



I adore pop culture, mainly movies and music!

LaLa Land was phenomenal. Some favorite bands/movies are:

Music - The Story So Far, Kanye, Modern Baseball, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q

Movies - Whiplash, Anchorman, LALA LAND

Hobbies - Listen/watch ^ those great bands/movies! 


Hi, I'm Alexa!

Some of my pop culture favorites at the moment:

Bands/Artists: I'm all over the place and entirely unorigional: The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Sara Barellies, Ed Sheeran, 1985 by TSwift. 

Movies: The Holiday, Hidden Figures (!!!), Princess Diaries 2 (not apologizing), Fantastic Beasts, any of the Harry Potter films are usually playing in the background while I study/clean because even the sound of it playing is comforting.

TV shows: Madam Secretary, Parks and Recreation, Fixer Upper, the first 12 minutes of most late-night talk shows

Hobbies: making lists of books I hope to someday have time to read, wine nights with my sorority sisters, exploring places I've never been (even if they are nearby or in my hometown)

Other: The Hamilton soundtrack is my top-played on spotify and I listen to the Hamilton mixtape during workouts. I'll be seeing the show in Chicago in April!


Pop culture is definitely something that I tend to overindulge in. I'd say my presence on social media perpetuates my involvement as well as my desired career as a journalist. I am a movie and music junkie and my taste varies on a very large spectrum. 

Band: Ariana Grande, Frank Sinatra, Lindsey Stirling, Marshmellow, Dillon Francis, Bass Nectar, Zomboy, Zed's Dead, Jane XO

Movies New: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Finding Dory, The Fault in Our Stars (not really new)

Movies Old: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars

TV Shows: Friends, Game of Thrones, That 70's Show, Family Guy

Hobbies: Singing, working out, playing the violin, watching movies


Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Band/Musician: Drake, Ed Sheeran, Sammy Adams, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande
  • Movies: 22 Jump Street, Bridesmaids, A Dogs Purpose, She's the Man, and Finding Dory
  • TV Shows: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Quantico, Blue Bloods, The Bachelor/Bachelorette and Hawaii Five-O
  • Hobbies: Dancing, watching movies/netflix, and going out with friends

Awesome list of favorite bands! My favorites are:

Bands: All the same as yours, plus Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, and You Me At Six.

Movies (new): I haven't been to the movies in a while! I think the last movie I saw in theaters was Collateral Beauty.

Movies (old): Room, Gone Girl, and any Wes Anderson film.

TV Shows: Where do I even begin? Parks and Recreation is definitely my all time favorite, followed closely by Arrested Development. I'm currently watching The Office and Sherlock.

Hobbies: Photography, fashion, playing guitar, and gaming.

Other: I used to be the local Pepe the Frog collector (I had over 2000 pepes), but ever since the Alt-Right tried to claim him, I've had to retire from my days of memeing.

Sports: CUBBIES :D


Hi, I’m Ellie Jensen and I’m a senior majoring in professional writing.

 Bands: Incubus, The Floozies, The String Cheese Incident, Electric Light Orchestra, Supertramp, Artic Monkeys, The Cars, A perfect Circle, The Guess Who, The Rubens.

Movies new: deadpool, starwars: the force awakens and rogue one

Movies old: lord of the rings (all three), The hobbit (again… all three), a knight’s tale, rush hour, gladiator

 TV Shows: friends, peaky blinders, archer, new girl, the office, sons of anarchy

Hobbies: ultimate Frisbee, drawing on sneakers


I'm sorry to admit I fell asleep during La La Land, but I think it was just because I was tired! However, I do have some favorites in pop culture and here they are!

Band: 21 Pilots, Mumford and Sons, G-Eazy, Justin Bieber

Movies New: Split, Star Wars: Rogue One

Movies Old/Not Really: Footloose, The Dark Knight, Elf 

TV Shows: Currently watching Shameless, but Breaking Bad is one of my all time favorites. Also like my fix of reality TV aka The Bachelor

Hobbies: Dancing/ Working out... Fun Fact: I used to be on Michigan State's Dance Team



Here are some of my favorites! 

Band: Big Sean, Kehlani, Krewella, Ne-Yo

Movies New: (Not new but not old) Finding Dory! 

Movies Old: All the Harry Potter Movies!! 

TV Shows: Law and Order SVU, Criminal Minds! I love, love, LOVE, a good mystery.

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, working out, sketching, photoshopping, Volleyball

oTHER: I like to live through Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods cause God only knows that I probably wouldn't have the guts to try half the food he's tried. 


Hi, I am Bofan, a senior studying at Michigan State University. 

Band: Onerepublic, the beatles, and chainsmokers! 

Movies: Flipped, the Godfather, and most of the Disney movies!

TV shows: barely watch TV shows now, but I love detective&criminal tvs. 

Others: sleep, working out, food, and traveling! 

Go green! :) 


Hi guys, my name is Xuebin Wu, I’m a senior advertising students, my favorite thing is watching movies and play games, like League of Legends.

Band: Maroon 5, Linkin Park,One direction

Movies New: Arrivals, Sully, The Accountant

Movies Old: One day, The devil wears Prada, The Shawshank redemption

TV Shows: The walking Dead, Western World, Modern Family, Breaking Dead

Hobbies: Work out, play games, play my cellphones.

Other:I got two super cute English Sheep dogs back to my hometown, miss them so much.


Some of my personal favorites in pop culture.

Bands: STRFKR, Band of Horses, Death Cab for Cutie, Beach House, Alina Baraz, OH Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Movies: Inception, Batman Triolgy, Donny Darko, Harry Potter

TV Shows: Game of Thrones, GIRLS, Animals, New Girl, The Office, Weeds, Shameless

Hobbies: Hiking, swimming, cooking, going to concerts, making music, painting, playing with my puppy

Other: I'm studying abroad this summer and have never been out of the country (YIKES?YAY?)







I am Haley Schmucker and here are my pop culture favorites!

Band: JoJo, The Paper Kites, Stanaj, Lennon Stella, Rihanna, Paramore 

Movies New: A Dog's Purpose and Fanstatic Beasts

Movies Old: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Disney movies, O Brother, Where art Thou?, The Longest Ride

TV Shows: Shameless, Nashville, Breaking Bad, Greys Anatomy, Game of Thrones, Bachelor/ette, 

Hobbies: Working out, playing with dogs, eating pizza and donuts 



Music: Drake, Jhene Aiko, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz

Movies: Sleepless

Old Movies: Fault in Our Stars, Romance movies, Drama's, Actions, Scary

TV Shows: Dexter, Scandal, Family Guy, American Dad

Hobbies: Listening to music, boxing 

Other: I love to travel and place to hit all 50 states and see all seven wonders of the world


Hello everyone! 

Band: I'm all over the place here. I enjoy all kinds of music but my favorite genres are country, hip-hop/rap and EDM. Florida Georgia Line, Kane Brown, Zac Brown Band, Flume, Marshmello, Chainsmokers, The Weekend, Post Malone, Drake and more. 

Movies: I watch almost every movie that comes out. I probably watch 10-15 movies a week.... I love marvel movies, Harry Potter Series, The Accountant, Hangover Series, boxing movies, American Sniper, Wolf of Wall Street, Gone Girl, Mad Max, Lord of the Rings Series, Guardians of the Galaxy.

TV Shows: just like movies, TV shows are my passion. Entourage, Stranger Things, Hawaii Five 0, Arrow, Flash, Blind Spot, Quantico, The Goldbergs, Gotham, Marvels Agents of SHIELD, Walking Dead, Scorpion, Sons of Anarchy, Chicago Fire, Breaking Bad. 

Hobbies: Video games, TV shows, Movies, Football.



Band: The Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, The Black Keys, Hannah Montana (jk)

Movies new: don't see many movies...

Movies old: Caddyshack, The Breakfast Club, MacGyver series, Knight Rider series

TV shows: Silicon Valley, Shark Tank, The Profit, Shameless, Blackhawks hockey, Californication

Hobbies: Planning events, going to MSU basketball and football games, cars

My question is: what do you feel is the best form of social media to build for a medical services company? 

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