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Dear Class,

This week I need your honest opinion.  in full disclosure I'm launching a sports app called Fantelope. It's live in the app stores now but a new version is coming soon. 

One of our audience personas is college students who are sports fans. But I have some questions to help us be more relevant to you. I'd appreciate your input. 

1. Would you be interested in a sports only social network app as opposed to a broader social network like Facebook or Twitter? Why Or why not?

2. Would earning rewards, recognition and possibly prizes be enough of an incentive to use a sports app?

3. Do you go to Spartan sports Events or watch on TV? How do you use your phones during events? Even if watching from your dorm couch?

Big thx. Go Green!

Comments & Feedback


1. Actually, I think I would not like to be interested in a sports network app. Because I am not a super fan of sports. I would view some sports events on social media or news app but I think I am not going to focus on sports social network. So I think I am not going to download it.

2. However, I think I cannot represent everyone. So there are lot of people they are interested in sports and they may want to have this kind of sports social network app. Plus some earning rewards or possible prize to motivate them to do so. I think those are incentive to let people use a sports app.

3. Mostly I just watched Spartan sports events on Youtube. During the event, I use my phone to get on Youtube to watching those events.


1. I don't know if I would be interested. It does sound cool and probaby would occassionally use but not something I would constantly be in. I think the people that theres so many social media outlets another one would almost be overwhelming. 

2. I think if there were cash prizes. YES!

3. I do watch and go to them. I take a snapchat usually at the games other than that not much phone usage. I also sometimes text during the app. 


1. I definitely would be interested in a sports social network! I think you would have a more serious fan base, and fewer people who don't know a thing about sports and are quite honestly an embarassment to themselves when they attempt to sound like they know what they're talking about. (i.e. I've seen someone ask if Nick Lidstrom ever played for the Red Wings when his jersey number is RETIRED AND HANGING FROM THE RAFTERS AT THE JOE!!!!) People like this unnamed person would likely stay off the new network.

2.  I'm not someone who cares much about rewards/prizes, so it would not be an incentive for me.

3.  I always went to MSU football games, some volleyball games, and occasionally basketball games.  During the events I use my phone to post pictures from my seats, complain about calls (sorry), and voice my opinion on the final outcome.


1. Yes, I definately would be interested in a sports only social networking app. I really only use my current social media accounts now to check in on sports. I like how it would be sports specific because it would help fans connect with other fans who are really serious about sports. It also cuts out other distractions such as politics and other nuiances that can disrupt the sports experience.

2. For me those inscentives might not be neccessary because I really just want to be engaged with sports and I'd do so without them. However for the average fan it might be inticing to add them.

3. Yes, I watch Spartan events on both T.V and in person. The only time I use my phone is to communicate with my friends in other chats about the games. A sports app might make that process even easier. 


Sports App Research 

1. To be honest, yes I would be interested in a sports only social network app due to many other social media topic's airing at the same time, about the same topics. Also facebook and twitter is more of a mix area where you can find many topics and discussions. When having an social network app for just sports will let you focus on what things sports have to offer all around the world. 

2. When having things like rewards will make alot of people interested at the start but you need somthing that will stick that will have your app awarnesss rising more and more. 

3. I like to watch sporting events on tv and go to the arena because it gives me both experiences. During the events I like to record on my phone and take picture for memory and reminders for family memeber who could make the event. If I was in my dorm I would fall to sleep watching the game being to comforable. 

  1. Personally, I would not be interested in an app like this, but I know sports fans like my dad and brother who would love it. It sounds like a pretty good idea for fans to keep track of how well their favorite teams are doing all in one place.
  2. Yes, these incentives would be even more affective if they were tied into a competition among friends. For example, users could connect with friends to compete in fantasy teams for bragging rights and prizes.
  3. Yes, I attend Spartan sports events and watch them on TV. At the games, I tend to use my phone to take pictures to post on social media. However, when I watch the games on TV, I usually use my phone to scroll through social media during commercials. 

1. I personally would be interested, it's pretty cool how the app would focus on one topic with different mediums. Users could talk about different plays that occured hroughout the game.

2. Yes, I believe reward and prizes will be enough to satisfy media users. Users love when they have to reach a goal of some sort to win the overall goal. This will provide consistency for usage of the app.

3. Yes, I do watch MSU sporting events. I use to phone to take videos for memories when I am these types of events. If I'm at home I use my phone to look up the score of the game.


I think that a sports focused social media app would definately be sucessful... there are apps already that focus around sports such as ESPN, however they are not necessarily interactive apps such as social media platforms, more so just condensed news coverage. Personally, I do not follow sports, however if there was rewards especially relating to college sports where one could possibly win tickets and such, I think on that level I would download it. Also even if I would not use the app frequently I do know many that would find it useful and a daily use. 


I've seen a couple people commenting that that they're sports fans, but wouldn't be interested in a sports-only app. Interestingly enough, outside of the Spartans, I'm not a sports fan at all, but I think I could actually benefit from the app. I do go to bars and parties occassionally to watch sports with my friends, so around those times I try to stay informed. A sports-only might actually be better for me, as it's everything I need to know in one place, whereas Facebook and other networks consist or sports, politics, family matters, etc. It would be nice to easily navigate the information I need rather than sorting the excess on Facebook. Because I'd be using the app for actual information, I wouldn't really need another incentive.

I actually don't go to MSU events or watch them on tv often. I usually just google the scores during the games, or get my updates from my Snapchat friends who are actually attending. Does that make me a bad Spartan?


1.) I don't see a huge market for a sports based social network. If I want a social networking experience I already have Facebook, Twitter, etc. and if I want sports discussion there are already forums online. If there are opportunities to meet people in real life to make plans to watch a game at a bar I can see that as being useful. 

2.) Depending on how they are done they could be. I think something that could be potentially interesting is prizes or incentives for correctly predicting outcomes of games (whether it is scores, who scores the first goal, scores the most points, etc.)

3.) Usually when I attend events I rarely am on my phone, except for in-between periods to check social media or texts. There are definitely opportunities to use that as a time to interact with a sports based social network. Depending on the sport, I sometimes idly mess around on my phone during downtime or if the game gets slow.


1. Yes I think a sport based social network app is a great idea because it would be a space for sport interested viewers only and could connect a common audience.

2. Yes, being a sports app that it is I think people will be interested in the sports and along with earning rewards.

3. Yes I watch and attend many MSU athletic events including football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, hockey, soccer, and field hockey. I use my phone to take pictures and videos of the athletes and arenas.  I also use my phone to text and update social media during the game.


I will be interested in a sports only social net work app. Because I am a huge fan of sports. I like to know what is going on of sports news. It is enough to earn rewards, recognition and possibly prizes of an incentive to use a sports app. I did not go to spartan sports events, I like to watch it on TV. I will read comments and see the images of social media during the events. 


1. I am a sports fan, however I am not the kind of person who is constantly trying to stay updated with the latest sports news or anything like that. Personally, I would stick to Facebook or a similar platform because that is what I use everyday. I do know other friends of mine who said they would be interested in an app like that because they are big sports fans and like to stay updated as much as they can, so a platform where they can look at completely sports relevant information would be interesting to many college students I think.

2. Who doesn’t love rewards and prizes? I would consider signing up for it with this type of incentive, although I don’t know how long I would actually keep the app and continue to use it only because sports media isn’t something I keep up with day to day.

3. I do go to Spartan sports events and I also watch them from home. If I am actually present at a sports event I usually use SnapChat to take pictures of the game and the crowd so I can document that I am there and highlight any exciting or surprising moments. When I watch an event from home, Twitter or Facebook posts about the game would be most common for me.


Personally, I am not a sports fan, I only watched some NBA with my friends, but no more than 5 times. Also, I didn’t follow much sports news or stars. I believe there are someone like me didn’t have too many interests in sports events. Therefore, I don’t think I’ll be interested in a sports only social network app as opposed to a broader social network like Facebook or Twitter. And I don’t think earning rewards, recognition and possibly prizes be enough of an incentive for me to download one. But when I change the sports to the other hobby I like, like the computer games, I certainly will love to download an individual app. And when there are some events in the games, I usually would watch it on my laptop, or catch up the score on my cell phone, most importantly, I love to watch other people’s comments, it’s very interesting. So, other’s comments and opinion shares are very attractive for me to download an App.


1. I wouldn't mind that, but I would specifially prefer to only follow, football, hockey, golf and NASCAR. Other sports I don't follow ofter, if at all. But I would be enjoyable to read blogs from my favorite sports on a specific social network app.

2. Personally, I care more about the content of news, updates, trade rumors, etc about my favorite teams and leagues. Winning rewards and prizes don't attract me as much as the actual content does. As for other fans this might be a decent option to look into. I know how brand loyalty can be, plus earning points and reconition is what some people look for out of apps.


3. I have an Izzone membership, I attend all Spartan home footballs games and at least one road game. Typically I use my phone only to take pictures or check twitter updates if there is a play under review where tv broadcasts will have a better view and understanding. At home, I'm on and off my iPhone. Mostly off because I care more about watching the game play versus talking about it .


1: I think that it is a great idea to have an app where dedicated fans can interact with others who are soley on the app for sports related forums.

2: I think that it depends on how you aquire rewards. How exactly would you go about rewarding people for using a social media app dedicated for fan interaction?

3: I watch the Spartans on TV, but I do not use my phone or computer to check the other scores of games, or keep myself updated on sport related news.


1. I'm a huge sports fan, and have downloaded a few apps that are designed for sports only. I prefer this, because it doesn't have all the other stuff that you can find on facebook. If I want to know facts about the teams, I don't want to scroll through my mom's latest facebook posts to find it. 

2. Yes, if I was working towards earning rewards, I would be using the app more. 

3. I used to go to sports events as a freshman and sophomore, but now that I'm a junior I tend to just watch on tv. I use my phone to tweet and text a lot when I'm at events or watching events. Whenever I'm watching sports, my phone is dedicated strictly towards sports related messages. 


1. I am a big fan of sports. If there is a function on social media that provides ways to watch sports on the App, it will be something cool to me. If it can vedio chat with friends while watching the game, it should be more fun.

2. Yes, this helps. There is an App in Chinga that encourges people to stay on the app to accumulate points to switch for prizes, like game tickets or photo with autograph. So with rewards, it will let users stay on the app longer.

3. I personally watch sports on ESPN or Youtube. I will use my phone on social media, because I know lots of people are watching the game, and probably gonna have some new twitts on there.


1. I would be interested in a sports only network app. Other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have sports related news and info, but they're also cluttered with so much other stuff. Being a big sports fan, it would be nice to have a network that you could use strictly for sports.

2. I think that earning rewards, recognition, and prizes would be a huge incentive to use the sports app. People would be more inclined to use the app if they got something in return. 

3. I have gone to Spartan sports events and I watch them on TV as well. When I'm at the sports events I usually just use my phone to take pictures. However, when I watch the games at home I'll use my phone to text my friends and family about what's happening in the game. 


1. I personally would not be that interested in a sports only social network app however, I can understand the appeal to the right demographic as this specific app would cater to those who are true sports fanatics as opposed to a general social network.

2. I think those incentives are generally enough to use a sports app -- especially rewards or prizes since users want to be recognized for using the app as much as they do. Including those perks would show that the company appreciates its users.

3. I mainly watch on TV. If I were to use my phone during the event, it's to catch up on other things that aren't sports related.


  1. I think an app dedicated to sports is a brilliant idea. Although I do not care for sports, I do know a large amount of people that would be interested in a sports app.

  2. I think offering rewards to sports fans is a brilliant idea because it ads another level of competition for users.

  3. I do not watch sports but I do notice my friends will go on their phones during games to check other games scores and replays etc.

1.     I think a good social network app is going to be popular among people who like sports. Personally, I do not pay much attention to sports, but a lot of my friends do. They constantly go to the website to check for an update. I think it will be way easier for them if there is an app that could allow them to check the scores.

2.     I think earning rewards, recognition and possibly prizes would be enough of an incentive, BUT along with a good app content as well. I think people love an app because of its content and the accessibility, that is like the biggest incentive.


3.     If I have the chance, I would love to go to the event (most likely for fun). But most of the time I watch the event on TV. I only use my phone to check the final score of the sports event like I am interested in. For people I know that love sports, they use their phone FREQUENTLY to check any updates and using the phone to chat with other about the update as well.


1. I would absolutely be be interested in a sports only social network app because, honestly, I already have various sports apps. I think that they appeal to a specific audience versus a broader social network.

2. I think earning rewards, recogonition, and possibly prizes would be enough of an incentive. I am a huge fan of the "Hooked" app which offers deals and giveaways for local food places.

3. I go to Spartan sporting events and I watch on TV. While at an event I mostly use my camera on my phone and Snapchat. If I am sitting watching the game at home I will scroll through Twitter to see what people are saying about the game.


1. I think for those who are very interested in sports, than a social network app specific to sports would be very useful. I, personally, do not pay much attention to sports so I don't think I would use it. It would be nice if people stopped posting so much about sporting events on Twitter though (for those of us who don't understand or care that much), so an app like this might clear all of these extra posts on Twitter and benefit everyone.

2. Yes, I do think earning rewards would be an incentive. Sports fans are usually competitive themselves, and adding in prizes would fuel their desire to use it more.

3. If I watch an event, its usually on the TV. During events, I'm on my phone but usually texting about other things.


Honestly, there are too many social media apps as is. Also, the name is a bit odd and doesn't capture the essence of the app's intended use.


Since there isn't a new blog post this week, I've decided to update my answer for this post and add some additional insight/information that can be used. As I've payed closer attention,  it appears that you have the large majority of Michigan State students focusing on only 2 MSU sports in particular, football and basketball. Additionally for the most part, the football games include very dedicated fans as well as casual fans whereas the basketball games including mostly dedicated fans and a small portion of casual fans. I think this information helps to give you a general direction of how you could utilize your app during these events. For example during the football games, you could offer posts/activites that are directed towards casual and dedicated fans such as posting pictures and yourself and friends tailgating, taking polls of which player will win most valuable player for the game, or predicting which player will score the first touchdown. The basketball games could offer posts/activities that are directed more towards dedicated fans such as polls about what matchup is going to be the most interesting in a game, where you believe schools will move up/down in the top 25 polls with a win/loss, or predictions for the conference tournament. Either way, no matter what way you choose to interact with your users, I believe it is in your best interest to focus on the casual fan during football games and to focus on the dedicated fan during basketball games. Additionally, I think it is in your best interest to take your app in one of two general directions considering Michigan State's student population. Either you should focus your app on the two sports that most MSU students focus on, football and basketball, or you should update the app to focus on more of a niche market and gear it towards the less popular sports such as baseball, swimming, tennis, track and field, etc.


Yes I would be very interested in a social netword app designed for sports. People who attend sports games want to upload lots of photos and videos to intsagram or Facebook. However their followers will get annoyed if there entire feedpage is filled with the same pictures from the game. This app will allow fans to share their images. The rewards and prices are an excellent way to drive sales for this app. In addition, contests like free ticket giveaways will evoke more interest and consumer attention. During sports games i tend to use snapchat and instagram to upload videos and images. 


1. Yes, since I like to play and watch sports, I would be interested in sports only social apps

2. Yes, It would be enough prizes for using sports app. Most of people who use sports app want to find out which games are on not the prizes. Therefore, people would use more if there is a prize or earning reward.

3. I used to go to events or watch TV but not anymore. I lost track of it and too busy to watch games.


1. Yes, I am interested in this sports app. Sports app sounds very novel so I think I will try to download.  

2. Earning rewards, recognition and possibly prizes is good idea, very eye catching for people to working for goals.

3. Watch on TV and I will use my phone on the events.


1. Yes because its not just rndom people with possibly nothing in common, yoou would know everyone has the common interests for sports.

2. I think so, because speaking for me and my friends personally if you like sports you will want to use it anyway to stay up to date.

3. I use snapchat and sometimes record good parts of it, like highlights!

Go white!!


Yes. I am really interested in a social network app only for sports. I believe it will be an amazing App. The specific topic will make app users more interested & more addictive. The broader social network cannot contain much informaiton in platforms. For example, the sports fan cannot post lots of images & pictures about sports games at the same time in Facebook or Twitter. If sports fan do that, other followers will be annoyed if some of them are not interested in sports. 

The rewards, recognition and possible prizes are really good ideas to promote more users playing in this sports app. Supposing that users have chances to get free tickets, they definitly evoke more interests. 

I go to Spartan sports Events several times. During the games, I use my phone frequently because I like to share information with friends & post short videos in the platform. 


1. I would not be interested in Sports only social network becasue I am not interested in sports, but I think it is attractive for sports fans.

2.Earning rewards, recognition is not attractive to me cuz I am not interested in sports.

3. I will use my phones to share the score or news with my friends if I am watching sports event no matter where I am.


Personally, I would not use a sports only social platform because I don't watch or participate in sports very often. Although, for the people who are sports fans this app would be very useful for keeping up with the games and scores. 

I think for some people, incentives would work really well depending on game. 

I love to watch MSU sports! I attend home football games frequently and watch away games with friends. From what I have noticed, we like to use our phones to see what our friends think about unfair plays and to talk to them about their thoughts on the game. 


1. I would personally be interested in an application for sports related social news only. I think it would be cool to be able to choose the sport you are interested (if there were categories) and you could read the social content being said about that particular sport. I am into sports like swimming and there isn't much circulation of that in other social media outlets. Your app would, hopefully, help me better locate media about this favorite sport of mine. Going off of that, sports related media gets mustered up with wasteful content like memes or videos about how to cook cheese dip. So I believe that a seperate app would help give it better coverage. 

2. I think that people are already deeply devoted to sports without having any needed incentive to get them to follow up on them. Those who religiously follow sports get an enjoyment from loyalty to their favorite teams and seeing them succceed. Though I do believe earning rewards and such would help your app get traction I don't think it would be crucial in order for it to do well in the long run. 

3. I do attend few Spartan sports events. I just went to a basketball game and I've been to a few hockey games this winter. When I am there, I use my phone to "snap" photos of the game. 


1. Personally, I think a social network app only for sports would be very helpful. I am not the biggest sports fan ever but I would enjoy having somewhere to look to for major highlights and to be up to speed on what everyone's talking about without watching the entire game. Twitter, for example, can always work for sports topics but wouldn't include the full picture for major sports fans. Plus there isn't any way to filter content, you could happen to see retweets, other popular tweets and other stuff you aren't interested in. 

2. Rewards and incentives always work on me. Entering giveaways is big on social media currently, so if you could do something sports related to attract the kind of person you want using the app that would create a lot of engagement. Maybe give out tickets or have weekly drawings for app users to enter. 

3. I go to a lot of Spartan sports and watch almost every one that is televised! I work at hockey and basketball games, always buy football tickets and attend every baseball game (my boyfriend is on the team). During games, I mostly use my phone to Snapchat and text. I don't spend a lot of time on any other social media if I am physically at a game. But if I'm at home watching the game on tv, then I am always on my phone. 


1. Although I enjoy sports, I wouldn't consider myself dedicated enough to download an app that's sole purpose is to report on only sports. I know plenty of people who would consider downloading this app but all are those who have the ESPN app already or main hobby is the following of sports. 

2. There is more intrest if involving rewards and prizes but I believe that if I was aware of the rewards and the app I would just download the app long enough to gain the prize. For sports lovers however I think this will gain more attention than other sports apps because most don't get involved with the app user such as the idea of prizes and rewards.

3. I do attend games and watch on the TV. During these events while on social media Twitter is always where I can find the most information and oppions on the game. 


1. I think an all sports social media app would be cool if it could link to others or have some unique form of communication that set it apart! 

2. I think winning anything is a enentive and this would be a great way to catch attention. 

3. I do and also watch but always have my phone with me and am using it. 

good luck! 


1. I am not a huge sports fan but if I was, I would be very interested and would like to use the sports only social networt app. Because the sports only social network will only show you the sports related, and you dont have to spend time on other things. It will be easier to know about the games or scores by visiting the website.

2. Yes, because people loves prizes! It will make people more engaged and participating.

3. No I have never been to the sports center but if there is a game I want to watch, I would either watch on TV or thorugh my laptop at home.


1- A sports app would be great, when I want to read up on sports or find score I hate sifting through social media sites. Also having to deal with some fans comments can be very redundant and annoying.

2- rewards and prizes would be good incentives or maybe coupons to local places or something? This would get college students attention

3- I go to Spartan events as well as watch them on TV. Usually I use my phone to look up more information about our team or the teams we play. Whether that be stats on individuals or the teams in general I think it would be helpful to have a feature that does this. I also like to see tweets from commentators about the game- a live feed feature with tweets about current basketball games or what not would be cool also. 


1.)  I would be interested and much more inclined to use a sports only social network app as opposed to a broader social network like Facebook or Twitter.  This is because it is geared only towards sports fans where as broader social networks showcase many interests ranging from food to sports to politics to religion based on friends or followers.

2.) Earning rewards and prizes would absolutely be an incentive to use a sports app.  College kids love free stuff!! It would be a smart idea to give away usable prizes with the "Fantelope" name/logo visible (ie tee shirts, mugs, hats, koozies) to promote the app as well.

3.) I go to more Spartan sports events than I watch them on TV.  Football is probably the biggest MSU sport that I watch and I try to make it to or watch almost every game of the season.  I use my phone to take pictures on SnapChat, update facebook for family rivalries, and text during these events.


1. I would be interested in a social network app dedicated to sports, I think it would allow you to find a segment of people your age who are as passionate about the same teams and sports that you are. Especially in terms of more niche sports, such as soccer, rugby, etc. 

2. Incentivizing the app would not be attractive to me, as it would place the app in similar territory as gambling apps and mobile game apps, instead of functioning as a social network. 

3. I attend Spartan events and watch Spartan sports online. My phone is constantly in use, scanning other games, stats, and particpating on instagram or snapchat to document the experience. 


1. I would definitely be interested in an a sports only social newetwork app. If you are looking specifically for sports information it is better to use a source that can be easy to find information.

2. Earning rewards, recognition and prizes would be enough of an incentive to use a sports app, especially as college students. A lot of college students are tight on money so any rewards or prizes are helpful and draw people in. 

3. I personally have never been to Spartan sports Events. I always watch from my TV from my apartment. When I was a freshman I always just watched on my laptop. When I use my phone during events I tend to take pictures using social media outlets, such as snapchat, facebook, or sending them through texts.


1. Its definitely a good idea. However, sport outlets already have a market of notifying cosumers of their favorite teams with scores, injuries, etc. 

2. This is your selling point. Earning rewards, recognition and possible prizes will bring college students to the app. This will seperate you from the rest of the media outlets that already notify sport fans. 

3. I attend Spartan sport Events and watch them on TV. I like to take pictures of the event if I get the chance. Its a great way to notify my followers on my social media sites of what I'm doing and to brag about Spartan sports. 


1. I'm not a big sports fan, but I like the sound of a sports only social network. Even though i'm not into sports, a lot of the people I'm connected to post and share sport-related content. I like the idea of a sport specific app. One of Facebook's biggest appeals is allowing people to be part of online communities where they can discuss whatever. The downside to Facebook's communities is that it can be be too general for a good discussion to be created. An app could solve that problem with an organized format that allows both general and specific discussions while still being a part of the same community. Facebook and Twitter will definitely be your top competitors. But since this app will most likely be a male-dominated app, you should also lookout for the Reddit community.


2. I don’t think earning rewards, recognition, and prizes will be enough of an incentive. Under the assumption that you are trying to implement an incentivized trail method for consumers, I think you’re better off focusing on building app infrastructure then spreading awareness using the infrastructure as a key point of interest. I believe the main reason people use specific social media apps is to use a visually appealing app that makes getting what they want quick and easy. So I beleive app organization, format, and function will be the main reason people choose to use your app. Rewards, recognition, and prizes could be used to reinforce their behavior of using the app rather than as the “hook”.

3. I personally don’t go to many Spartan sport events or watch on the TV. Although I live with 4 heavy TV sports watchers. They mainly are using their phones to play a game or use an app that is completely unrelated to what is on the TV, but they will use their phone to gain more information on something that appears on the screen or is stated by an announcer.


1. Yes i most defianly would be intrested in it. i believe that a good way to net work and meet new peopel in the sports world.i believe this app would benfit to the millions of sports lovers all over the world and away to kepp in touch on whats going on sports related.

2. yes, that is perfect and a great way for people to work harder toawards their goal.

3.yes i always go to football games and basket ball games and when i am unable to attend i always cath the game on tv. I use my phone durring the event to post whats going on and me rootingfor my team.


1. I would definitely be interested in a sports only social network app like this! I'm not a crazy sports fan but I like to stay updated with my favorite teams and players, and an app like this would easily keep me up to date. Obviously, fans that are more educated than myself would really enjoy and use an app like this.

2. Personally I would not be interested in earning rewards or prizes through this app because I don't check in on sports updates daily. But for college students who love talking and reading about sports, I think the incentives would be very effective because all college students love earning rewards, recognition, and even prizes. 

3. When I atetnd Spartan sports events I am never really on my phone and if I am, then I am hardly paying attention to what I am looking at/reading. However, when I am at home watching a game I will be on my phone more attentively, especially during commercials and breaks. 


1. If I were into sports I would say yes! The reason why is because sports is such a huge deal for many people and having a sports only social network app will only make it more convenient for sports lovers.

2. Now you're talking! I am all in for rewards and incentives that I can benefit from. Everyone loves rewards no matter what they are. Even bragging rights would be a great reward.

3. I don't watch Spartan sports events often, but if I do it's with family on a television. The only thing I would use my phone for is to go on Facebook and write a status about it, which is directed to my family members who are Michigan fans.

I personally think it is a great idea. I'd say take a leap of faith and do it! 


1.     I would love to have a all sports social media channel. The best thing is about it is that no one would venture off discussing other topics. You can concisely stay updated to what is going on in the sport you love. Yet it the downside of this major because the app would be very repetitive you would see a lot of the same news until the next news is released. Which can get boring.

2.     Yes Definitely! Because talking about sports all day can get pretty boring! Especially if your team or player sucks or injured.  But with earning rewards you can keep the audience engaged.

3.     If I cant afford he ticket then I’m watching the game from my phone and tweeting at the same time. I love to see the memes and jokes people make about events and players. It basically better that the being at the game it self. 


1. To be honest, I am not the type of person who keeps up with what is going on in the sports industry even though I have played sports my entire life. So, therefore I would not be interested in downloading a sports only network app. I could find the biggest news I needed from apps like Twitter or Facebook. 

2. Yes, if there was a possibility of winning prizes, free food, tickets to games, etc. I would download this app. I am the type of person who gets engaged with an app when there is something in it for me as well. 

3. I have gone to a few basketball games this year, and I watch the big games on TV. I use my phone during sporting events when I am watching TV because they're are commercials and if I miss something they show replays on TV. But, when I am at sports games, it is more of a social environment and I am more into what I am watching, so in this case, I am not on my phone. But, when I am, I'm checking social media, texting friends, reading emails, etc. 

Go white!


1. Yes! This is a great idea. Even if I don't entirely understand sports like some people do, I think it's fun to keep up with scores and big games. A social app would allow for these conversations to be filtered and specific, whereas they can get lost in platforms like Twitter.

2. I don't even think an incentive like this is necessary, people will like it on its own. But having incentives doesn't hurt to get people involved and engaged.

3. I do both! I love going to football and hockey games, and if I'm not there and not busy, I wil watch them on TV. I also frequently check Twitter while big games are going on to see what others are saying about it. I think its interesting to see all the different perspectives. 

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