Summer 2018 Goals

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OK, the ultimate summer class is here with ADV 420. As part of the class you have to participate and comment on the blog. As everyone knows this is the ultimate summer class.

So I have to ask. What are your summer goals? Make them creative and good. And I look forward to reading all your great work this semester!

Oh, and be sure to connect w/ me on Linkedin. Derek Mehraban

Comments & Feedback


My summer goal is to get 4.0 in all my classes for sure, and to graduate as my planned in this summer. To graduate I just need couple classes in this summer.

I want to travel to the south, I haven't actually decide where, but I want to be somewhere more warm and with beaches and oceans. 

I wish I can participate to some good volunteer work that can give out myself to the society.

I want to lose some weight to make myself healthier, I am a little bit too big right now, I want to lose at least 20lbs of fat.

Finally to get in touch with more people and make more new friends by participating in some community organization activities or join more clubs.


My goals this summer are:

Do stellar work at my tattoo apprenticeship.

Survive the heat.

Get 4.0 on my summer classes.

Enjoy myself and try to destress. 

I'm not sure if that last one is possible but I will be striving to reach each and every one of my goals this summer.


Since I will be done with undergrad after this class one of my biggest goals is to actually find a job. I also want to start researching possible grad school options or just ways in general to make my big editing dream come true. I want to of course get a 4.0 in this class and also I want to become a better editor. I am still working editing for the magazine that I have been working on for a little over a year, but I want to branch out and create a brand and market myself. I also had the idea of making a youtube channel, but I am not sure if I will be able to get that up and going by the end of the summer.


My goals for Summer 2018 are as follows:

1.) Get promoted at work

2.) A 4.0 in this and my other class

3.) Take some day trips, do some traveling

4.) Finish listening to my record collection, and expand it

If I can accomplish these four things by the time Fall semester starts, I will consider this summer a success


my summer plan passes the all the class and ready for the next fall semester class. and improve my skill of speaking and writing. and have great summer time. maybe apply for one or two part-time jobs.


These are my ultimate goals for the ultimate summer for 2018:

  • 4.0 my summer classes
  • Get my life on schedule
  • Spend more time with my family since I only really see them during the summer and breaks
  • Make some amazing summer memories with my friends and actually do stuff instead of binge watching Netflix 
  • Look more into future jobs/internships/opportunities
  • Work towards learning Pubjabi

My Summer Goals and How I'm Already Failing Them

My summer goals were simple, read more of the books that are in my To Be Read pile that grows endlessly, to spend more time with my friends and family that are over two hours away, and to work enough to pay the bills and save a bit. But mostly, my goals were to relax and to regroup after my first year at MSU. 

I'm failing at all of this because I didn't realize my online classes were going to be so demanding. I have no time to read what I want because I have to focus on the books for class. My job hates me (or really loves me but has no respect for my mental health?) and schedules me anywhere from 40-50 hours a week and I'm so tired. I feel so burned out and I have no idea how to not work/go to school so much because I've been working myself like this since I was 15 and I'm now 22. So yeah, no relaxation and no regrouping. It's whatever, I guess I'll relax in a year and a half when I get my degree. Take a drink for me at the beach guys, I'll be in bed doing homework and catching up on sleep. 


Hey it's Dana here and my goals are endless but I have some major ones that mean a lot to me and that I am determined to achieve! 

1. Finally finish my training and start working as much as I can to get some money. 

2. Do really well in this class and really try to apply it to my current internship as well as any other job in the future. 

3. Get 4.0s in both of my summer class and finally add my additional major in Adv Management. 

4. Read the stack of books that have been sitting on my bedside table for months.

5. Make some friends since all of mine left for the summer 

6. And finally, make it to the end of summer and go to Lollapalooza!! 


Hmmm, I set a lot of goals for this summer, some of which I have already accomplished so I guess I'll go down the list. 

- Get my Liqour License and find a job 

- Become a badass bartender 

- Start working out/weightlifting more 

- Eventually become the epitome of "body goals"

-Get more involved with my church 

- Start perfecting my makeup skills

- Find an internship for both my major and my minor (unfortunately slacking in both of these /:)

-Get 4.0's in all of my summer courses

-Give my wardrobe a complete makeover

-Become skilled a variety of different trades

- Eat rolled ice cream

- Travel more

- Spend more time focusing on myself 




I intend on drinking copious amounts of alcohol and making poor decisions on the daily. For this is the summer I finally turn 21, and I only have one year of undergrad left, so I need to “Live it up right” – Kodak Black. There will be many stories from this summer that I will eventually relay to future children of mine and their prospective mother.

Real talk though, grades are important, but I am a very firm believer that you will learn everything you ever need to know outside of a classroom. So, to dissect the story, I’ve laid out before this paragraph. Yes, I will drink and party but with that comes new connections, new friends, and invaluable networking skills. Bad decisions? Yes, we all make them, but we also learn from them. Therefore each poor choice is the opportunity to learn something new. I am a very social character, and my brand builds itself through the people I meet and connect with. Knowing people and knowing how to interact with them efficiently and effectively is something you won’t learn from a textbook.

My recommendation to everyone is to live a life you want and the people that need to be there will follow.

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Ya Boi Jake 


During the summer I will be taking summer courses to complete my undergrad. I also will be working on my personal brand and business. I started my own baking business because I love to be creative with food.

My goals for the summer is to meet more young entrepreneurs and brainstorm new ideas with one another. I'm taking a few summer vacations as well!


I want to earn a 4.0 and gain some bullet points for my resume and LinkedIN. My internship occupies 40+ hours a week, hopefully it's a useful experience. I am earning 6 credits through ADV 493, all it requires is filling out a weekly report, writing a paper, and throwing together a ppt. It's very easy and I highly reccomend taking it. I am also taking Consumer Behavior during the 2nd summer semester. I'm earning 12 credits this summer.


This is also my last summer as an undergraduate, so for me this summer is all about making lots and lots of money! With work being such a major factor in my current life having to pay bills and such, i havent been able to make many goals for the summer other than to pass all my classes. However, that being said, i believe a goal i have every summer is to enjoy the sun as much as i can and when im not working at my job or on school work i hope to be catching plenty of fish and swimming till my skin is pruney. 


- Cash flow

- Sun tan

- Peace of mind


As many of my peers have said in their responses, this is also my last summer as an undergraduate. For the practical side of my summer 2018 goals, I want to learn more about SEO, inbound marketing, and gain any last minute experience as a 21st-century writer before making my debut in the job market. Additionally, I wanted to try and explore free-lance writing. 

I also want to transition into a sustainable lifestyle by cutting plastics out.

All-in-all, I hope to spend my last summer with friends, family, and traveling around Michigan. My ultimate goal is to take a train alone out West and explore the "final frontier." 


This summer is my last summer in college so I'm hoping to make the most of it. Some goals for me the next few months include:

  • Earning a 4.0 in all of my summer semester classes. School always comes first.
  • Knock a few places off of my "Places I Want to Travel" list. Some spots include Denver, Colorado, L.A., and Maine. I've included a picture of Ogunquit, Maine, where I have family, below. It's truly beautiful but a pain to get to.

  • Another goal is to maintain all of my very important friendships, despite the new distance between us. All of my closest buddies have moved hours away, so it's really a priority of mine to stay connected and close even though our lives are evolving.
  • Finally, I'd like to squat 225 pounds by the end of summer. I'm very close and train consistently so I'm sure with time, and practice, I'll be able to properly and safely do this. 

This summer is kind of a big summer for me. I walked in graduation a couple weeks ago, so I am technically graduated after my few summer classes. So, my goals are to:

- Find a job that can get me started on where I want to go.

- Pass the summer classes that I am taking so that I can be offically graduated.

- Spend time learning and growing through cool life experiences that I was held back from before.

- Travel more.

- Do something good. Something that I wouldn't normally do that benefits the world. Little or big. Just do something.


My goals for this summer include:

  • Improving my time management skills by learning to balance a full time job, freelance work, and online classes (which I have never taken before)
  • Building my first vermicomposting bin and starting a vegetable garden at home
  • Getting back to the gym
  • Maintaining a better sleep schedule
  • Camping in a new place at least once a month, either around Michigan or (hopefully) elsewhere!

My summer 2018 goals include:

1) Passing my last classes of undergrad, thus offcially graduating this summer, 

2)  Learn more and imporve my understanding of online strategies, marketing, branding, and several design programs through my final undergrad classes,

3) Find or line up jobs for after graduation in my desired sports field,

4) Run more,


5) Also enjoy life and finally turning 21 this summer!



- Survive

- Manage a full time job on top of school and a rather demanding internship

- Expand my skillset

- Avoid burnout

- Still enjoy the internet after the semester


Some of my 2018 summer goals are;

-To learn and master sales skills to make more money from my job 

-To read more (books, articles, studies, news, etc.)

-To create healthy habits like doing yoga and meditation daily to manage my stress

-To begin developing one of my business ideas more proactively 

-To learn how to web develop and write more advanced code   

-To line up a job in advertising sales this Fall 

-Travel-Even if its just within Michigan. Try to get outside more too



-Get overall gpa 4.0 and travel to where I want to go, for example, West virgina.

-Reading books which I would like to read, like Pride and Prejudice.

-Waiting for latest Marvel films!!!! I love iron man!!!

-Walking dog, my cute American Eskimo.

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