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Dear Class,

This week I need your honest opinion.  in full disclosure I'm launching a sports app called Fantelope. It's live in the app stores now but a new version is coming soon. 

One of our audience personas is college students who are sports fans. But I have some questions to help us be more relevant to you. I'd appreciate your input. 

1. Would you be interested in a sports only social network app as opposed to a broader social network like Facebook or Twitter? Why Or why not?

2. Would earning rewards, recognition and possibly prizes be enough of an incentive to use a sports app?

3. Do you go to Spartan sports Events or watch on TV? How do you use your phones during events? Even if watching from your dorm couch?

Big thx. Go Green!

Comments & Feedback


1. Not only social network app, but also the other social media. Because I do not notice all of game date which I am interested, I know the game result through other social network sometimes. 

2. Yes. That is a good way to incent perple's interests. such as kind of credit system.

3. Yes. I am living off the campus now, so I know the sports event  by TV or internet sometimes. when I miss the game time, I will use my phone to check the result and some details of games.


1. I like the idea of having certain types of information on certain apps. For instance, I wish Twitter allowed sub feeds where I could have one dedicated to advertising news, one to high school friends, and so on. This app sounds like it is a feed dedicated to sports and it appeals to me. Then again, I want the most amount of people to see my post as possible. This app would not fulfill that need. 

2. Yes, I love free stuff and prizes. You will need to have them rolling and have good prizes. 

3. Yes, I attend football games, basketball games, and hockey games. I usually post pictures of my friends or of the game. I do use social media when I at home while watching the game but it is usually my reactions verse photos. 


1. I personally would prefer to use a larger social media app as it just covers all aspects of my life in one spot. I can connect with family and friends while still discussing the results of sports. 

2. I do think reciving benefits from using an app is a great incentive to be more active. 

3. Sometimes I attend MSU sporting events and I do find my self on my phone for a good amount of my time there. I love to let people know I am there cheering on the team! I often do not watch the game from home however I do check the score throught the game. 


1. No, because I do not care for sports all that much. But I know that a lot of my friends would be interested in something like this for sure.

2. Yes because people love recognition on social media as well as earning things or getting prizes.

3. I like to go to the games and events because it is much more fun being in the real environment rather than sitting on a couch.


1. Yes,  it is more specific and doesn't get blended in with the other jargon on Facebok. 

2. I usually am more interested in apps that yeild rewards. It is a good incentive for getting more traffic to your app. 

3. I go to and watch MSU Football and Basketball games on the TV. If I am at the game I will some times use Snapchat but I am not typically on my phone, especially considering there is never service. I am usually notified that there is a basketball game because I follow the MSU Mens Basketball Instagram account but other than that I typically dont use my phone during games. 


1. I am not a huge sports watcher/fan, but I do enjoy socializing and watching important games every once and a while. I would rather actually play the sports lol. I watch Spartan sports to support my university and I watch professional sports when there are big games such as the Superbowl or a Michigan team goes to a championship. Although many people are like me, an even bigger amount of people (especially college guys) would probably recieve a new sports app/social network extremely well. I know at least five guys off the top of my head who would download an app like this immediately. A sports only social media network could apply to all ages and would create an outlet for sports lovers specifically.

2. I definately believe rewards, recognition and prizes would be enough of an incentive to use a sports app. Especially if the recognition comes from users' favorite sports teams. Rewards/prizes also go a long way when it comes to getting people to use/participate in something.

3. I enjoy going to Spartan sports in person rather than watching the sport on a screen. When I go to these sporting events, I only use my phone for taking pictures since the internet service is usually a little slow in such a big crowded area. If I do happen to watch sports on TV, I use my phone how I would watching anything else; Occasionally browse my social media newsfeed or text my friends/family.


1. I am not a huge sports fan, but I think having a sports only social network app would be very beneficial for sports fans. 

2. I think having these rewards and prizes would definitely be a great incentive to use a sports app.

3. I sometimes go to the MSU football games, but I usually just watch all of the MSU sports on TV. If I'm at the game, I will not be on my phone very much, but if I am at home watching it then I will be on my phone more often. 


1. Personally, I myself am not up to date with current sports. But I think this could be a great idea for the sports fan base and help direct sports talk social media traffic to its own special channel. 

2. Yes

3. I watch Spartan sports. I feel as though a big majority of people post on social media during sports games.


1. I am not a huge sports fan, but I think others who are might find an app like this very useful. Twitter and Facebook are predominantly where people share and interact with their friends, but some people are just looking for scores and stats. 

2. I think, if done in a unique way, offering rewards could be an incentive for people to use an app like this. I believe the type of prizes would largely affect an individual's decision. 

3. I have attended Spartan sports events and watched them on TV. Usually I don't use my phone unless it's to take pictures at the games. At football games, my cell phone doesn't get a very good signal, so it's hard to even send a text much less get on Twitter.


1. No. I rather use computers instead of mobile. Stats and schedules are hard to see in mobile even if it is iPad size.

2. If I can get some free stuffs, then yes. However, if its few bucks or discount coupon, I wound not.

3. Depends. If there is a good game that I do not want to miss, then i would be in the stadium. Otherwise, I rather stay at home.


1. Yes, I believe that this is something that many people would be interested in. It's somewhere that people can go to see specific content and agree (or politely disagree in the respect of rivalries) with other sports fans. By offering somewhere that is not cluttered with other things — like politics — I think that this would be successful. 

2. By doing something with large sporting events like the Superbowl, March Madness, etc. I think that there is a lot of opportunity to add a recognition and competitive component to the app. When looking at the success of Fantasy Football like apps, I think that this could be a platform for these types of competitions. 

3. I typically attend all home football games and watch most other sports on TV. During the events, I like to live tweet and/or see what my other friends are live tweeting about. Their opinons on calls and penalties is very interesting to me. 


I think that this is actually a great idea. Sport fans are crazy on social media when it comes to talking about their team and people who dont like sports dont like to see it. This is a great way for fans and meet other fans and connect with their team.I personally would not be interested in this app being an athlete myself. I try and stay away from all he sports talk especially when I am included in it. I believe sports fans are attracted to incentives. I think that it will give them extra reasons to use the app. While watching MSU sports on tv I do check twitter to see what people are saying. I check even more often when I am unable to watch.


1. Yes I would be interested in this application because I am such a big sports fan. I think this idea would appeal to a lot of people because it gets the "white noise" "nonsense" posts, videos, etc. you see on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

2. I don't think it would hurt to include this into the application. It does give incentive to people who are looking for it and I don't think it would bother the other users who don't care for it. 

3. I go to a few here and there but mostly watch on TV. I use my phone to look up things like statistics, bets i've placed and to see what people I follow are saying about the event specifcally. 


1. I think a sports only social network would be interesting because it would make finding information and insight easier. I wouldn't have to search through my twitter feed as much during games to find updates from people such as sports writers.

2. Reward persuasion is a unique concept when it comes to increasing app use. While the rewards would intrigue me to use the app to begin with, if my experience was not up to par with competing networks, I would stop using it despite the different incentives.

3. I attend almost all of the MSU football and basketball games and I have season tickets for both. I also attend other sporting events with friends. I use my phone during games (whether I am there in person or watching on TV) to see other people's opinions and insights throughout the game.


Yes, I think there is a huge need for a social media based app only aimed towards sports. I know a majority of my facebook timeline is completely covered in individuals making posts about the sports games that they're watching. Rather they're positive remarks, or comments slamming other teams I have no doubt that if there was a media channel for these individuals to post their opinions to other sports fans they would.

Rewards are huge these days, any time we have the opportunity to gain rewards, or recieve free prizes we're all for it. Not only do we feel like we're getting something free, it gives us as users a feeling of loyalty. Rewards, and prizes shapes a loyalty program making us want to spend more time gaining these rewards.

The older I've gotten I've begun watching many more sporting events on TV. This isn't because I don't like going to the events, or because I don't like sports, it's just a lot easier to fit in the time to watch the events rather than taking a whole afternoon or evening to go to the game. With that being said I spend a lot more time on my phone during the game. I'm more obligated to go on social media, or post about a game if I'm sitting on my couch watching.



1. It depends, it's hard for me to imagine how this app would work, but I could see this being very appealing to many college men. Personally, I get my sports info from friends and word of mouth.

2. Yes, this type of rewards program is huge in college. For example, Pocket Points offers discounts on local restaurants for keeping your phone locked in class- it's awesome.

3. I go to football and men's basketball games. I watch the ones that I can't attend on TV. I use my phone to take pictures and Snapchat to show my friends where I'm at.


1. Yes, nowadays everything on Twitter, Facebook, etc. gets cluttered by all the random people that get retweeted. I follow a lot of sports and sometimes you miss out on the notification because there are so many tweets that get mixed in. It would be cool just to have an app dedicated to talking about sports. 

2. That would be enough to use a sports app, with FanDuel and other sports betting type services in play today. Earning rewards can definitely incentivize people to join. 

3. Yes, I do both. I use my phone to check on updates of players as well as stats. I play in a lot of fantasy leagues and this information is important to me. 


1. I would be interested in a sports only social network app because I believe it would be easier to keep track of my favorite sports teams and leave comments to other people who care about those sports than a broader social media platform would be. People using Twitter and Facebook who aren't interested in sports won't have to be bothered by sports fans comments and updates. 

2. Earning rewards, recognition, and possibly prizes would be enough of an incentive to use a sports app. It would be very cool if there was a way to get enough rewards to win tickets to a big game or a catered food package to eat while watching at home. 

3. I usually watch sports at home on my tv if I am not going to the games in person. If I am not near a tv I usually check my phone for updates on the score. If I am watching the game at home I will tweet if something big happens in the game or check Twitter to see what other people are saying about it.


1. I would not be as interested in a sports app as some, however I would give it a chance to check it out. I do not follow sports much but I do watch them when they are on. 

2. I think having rewards and prizes on the app would be beneficial. It would draw in peoples attention and provide a fun "game" like idea. Adding in a area that people can make brackets for various sports would also be a good, fun idea. 

3. I like to go to events whenever I can! As I said before, I dont follow any teams however I am always willing to watch and enjoy a game. I will be on my phone casually checking my messages or social media. 


1. I don't think the sports app can beat the broader social network, because broader social networks are much more famous than a sport app. People who is a super sport fan may like to download the sports app, but it is not easy to make other people download and follow the sport app. 

2. Yes, but the rewards and prizes must be very attractive. 

3. It depends on the time and ticket prices. During the events, I usually go to facebook to check the events if I dont have time to watch. 


1. I love doing sport and i love use the sport only APP. And it will helps me focus on just doing sport. Like fitbit's app is very good. It can add friends in just sport circle and we can compare our steps, workout by the APP everyday and week. This is a kind of small social media and makes me love it.

2. Yes. While i using APP if walk more steps can erarning rewards or prizes i will definitely walk more. These system are good for user to do more sport and be more interesting in sport.

3. I often go to watch sports events and during the sports game is on. I don't touch my phone totally.


1. I am a fan of sports, but I do not think I would enjoy a sports only social network app because I would not feel comfortable posting about sports only. Plus, I think Twitter is good enough to speak about sports for me if I want to tweet about the Tigers, my favorite team.

2. I think for sports lovers, this would be a big incentive that they would really enjoy. People would love to interact with their sports teams and other fans if they were big sports lovers. Adding a competition element would be interesting.

3. I both go to MSU sporting events and watch them on TV. I use my phone usually to text friends about the event I'm at or to pass time during lulls in the game.


1. I would definitley be interested in a sports only app. Facebook and Twitter is more for a social aspect so having an app that is targeted towards one particular thing such as sports would be interesting and useful. 

2. Yes. Sporting events today are so expensive so getting the incentive of prizes and rewards that have to do with the sporting events would be a great touch. 

3. I usually always watch Spartan events on TV. If I'm not near a tv at the time of the game, I will use my phone to check the scores. 


1. Personally, I would not download a sports app only because i am not that interested in sports enough to purchase it. If I was dying to watch a game or keep up with the highlights/score, I would use twitter. 

2. For me, no. However, if this app was targeted towards me, I would download it if it had an incentive. 

3. I rarely go to basketball games or football games. I typically watch Spartan games on TV as opposed to other social me apps or streaming. If I am physically attending a sporting event, I tend to stray away from using my phone unless there is an incentive to use it. For example, some games use social media apps for fans to interact with each other during the games. When I am watching a game on TV I am more distracted by my phone. 


1. I, personally, wouldn't be that interested in a sports only app because I'm really not a big sports person. However, I actually think a lot of people would really love this. After all, there's a lot of people that I follow on Twitter who only tweet about sports related topics anyway. I think they could really get into this.

2. I definitely think this would be a cool bonus to the app. But I also think people just being able to converse with others interested in the same topics would be a big draw to the app.

3. I do watch Spartan sports events (usually just football games). I'm on my phone pretty regularly during this because I think Twitter is very entertaining during sports events.


1.  I would be interested in a sports only social network, because I am not a sports fan, I’d like to know the sports game by Facebook or      Twitter, and the different views in social network can help me to know sports better.

2.Yes, I think earning rewards, recognition and prize would give more people an incentive to download the app over other similar apps.

3.I watch Sparatn sports Events on TV, and I will use my phone to look different comments for the game.


1. I am not exactly a big sports fan, but I do think any social network app that is catered to a specific audience would be awesome. For example, if there was a Foodie specific social network app I'd be all over it. I think having a more niche social network would create a better sense of community that broader soccial networks do. 

2. I think any incentive like a reward, cash prize, recognition, etc. make an app all the more appealing. Especially with a newer app, having a reward system might be a fast way to build your audience.

3. Although I don't watch many sports, I am a die hard Spartan football fan and have attended nearly every game for the last three years. When I'm on my phone at a game (which isn't often because the service is terrible) I'll usually be on Twitter looking at other people's commentary on the game, or I'll be on SnapChat letting everyone know where I'm at. 


1. I would definitley be interested in a sports only social network app as opposed to a broader social network app. As a huge sports fan myself, I would love an app that is specificially dedicated to keeping me connected to the college and professional sports world. Broader social networks have specific accounts for sports, but it often gets lost in the clutter making it hard for me to find. 

2. Yes, earning rewards, recognition, and prizes would be enough of an incentive to use a sports app for me. This would serve as a way to keep people using the app often. Something that would be pretty cool would be tickets to the user's favorite team as a prize. 

3. I usually watch Spartan sporting events on TV. I try to attend one or two home football and basketball games each year though. I use my phone to check other scores of games, stories related to the teams and players, and highlights/statistics. 


1) I would be interested in s sports only social network, as I like to stay up to date and chat with friends over sporting teams and events. I follow a lot of different sports teams, so a sports-themed social would be a lot of fun! 

2) Yes, I think prizes and rewards would be great incentive for using a sports app. Many people enter into fantasy leagues and prize pools for sports, because it makes it just a little more fun. I think involving the competition aspect with the app would get more people on board. 

3) I am a season ticket holder for Spartan football and basketball, and I go to every home game and watch away games on TV. I also attend the smaller sports matches, such as gymnastics, baseball, soccer and hockey. I use my phone both at the games and when watching from home, although more so when watching TV. I often use it to communicate with friends and family about what is happening at the game, and to post on social media about how the game is making me feel. 


1) I would be really interested in having a sport specific social media. It would be really helpful to have an app specific to sports scores, updates, fantasy leagues, etc. When this type of information is on broad social medias like Facebook, Twitter, etc., it's hard to get sports information because it's lost in the clutter of the rest of the current news out there.

2) I always enjoy when games and apps do this! It gives people incentive to participate with certain applications and strive for a goal (more points, prizes, etc.).

3) I keep up as often as I can! I use my phone to check scores when I'm away from the game coverage and for getting live updates.


1.I would be interested in a sports only social network app. Because in this app, I can know about everything I would like to know. That means, I don't need to search on other website or other platforms.

2. I think that earning rewards is an incentive to use a sports app.

3. I watch Spartan Sports Events on TV. I will chat with my friends during the events.


1. I would be. I am not a huge fan of sports. But still I would prefer a more focused social network app to facebook or twitter. Facebook and twitter are just too big and random. 

2. I would think so. Maybe you can develop avatar - I am not sure if you currently offers this already. We play Just Dance 2016 at home and I enjoying getting a new avatar once I complete one dance. 

3. Yes, I do. My 9 year old son is a huge fan of football. We don't use phone during games though. But I would think young people like college kids would enjoy using the app during play to share their excitement or disappointment. 


1. I would be interested in a sports only social metwork app.  This type of app would make it much easier to figure out scores, who's playing who, etc.  Other social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter sometimes make it difficult to check out sports/scores because there is so much clutter. 

2. I think that earning rewards and prizs would be two successful incentives to use this sports app.  Fans love being able to be a part of the action during sporting events, so I think these incentives would work great.  For example, users could have the chane to win tickets to their favorite hockey/football team if they download the app.  In addition, fans could earn points every time they interact (and download) the app.  These points could go toward purchasing discounted sports tickets.

3. I have season tickets for both MSU football and men's basketball (home games).  When the teams are away, I usually watch the games on TV.  I tend to use my phone more during the away games when I am home or at school.  While at the home games, I try not to use my phone because the signal is often bad in the stadiums and tends to drain my battery.  Sometimes it's easier to just check the scores online.


1. I would be interested in a sports social network app because first I'm interested in sports and if we have a sport app, it is very easy and convenience to look up the scores or live. 

2. Yes. Earning rewards and prizes is a way because it can catch more people's attention, it can get people involve for earning rewards. And it can catch not sport fans involve and get a chance to win the prizes.

3. Yes. If I have a class, I will watch sports on my laptop or cell phone to watch the games. Sometimes I will watch football games at the stadium. I will use my cellphone to take a picture or post it to my Facebook. For most of the time, I will watch games on TV.


1. I would not be interested in this app as I do not watch sports but I could see where someone who is interested would be a fan of this.

2. This would be more than enough incentive for using an app. Earning awards alone is enough to engage in an app if it pertains to something I am interested in.

3.I rarely watch sports on TV or attend but when I do I would be on my phone whether watching or attending.


1. For me personally, I would not be interested in an a sports app because I'm not that into sports. However, I do think there is potential because I know there are some hard-core sports fans out there and an app that would provide all sports and eliminate the need to filter out all the "non-sport fluff" which would make it much easier to stay up to date with whatever they are looking for.

2. The probability of winning something would be a factor. If I only had a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning, then no, but if it were 1 in 5 then I would be more likely.

3. I usually just watch sports from home and I will use my phone in a way that has nothing to do with the event.


1. I would be interested in a sports only social network app as opposed to a broader social network like Facebook or Twitter because it would be easier to stay up to date and connect to scores, podcasts, articles, etc.

2. Personally, I would probably download a sports app regardless of their incentives. However, college students love rewards programs. It's all about saving money!

3. I go to Spartan sports events and watch them on TV. I'm a huge sports fan so I have tickets to some sporting events. I typically always watch away games. During events, no matter if I'm at the game or watching it at home, I usually check Twitter to see how others respond to big plays in the game. 


1. Yes i would be interested but what would make this app separate from applications I already have like sports center, cbs sports, etc..?

2. I think earning rewards isn't a bad idea, you could have certain information on the application be unavailable until you reach a certain number of points. The way people could earn points could be by essentially betting on a certain team and if they win then your points go up and you can access different sports information within the app.

3. I sometimes go to Spartan sports events but mainly watch them on tv. If i am not paying attention to the sporting event I am mostly on other social media applications or looking up scores to different games.



 1. I do not really follow sports, so a sports only app is not really applicable to me.  However, I know that there are a lot of people that are huge college sports fans, so there would be a good market for this type of app.  I have noticed people checking their phones for the scores of various games, so I know for a fact that college students care about who is winning which games.


2.  I think that sports fans would be willing to use the app regardless of incentives or not.  Adding incentives would help make the overall user experience that much better, along with drawing more people into downloading the app.  Depending on the incentives, non-sports fans may download the app in order to win prizes. 


3. I go to most of the MSU football games, and have been to a few hockey games this year.  If I do not have tickets to a sporting event, I rarely watch the game on TV.  I do not use my phone for anything other than taking pictures during a game.  I may look up a start time, but do not use my phone to follow up on the score of the game.  


I think the idea of a social app for true sports fans is a great idea! I dont quite fit the persona you are targeting, but a true sports app offering non political, non biased (ESPN for example) content, would be welcome. I currently use theScore pretty regularly on my phone. Rewards and prizes? What were you thinking? Tickets, private blog access or a fantasy style event? Personally, I don't think there is ever anything bad about prizes, right? 

I do go to quite a few State, basketball and hockey. In fact I go more now than I did when I was a full time student years ago. Whether watching a game live or at home, I almost never use my phone apps during the game. Maybe if a live analysis were offered, Id take a look at it. 

I checked out your app, but had to find it online as it didn't appear in a Playstore search? Once downloaded, I couldnt register. Looks interesting and I will check out the new version. Do I notice a Patriots theme to your logo? Lol.

Go White


Here are my answers! 

1. At times I think I would be interested in a sports only social network, personally for me it would be to be caught up with the current sports news near me. I can see a lot of advid sports fans, such as my brother (and a lot of other college aged guys), really enjoying an app like that. 

2. I don't think earning rewards is necesscary. If people like sports enough and want to be informed and involved more, they will use it with out needing an incentive. 

3. I do go to MSU football games and occasionally basket ball games. I usually don't use my phone during games besides to text and maybe check Instagram every once in a while. I' dont need to know much about states or anything so watching the same is enough for me. 

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