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Dear Class,

This week I need your honest opinion.  in full disclosure I'm launching a sports app called Fantelope. It's live in the app stores now but a new version is coming soon. 

One of our audience personas is college students who are sports fans. But I have some questions to help us be more relevant to you. I'd appreciate your input. 

1. Would you be interested in a sports only social network app as opposed to a broader social network like Facebook or Twitter? Why Or why not?

2. Would earning rewards, recognition and possibly prizes be enough of an incentive to use a sports app?

3. Do you go to Spartan sports Events or watch on TV? How do you use your phones during events? Even if watching from your dorm couch?

Big thx. Go Green!

Comments & Feedback


1. Personally, a sports app would not be something of much interest to me. I hardly pay attention to sports in any situation and would never spend time looking up sports on my phone. Although, I could be rare among many others. Many of my friends love sports and base most of their lives around them. So I could be the exception.

2. I think earning rewards and prizes would definitely increase incentive. If you can offer any kind of reward to anyone its obviously going to intrigue him or her a little bit, and that’s all that really matters. If you can get someone to download the app and invest just a little time, they will ultimately stay (if they like the content or not). Getting them there is the hardest part.

3. I never go to Spartan events or watch them on TV. Like I said above I am probably a rarity. The only game I've ever watched was the Michigan vs. Michigan state football game and that’s because my family forced me too. Don’t get me wrong I like sports but I like to spend my time doing other things than watching others play sports. 


1. I would be very interested in this! I do like watching sports and being updated but can't say that I am the best at always keeping up with them. This app could be very useful to me as I could visit it to stay updated. I don't go out of my every day to keep up with all things sports, but having this app that is solely a sports only social network would grab my attention. I could visit the app frequently to see what is going on in different sports without individually doing the research myself. 

2. Yes, I love rewards! This is definitely a good incentive to frequent the app. 

3. I have gone to a lot of basketball games this year and a few football games in the fall. I love being there in the action and being able to experience the games in person. During the events, I often snapchat highlights of the games and communicate with my friends and family. 

  1. I probably won’t interested in sports Apps too much. I’m a female student, I don’t pay attention to sports too much.
  2. Yes, if I have a chance to win a big reward, I will probably use the App.
  3. No, I usually stay in dorm to watch it on my computer if I really want to watch the games.

1.I would not be interested in a sports only network because I enjoy the perspective from not only die hard sports fans, but also the the people who wouldnt necessailry be apart of just a sports only social community. 

2.YES! I love free stuff!

3. I have not been to any Spartan events, but I love using my phone during sports events. The Cavs had this really cool snapchat intiative and games that happened in tandum with the game and it was cool!


1. Yes, I would be interested. There is always a lot of content on Facebook and Twitter and sometimes you dont get to see everything. A sports specific app would be super beneficial when wanting only sports related content. 

2. I do think that these are all great incentives. Personally, one of my incentives if other people I know are using it. I know you have to start somewhere to get people to download the app, but I would hope that friends and family would also be using it.

3. I watch on TV and go to the sports events. I have always had football tickets every year but I watch the basketball games on TV. Sometimes, if I am not watching the event, I look up scores on my phone. When I am at the football games, I usually wil snapchat a play or just the stadium and tweet if we are winning. 




1. Yes i absolutly would. This would keep me away from it on other social medias. Exspecially when the MSU UofM game is going on.

2. Yes, The only new apps i downlad are ones that i can earn rewards on.

3. I bearly go to events only football. but i do ushually watch them on TV. i normally use my phone to post about the event i am at or while there is a break in play to read facebook. 


1. I am not a sports fan so I did not follow the sports news or event by using social network.

2. Yes, I think it is a good motivation to use a sports app if it can earn rewards, recognition and possibly prizes. At least, this works for me although I am not a sports fan.

3. I go to Spartan sports Events and watch on TV to hang out with my friends who love sports. I use my cell phone just to take some photos or to record and post them and share on the social networks. But I did not use social network to read sport news. 


I would be interested in a sports app as opposed to a broader social network like Facebook or Twitter. In my opinion, these sites and apps can become cluttered with more than just what you are interested in. Therefore, if I were to only be interested in discussing sports or the game that was on TV in the moment, I would benefit from an app that was made just for sports fan. In addition, it would allow me to connect with fellow sports fans; fans of the same team, and ultimately meet new people with similar sports interests.


When it comes to rewards, it is always great to receive something in turn for participating in an event, launching an app, etc. However, I feel that people extremely passionate about sports would use the app because they do love it and not necessarily to receive something in return. I am a fan of Spartan sports events, even though I mostly watch them on TV. I use my phone usually at commercial and every once in a while during the game to check social media accounts or respond to text messages. I think that a sports app would be beneficial for those who are interested in keeping up with the game and interacting with those who have the same interests as well. 


I'm a huge sports fan, so this is appealing to me!

1. I would be interested in a sports only social network app. It would be a nice way to talk specifically about one topic with people and find those interest similarities without annoying my non-sports followers/friends. I have quite a few friends who HATE when I tweet about MSU sports.

2. Yes! I think that this is plenty enough. The problem that I see you having is keeping people talking about strictly sports.

3. Yes! I watch as many Spartan events as I can. During these events, I am often tweeting about my thoughts throughout the game OR checking on other scores to see how other BIG10 teams are doing. I also am catching what other sports broadcasters are saying about their performance.


1. I am not really interested in sports, so no.

2. I think that those are good incentives, but people really do appreciate learning new information as an incentive. Allow the consumers to take something away from your app.

3. I do go to sports events but just for the fun of hanging out with my friends. I use my phone during the events to record everything but I don't watch sports events typically at home.


I don't really watch sports, so I asked my boyfriend these questions instead. Below are his responses:

1. Yes, because you could find people with common interests - but I see downsides like it would be hard to keep it just about sports. But I would not exclusively use this app. I would use other apps as well.

2. No, no amount of recognition or rewards would encourage me to use ANY app. I don't seek out financial gain or rewards when I'm on social media. I'd prefer faster speed and higher quality over compensation/incentives.

3. I primarily use ESPN and the reddit sports community while watching sports. I use ESPN to look up stats. I use reddit to talk to other people and discuss the game. It would be cool if you could combine the two together in a cohesive, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing way.


1. I will be very interested in sports only social network app rather than a sports app has tons of function. Since a sports app that connect with lot of social network may divert my attention from doing exercise. 

2. I believe earning rewards is abosulotly a great motivation for me to use a sports app.

3. I watch those events on TV. I may use social network to see how others thnik of the events. 


1. I think a sports only app has a lot of positive attributes compared to just relying on Twitter for updates. You could have more in-depth real time coverage of sporting events. However, I am not a passionate sports fan so it would be unlikely I would download the app.

2. I think incentives would increase the usage of your sports app as opposed to other apps. However, I do think whoever is using your app would need to have an interest in sports.

3. I had season football tickets my freshman year, but I have not purchased them since. However, I do try to attend a couple of football and basketball games a year. I do scan social media during breaks or slow times during a game. 


1. I would like to use a broader social network. Most sports websites have their social network official account, and I can watch sports on these accounts.

2. I personality think, earning reward or possibly prize only have less incentive to use sports app. A successful app should use their content for catching users’ attention.

3. I don’t go to Spartan sports events, but sometimes I watched it on TV. I might chat with my friends and looking the game at the same time.


1. I would not be interested in a sports app. I have the NBA app and that is all I need. Most of my information comes from ESPN and YouTube videos. 

2. Earning rewards or prizes is not enough to get me to use the sports app. I am a sports fan just for the love of the game. 

3. I usually watch Spartan events on TV and use my phone like I would normally use it. I will go on Facebook or talk on the phone while watching. 


1. I would be very interested in a sports only social network app because I have loved sports my whole life and enjoy keeping up to date with them. I think this is a really good idea and a lot of people would enjoy it. I have a lot of friends who currently play fantasy sports or sports betting apps so I think they would be interested in another sports app. People also love to argue about sports so I think this will be a successful app either way you make it.

2. Earning awards and prizes would definitely be enough.  Apps like Hooked or Pocket Points do this also and I think it seems to work well. All of my roommates have both of these apps because they know it will save them money or award them with free food.

3. I go to a lot of Spartan sports events because I like being involved. I am a part of the Izzone and I have noticed how many people Snapchat during the games. They could be trying to make it on the MSU basketball snap story or just want to show there friend’s but many people will always have their phones out.  


1. I would be interested in a sports only social network as I follow several different types of socal media accounts so it would make keeping up on my favorite teams easier.

2. I like winning stuff, so prizes and rewards would be cool.

3. I go to as many MSU events as possible and when I can't I do like to watch TV. If I am unable to watch a game i will get updates on my phone. As a single mom, working full time and going to school full time, I dont have a ton of free time and sometimes I can't keep an eye on my phone. Having an app that would be compatible with my Apple watch would be be helpful so I don't have to stop what I'm doing to keep up with a game.


1. I do not watch sports enough to necessarily use a sports only network. I would prefer to use my prexisting social networks such as twitter to talk about sports.

2. The rewards/incentives would have to be something appealing to college students such as half-off/free food and drink.

3. I attend football games. Unfortunately the cell phone service on game day/in the stadium is so poor that I do not get to use social media at the event. At home I use twitter to tweet live during events. 


1. I personally would not be interested in the app because I am not a huge sports fan. I would have no interest in something that would be fully sports. However, I do feel that a lot of sports fanatics would love it especially if they are in a fantasy league or something like similar. 

2. Yes, I feel that would be more than enough incentive to use it. Most apps do not these types of things and are strictly focused on the sports aspect. It would make people want to use to the app more if they have a possiblity of earning something by simply using it.

3. Usually when I am watching a Spartan sports event on TV I am fully focused on it. The only time I wouldnt be would be if I know how the game is going to go which is towards the end or so. I usually go on my phone during the commericals or if it was a really good/dramatic play that just happened.  Other than that I am all into the game. 


1. As a college female, I enjoy keeping up with sports updates about my college. I occasionly keep up to date with the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings - Michigan sports haha. Personally, I know I wouldn't be interested in a sports only social network; I wouldn't use it. 

2. Earnings and rewards would possibly catch my attention, but I feel the app would have a better response with males.

3. I have not been to many Spartan sports events - other than tailgating lol. I'll usually go to a bar or home to watch the game. When I have attended a game I'm usually not on my phone very much, but I will take pictures, post a status about where I'm at, or snapchat the event. When watching from my couch I'll have my phone out more, scrolling through social media, texting, etc. 


1. I'm not a big sports fan so I'm not interested in a sports only social network app, when I use social network like FB or Twitter, I will see the forwarding post aboyt sports new, but I will not focus on it.

2.I do think earning rewards, recognition and possibly prizes be enough of an incentive to use a sports app.

3.I have been to watch spartan sports event, but I will not watch on TV. I would use my phone during events but only use for taking photo or chat with my friends to discuss the sports event.


1. Yes, I would be interested in a sports only social network app as opposed to a broader social network such as Facebook or Twitter. I think more and more people would use your app because it is focused on just sports, unlike facebook and twitter which have everything. Sports are something everyone loves so if there is an app where everyone is talking about just that I think that would be great.

2. I do think that by earning rewards, recognition and prizes would be a great incentive to use this sports app. I mean everyone loves winning things!!

3. I do go to a lot of sporting events here and at Wisconsin because my brother is on the hockey team there. Since I can't be at all of the games I watch almost all of them online on my computer or TV. I will most likely always go on my phone during intermissions or even sometimes go on twitter to see the Wisconsin page to retweet or favorite if my brother were to score. 

I think this app is a great idea!! GO WHITE


1. As a huge MSU/Detroit sports fan, I would definitely be interested in seeing a sports-specific social network app. I would be able to avoid all of the Facebook/Twitter posts that contain topics other than sports, and talking about sports and only sports on a social network would be awesome!

2. For me, I would probably use the app even if no rewards, recognition and possible prizes were an incentive. For others, I would say that including these incentives would definitely grow your target demographic and increase the number of users on the app!

3. I attend Spartan football and basketball games. If I am at the game, I'll send my friends Snapchats of the game as well as keeping up with other scores/updates from around the country.


1. I would be very interested in this app! I am somewhat into sports, however I don't have time to watch all the games that I want to watch. If the app had notifications that updated the score and how much time is left correctly that would be awesome. And it would be cool to see any big and important plays. 

2. Yes I believe earning rewards and recognizition would be enought of an incentive. Most of my guy friends and the guys in my family put money on games as well as have fantasy teams. This would get users to use the app very often. 

3. My freshman and sophomore year I went to alot of the football and basketball games and they were alot of fun. However, with my busy schedule and other activities I now just watch the games from home. I also check the scores and any other sports news on the ESPN app. I customized the ESPN app so I get notifications from the teams I like. 



1) I personally wouldn't. I don't watch many sports and wouldn't use it, but I do think many people would love an app like this and use it daily.

2)I think all of those incentives would be very appealing for someone intersted in the app

3)I tend to watch the events on TV but I used to go to the games. I use my phone on breaks and in between quarters.


I am a dedicated sports fan. I was raised a Green Bay Packer by my Wisconsin-born father and I stay in touch with my Michigan roots as a loyal Red Wings and Tigers fan. I also love college sports and hope to one day pursue a career in sports reporting. 

1. I would be extremely interested in a sports only social networking app. I think that it would cater to the die hard fan that just wants to talk and communicate sports. When you use traditional social media, there is no real way to filter out posts if all you are really looking for is sports discussions and the latest highlights. There is definitely a big enough audience for this to be successful.

2. I think that any type of reward or recognition is enough. I think there is a necessity for this app anyway in my opinion so rewards would be a bonus. There are enough people that already place bets on games and create fantasy teams and what not with friends and family. But, if there was a platform for it, it would just be a more structured way to do the same thing. People boast with 'I told you so's' and being the loyal fans to their teams, so recieving recognition on an app where a ton of people can see it would be an incentive enough. Prizes would put it over the top. Competition is what sports are all about and competing for a prize would further advance the sports world as we know it. 

3. I don't have cable at my apartment so I don't watch it on TV but I have attened events and watch parties before where using various social media like Instagram to post pictures at events and Twitter and Facebook to smack talk and post game updates.


1. Yes, I would be more interested in a sports only app than other broader networks. Even though I only enjoy a few sports such as football, basketball, and tennis, I would still enjoy a sports only app for a few reasons. When I go on social media sites such as Facebook, I want to focus on my friends social life and seeing pictures of friends. I do not want to see sports all in my feeds. I like having something easy to look at an view, instead of everything mixed together. I like things having their own purpose. It would be nice to have a strictly sports app because when I want to look up a score for example, I know exactly where to go for the information. With everything on Facebook, it would all just get lost and the material just blends in with the rest. It would be easier and save time just to go straight to a sports app.

2. Yes, I would join or download pretty much any app if I had a good enough incentive, such as a prize or reward. Gift cards for local college restuarants are always a good go to as a good incentive. Being a college student can mean little money, so money incentives are always good too. Why not give the app a try for something rewarding?

3. I will try to watch sports on TV with friends or family. Sports just have a way of bringing people together. When multiple games are on TV, I will be looking up the scores on my phone of other games and try to follow what is going on in the other games.


1.) I am a very sporty guy, I have been my entire life so I would absolutely be interested in a sports only social network app.

2.) The fact that it is just a sports app is enough for me so I would consider the rewards, recognition and possible prizes a bonus.

3.)  I attend about half of the basketball and football games every year.  However if I am not in attendance at the games I am usually either watching them from home in my apartment, a friends house/apartment, or a local bar.  I usually wont be on my phone if im at the event but if im at home or a friends place I'll probably casually scroll through my social media accounts during the game.



Go White!

1. Having never used a sports only social network app, I would not be interested in using one. However, I would have a similar response if asked the same question about most of the apps I use today. So I guess I would be interested. I'm a girl who doesn't have much time to watch sports for hours at a time, but I find it useful to know which sports team won or lost and which athlete made a big play during the game when building rapport with clients. So if an app could show me what sports news is trending that would be valuable to me.  

2. Discounted tickets to games and exclusive drink specials at sports bars would definitely be an incentive for me to use such an app.

3. I go to games and watch games on tv. When I'm at a football game at Spartan Stadium I don't use my phone at all bc there's no service (I cant even make phone calls). When I'm watching on tv I'm usually taking Snaps of the game or the people I am with. 




1. My go to app currently is bleacher report, and it provides me with enough serious content like trades and new contracts along with funny videos throughout the sports world to satisfy my sports fascination. Facebook and twitter I go to for mostly funny videos that a more serious app like ESPN or bleacher report may not cover due to the content but for the most part bleacher report will still post pretty inappropriate content. 

2. I used to use this app called daily bracket that offered rewards based on the number of picks you got correct on a daily basis. This was a great idea I thought intitially but ended up being much to hard to earn any meaningful reward and for this reason I stopped using it. 

3. I occasionally go to Spartan sports events but always watch them on TV. When I attend an event I usually take  a snapchat on my phone to show I am at the game, but other than that I put it away for the remainder of the game. When I'm on the couch, I will occasionally send out a tweet complaining about a call or something of that nature. 

  1. Personally, I'm not a big sports fan. I tolerate watching sports with my family and I think it's fun to attend certain games however, I don't find myself actively seeking out information about sports. On a broader social network there is more opportunity for me to see the big news about sports based on what my friends share as well as trending stories.
  2. If I were a college sports fan rewards and prizes would be great incentive for me to use the app. I also think that it would probably depend on what type of reward system is used. For example, in a point reward system people might not be satisfied with what they have to do in order to receive a possible low number of reward points.
  3.  I've probably attended one MSU football game per year for the last four years. My freshman year I also bought Hockey season tickets. Most of the time I only watch the important Spartan games on TV. Whenever I attend the games I'm very interactive, I love my university and it's always a great experience going to an MSU football game. Honestly, I have to say whenever I do watch the games from my TV I find myself switching between channels or on my phone on social media sites. 

1. I would personally be interested in a sports only social network app as opposed to a broader social network app, however I do believe I am part of a niche market of dedicated sports fans that is different from most college students as a whole. I do believe though that this niche is large enough to create a profit from.

2. Honestly I would be willing to use an app with any sort of incentive as long as it is useful enough, so I suppose the incentive, depending on what it is, would only serve to make the app more enticing.

3. I often attend Spartan football and basketball games as well as watching the away games and other games I can't attend in person on TV. During the events I usually use my phone for texting, the only social media app I use being Snapchat the majority of the time.


1) I would be very interested in this app if it gave an on time update of the game's score, amount of time left, and featured videos of big plays or key events that happened during the game. Sometime's websites like Facebook and Twitter don't give you the accurate information you want, when you want. It tends to be either false information or delayed.

2) I think rewards, and recognition would be a good incentive for a sports app because college students puting money on games, and plays has become very common and I think it would be a reason for people to continue to open the app and check for updates on the contests.

3) I most frequently watch the events on TV or ask Siri for updates on the game. Sometimes, Siri is slow and can't understand what I'm asking her and that is very frustrating. 


1) I would be very interested in this app if it gave an on time update of the game's score, amount of time left, and featured videos of big plays or key events that happened during the game. Sometime's websites like Facebook and Twitter don't give you the accurate information you want, when you want. It tends to be either false information or delayed.

2) I think rewards, and recognition would be a good incentive for a sports app because college students puting money on games, and plays has become very common and I think it would be a reason for people to continue to open the app and check for updates on the contests.

3) I most frequently watch the events on TV or ask Siri for updates on the game. Sometimes, Siri is slow and can't understand what I'm asking her and that is very frustrating. 


1. I don't think I would be interested in a sports only app because I can get the same information and discussion on Twitter or Facebook.

2. Earning rewards and prizes that I could actually use would definitely be enough incentive to use the app. Especially because I am already interested in sports. 

3. I go to Spartan football games and basketball games, any games I miss I catch on TV. During the games I will go on Twitter to participate in the conversations being had on the game or on a certain play during the game. 


1. Yes, I would be interested in a sport only social network. It would make following everything sports that much easier.

2. I think earning rewards, recognition and other prizes would be enough of an incentive, but I also do not think you would need to offer this necessarily. I am a big sports fan and would use the app regardless of that.

3. I do go to Spartan sports events and watch on TV when I cannot make it to the game in person. During events I may use my phone to snapchat highlights of the game or post updates on facebook if I am super hype about something that is going on. I do this regardless if I am at the game or at home because I can keep in conversation with friends and family about the game. 


Dear professor,

1. As I am not terribly interested in sports, I would not be interested in a sports-only social network app. But, if I were interested in sports, it does sound like an app that I would like. I know friends and family who would be interested! I, as well, might find benefits of the app if people on my Twitter and Facebook feeds posted less about sports there and more about them in a sports only social network app.

2. It depends on what the rewards or prizes were, but if they were something like sports tickets to an MSU or Detroit game, or ticket vouchers or something, then yes that would be enough of an incentive to use the app. But, if the prizes were minimal like gift cards or something, then probably not.

3. I have attended Spartan sports events in the past but I normally do not watch them on TV unless it is a big game. I generally use my phone as I normally would--just texting or on social media during commercials or if I get bored of the game.


Go White!


1. No, I can tailor my social media profile to show me all of the sports I need and I don't need to use two apps to do it. I can also search topics in a more in-depth fashion right on that social media app if need be. 

2. Perhaps, if there was some way that I could get merchandise, tickets, sport cable packages and other items of that nature I could definitely see the app taking over for something like Twitter when it comes to sports. 

3. Unforutnately, when it comes to sports, i'm not much of a Spartan fan. During pro sports, and other college sports I do enjoy seeing what others are saying about the event on apps like Reddit. 


1. I would be interested in a sports only social network app. I think narrowing in on something like sports in one place is a good idea, as there are many people who use social media specifically for sports updates. A sports only app also allows those who do not care to see sports on broader social networks to not see as much. 

2. For me, yes earning rewards, recognition and possibly prizes would be enough incentive. 

3. I do attend some sporting events. I watch some on TV if it is a sport I am interested in. During the events I usually do not use my phone. If I am watching on TV, however, I use my phone throughout the duration - searching the web, using social media, texting, etc. 


1: I am using Sports social media everyday, to check team score and to see what was happened in last game, there will be some great short video we can see. It is very convenience.

2: for me incentive to use a sports app is will be what kind of content show in sports app, because someone will miss some great games, they want to see the replay in the sport app.  

3: I only went to Spartan sports events few times on TV, I will use my phone to check my Facebook or some else social media platform, and post some game pictures on my account.


1. I would not be interested in purely a sports app because I liked to get a broader feed of information to scroll through, I think that I would get bored focusing on only one type of content 

2. Yes definitely, I think this would especially incentavize people who really love sports and who are heavily involved in fantasy leagues and betting in different sporting environments, etc. 

3. While I watch sports games I usually am scrolling through social media at the same time. I visit my normal social media sites like snapchat, instagram, facebook and twitter. 


1. Yes I would be interested and this is just like FB and I can refresh it and know the event every time especially when I don't have time to check alive. 

2. Reward would be great and people like reward if there has something interesting to me no matter what I'll use the App.

3. Personally I don't go to Spartan sports events but I would like to know the result of the game and I don't see the game result on social media a lot. Maybe when I have time I'll watch it from App.


1. I feel that many people would appreciate an app like this because less people would be posting about sports on things such as twitter and facebook. Often times I do get frustrated going through my newsfeed and it being filled with sports updates. I think it would be a good center for all the news buzz about all the different sporting events going on at once.

2. I personally don't know if I would use a sports app, simply because unless I'm watching a game or it's a team that I follow closely, I often don't want to hear about others games/teams. I believe many people would be interested in an app like this and would find it convenient to have all sports info in one central location.

3. I myself do attend many Spartan Sporting Events and watch them on TV. I am a season ticket holder for football games and last year was a member of the Izzone. I do try my best to watch all basketball and football games that I don't attend in person. During events I often use snapchat or take photos at the game rarely do I use other social media to broadcast my thoughts. If the game is intense I might send out a tweet following the game.


1. Yes, I would be interested in a sports only social network app. I think that if everything sports related is in one place, it would be easier to find what you're looking for and to keep up with all your favorite sports teams. You will not need to filter through a bunch of other stuff which is nice and time consuming.

2. I think that that would be an incentive, but if there wasn't an incentive like this I don't think it would stop people from downloading and using the app.

3. I personally don't follow along with all Spartan sporting events. When I'm at an NHL or MLB game though, I use my phone to mostly post about the game on Snapchat or Instagram.


1. Personally, I don't think I would be interested in a sports only social network. I love to watch sports and go to the games, but beyond watching the game I don't care to talk or read more about players or plays. 

2. I believe it would matter what kind of prizes or rewards you would earn, if you could win game tickets or sports apparel I would maybe considered taking part and using the app.


3. I do go to some of the Spartan sporting events. I have season tickets for football and I will sometimes attend the hockey games. When I am at the events I will use my phone to take pictures while there but if I am watching the games at home I will scroll through Facebook or Instagram when there is a commercial break. 


1. Yes, I would be interested in a sports only social network app, but it also depends on what is being put onto the site. If it's just normal sports commentary probably not, I would like it to have funny pictures, interesting stats, and hilarious gifs that will drive ratings up.

2. Yes, it would make it a little bit more incentivizing but there's always the possibility the rewards would take too long to earn causing me to not really use the app unless I like the content 

3. I usually watch a couple of sporting events a night and am usually scrolling through twitter or just fooling around on my phone while watching the game. 


1. Yes, I would absolutely love a sports only social media platform. It would be a seperate place to go where I knew everyone was there for the same reason. Sports!

2. I think ading incentives is a great idea to bring in users. I would be drawn to them.

3. I use my phone more while on my couch during sports games. If I'm at the game I use it less, Im just drawn into the game when Im in the crowd. 


I would be very interested in a sports only social network. I think it would be a good idea to get news updates as soon as they happen so people can talk about these topics (such as the Demarcus Cousins trade to the Pelicans last night). Earning rewards that you can put towards prizes would be a great incentive as long as the prizes are something people can actually use. I go to spartan sports all the time, and almost never miss them when they are on TV. I use my phone a lot more when I am watching the game on TV, as opposed to actually being there. But, if I am at the game and I happen to get a sweet play on video, a sports social media app would be a great place to post it.


1) No probably not. I would like an app thats all in one, where I can connect with family and friends, but also be able to look at the sports I follow. 

2) It's always fun to earn rewards and prizes. I think this would push me to use this sports app. Because there's something for me and you. 

3) Yes! I got to events and watch on TV. It depends on the sport. During the events i'm usually on social media seeing what other peole have to say about the event thats happening. 


     1. Yes, I would be interested in a sport only social network because I’m a fan of many sports. It would be great if it notifies me a game event that I would like to see.

     2.Yes, it would be enough. Earning rewards or recognition would make people use the app more.

     3. I used to watch football games but not anymore.


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