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OK, how many of you have taken a real break from social media? It could be for Lent, or because you spend too much time on your phone, or whatever.

Here is an article on the benefits of taking a break on social.

Maybe take a moment and look at your battery on your iPhone to see where you spend the most time. Give me a 7 day reading of the hours you spend and what you top social network is. Mine is Facebook and it's 9.8 hours over the past 7 days. Wow!


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I also was not aware that I can see the usage broken down of each app in my settings. As I look at it I was actually surprised that my most used app was Facebook. I catch myself sitting on the continuous video scrolling windows more than I thought. Over the past 7 days, Facebook used 22% of my battery life. The next closest percentage is 11% and that is my home and lock screen. I thinlk that is because I have the iPhone X and it continuously lights up when it's moved thinking you are going to open it with the facial recognition. This makes me want to throw my phone honestly, I wish it showed me on Linkedin or my email the most or something like that. But the reality is, social media is addicting and time consuming. 


I was stunned when i saw that twitter and instgram and youtube took up 50% of my usage. I am wasting so much time on apps when i could be doing much more productive things.


I was stunned when i saw that twitter and instgram and youtube took up 50% of my usage. I am wasting so much time on apps when i could be doing much more productive things.


i check the moment and the battery on my iphone, in last 7 days, i spend 


46% on  wechart 

6% on instagram 

17% on gaming apps

16% on email apps

15& on blogs apps


I know I can’t be the only person who’s caught myself picking up my phone to scroll though Facebook, while doing the same on my laptop. Like most others who are addicted to social media, I’ve never been disconnected for long. While I don’t completely understand the world’s need for constant communication and connection, I know it’s an awful habit I give into every day. My phone wouldn’t let me see my social media for the last 7 days, but it would for the last 3:



Messages: 22%

Facebook: 12%

Instagram: 12%

Home and lock screen: 12%

Snapchat: 11%



These results were followed by much lower percentages for various apps. This includes 14.6 hours spent on just the 5 above. This is eye opening, and only reassures my decision to delete some apps for Lent.  While the world will continue to be social media crazed, I think it’s important to sometimes step away, to gain perspective. Not only on how much we rely on it, but how much we don’t need to.




I was shocked after checking the battery on my phone. I found out I spend the way more than I thought on the social media. The social media takes me the most time to spend on is Instagram which is 5.1 hr. I thought I just check around other people's photo post and watch the food and make up short video on it, and I can not image that I spent 5hr on those in a whole week. I have once taken a real break on social media on a summer vacation after I back to home for about one week. After that I had a strong feeling of not involved and lonely because a lot of my friend did not start their summer vacation yet. Then I figure out I can not truly give a break to my social media. 


I spent over 10 hours on the wechat, a China-based texting app. Over 5 hours on video apps, and over four hours on news apps. I definitely spent too much time on the social media. I spent most of my time on the social media instead of with my family and friends. The main purpose of the social media is to connect people with the society. But now people are spending more time on the social media than connect with a real person. This phenomenon is the opposite purpose of the social media. We should put down our phone and communicate with people around us more.


Looking through my phone, I found that I actually spend a lot of time on social media. Comparing to those major ones like facebook, instagram, youtube and others, I spent 9.7 on Youtube because I spent most of the social media time on watching contents. The second is 7.9 hours on Wechat and 1.5 hours on Instagram. It seems like that Wechat, Youtube and Instagram has become my daily routine everytime I have a minitue to using my phone. Maybe I did not use social media that much on new issues, I will use them on checking contacts and communication, well, except for the Youtube. It might be hard for me to take a break from social media but I tink I might be able to use them by only communicating with people.


I did not even know you could see exactly what apps you spend the most time on, but I was not surprised to see that Youtube was my most used app at 48%! I spend a ton of time on Youtube every single day of the week, I follow a ton of vloggers, beauty gurus, etc. as well as, watch and listen to music videos. This being said, I have made the extremely conscious effort to take a break from social media various times throughout the past 4 years and it is very difficult, however, feels amazing. I related with the article when it mentioned social media can be reffered to as a "bottomless bowl" and I find myself constantly refreshing my apps just because its there and its so apart of my daily routine. My top social networks are Youtube which was 12.1 hours and Instagram which was 8.6 hours. 


I definitely spend wayyyy too much time on social media. I use it not just for personal use but for work as well, so I feel like I am constantly on it. I could definitely use a break, but I probably won't take one. I am too used to feeling connected to everything through social media and I think it would make me nervous to give it up for a little. 

I thought that my most used social media app would be Twitter, but in the last 7 days it was Instagram with Twitter coming in as a close second. Twitter is my favorite platform, though so I am sure that flucutates often.


I have to say that I am really that kind of person who spend too much time on social media a day. Since I came to the United States, my family and many of my friends that we grow up together are now far away from me. And my mother calls me via Wechat almost everyday. It sometimes takes about one to two hours, sometimes just a few minutes. And my friends from high school and middle school also send me messages via Wechat. So it is definitely my main social media platform. I use Instagram and Weibo as well. I really love Instagram because you feel connected with people from other places on it. And I think social media does take a huge amount of time in my daily life, however, it helps me connect with others and see a bigger world through it. 

Time spent on social medias in the past 7 days:

Wechat: 20 hours

Weibo: 7 hours

Instagram: 5-6 hours


After checking my phone, I found that I use Snapchat and Youtube the most, taking up 38% of my battery over the past week. For Lent, I decided to cut back on social media use, specifically Facebook and Instagram. I recently read comments from former Facebook President Sean Parker that Facebook is dangerous for society. He describes it as a "social validation feedback loop". This is a guy who is a Billionaire because of his role at the company. Also, fomer Vice President of user growth, Chamath Palihapitiya, whose job was directly involved with growing the base, said "I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works".After reading that, it was a easy decision what to give up for Lent. 


It is so true that social media takes up a LOT of time in our lives, especially in our generation. When looking at my stats I was shocked at first, but then when thinking about it, social media is a strong way of our communication nowadays. Personally, I use Instagram & Facebook to connect with friends I made from internships in various cities, colleagues who tend to always be busy, family that doesn’t live close, and so on. We don’t have the time to always stay up to date on what they are doing so social media acts as a great way to stay connected. It makes it very easy to message someone to comment on something important they might be doing or place they are visiting based on something they post. I do agree we could cut back a bit or take some time off, but overall I do think it has positively impacted at least my life.


Here are my results:

Instagram 8.4 hours

Snapchat 5.4 hours

Facebook 1.6 hours



Social media is a big part in daily life. During my sophomore year I tended to forget time when I used social media. But i realized it definitely distract me from study and other jobs. So I actually have taken a break from social media when I need to focus and concentration on one thing. I found and downloaded an app named FOREST on my phone. Before I study, I just need to set up a period of time on the app and then I can not open other apps or leave this app during that time. If I do that, the tree on my screen will die. But if I persist to certain amount hours, the app will plant a real tree on the earth. So this app helps me to control the phone daily usage. For now, I think my time spend on social media is a normal amount. It does not interfere my study, just as a life tool.


Here is my battery usage for the past seven days:


12 hours on WeChat

6 hours on Weibo

2 hours on Instagram


I agree that I spend a lot of time on social media during my free time. As a international student, I feel loneliness in other country. Social media is a great place to help me found more interets things. I use my Iphone to built the great relationship with my friends, family and professors. Without the social media, I can't image how the life will be. 

The usage in 7days:

WeChat 18 hours (45%)- use to spend time with my parents, friends.

Face book 6 hours (15%)- use to spend time with friends, professor.

Email 3 hours (7.5%) - use to deal with the email form MSU and daily life.

Weibo 8 hours (20%) - use to spend time to know the interesting things and news.

other 5 hours (12.5%) 

It is really hard to give me relax time without my Iphone, people live in this world is always connect social media.


I have taken breaks from all digital devices before and will continue to periodically on my journey as needed. I am a rather low consumer and participant in social media, however, I view time spent on devices regardless of the application in the same light. It is time spent not fully being present. In the past 7 days as it directly relates to social media usage my usage times are as follows.

Facebook – 10 minutes

Instagram – 8 minutes

Snap Chat – 5 minutes

I have challenged myself in the past and will continue to strive to live in the moments with the people that are physically present in my life experiences. Valuing their time and energy above all which in turn hopefully conveys both my respect and interest in them. I also try and protect my own energy by not inundating it with unproductive noise. I think we all can improve on our self awareness as it relates to social media use or with digital device use as a whole.  


1. My top social network is Facebook at 22% (5.5 hours in the last seven days)

2. Messages at 13%, but I have spent more hours on it than Facebook (6.6 hours)

3. Snapchat at 12% (2.2 hours)

4. Phone at 9% (4.8 hours)

5. FaceTime at 7% (1.1 hours)

Other notables:

- Instagram came in at 5% (1.5 hours) and Twitter at 3% (21 minutes)

I know I have a problem. So much so that I didn't think I could bring myself to give up social media completely for Lent. I have decided to just be more aware of the time that I spend on social media (obviously I haven't been very successful). For me, I think that I have major FOMO. I don't want to miss anything happening in the world or within my friend group. Unfortunately, I know that most of my time on Facebook has been spent scrolling mindlessly through stupid video after stupid video. Maybe I should consider deleting the app from my phone for a while and see how long I last. Finally, one thing I am pretty happy about is most of my phone battery is spent on conversations with other people. Maybe there is hope for me and the time I spend on my phone after all!


My top social network is Snapchat (1.8 hours on screen, 1 hour background) 

Spotify is next at 15%

Phone @ 15%

Instagram @ 13% 

Messages @ 12% 


I have a habit of getting very frustated and overwhelmed by the artificiality of the online realm and social media. Every once in a while I delete a few apps and challenge myself to put my phone down. I also tend to pick back up within a few hours, especially if I happen to be spending a lot of time alone as it is, being without that feeling of a connection makes me feel even more isolated. However, one thing I am working on training myself to do is set alarms and not check my phone until the alarm goes off in an effort to practice NOT checking my phone.





Social media is too important for me, I have never taken a fell break from it. I don’t know what I can do when I was boring if I leave without cellphone.

1.    Wechat:35%

2.    Instagram:25%

3.    Weibo:20%

4.    Youtube:10%

5.    Others:10%


A break on social media? No way! I am always on social media posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook. As an international student I feel that social media updates me on what is happening back in my country. I have no time to go online and watch the news hence I am on social media. I only take an unwilling breaks when I am flying as sometimes there is no wifi on the planes, but once I land the first thing I do is get on social media.

In the past 7 days, here is my account on how I use social media;

  1. Facebook     13hours
  2. Instagram    10hours 
  3. Youtube        5hours
  4. Outlook          2hours
  5. Whatsapp      10hours

I basically live on social media!


i never take a real break from the social media. I think social media has become an integral part of life. People need these social media to communicate, learn and relax. Their existence shortens the distance between people. It is hard to imagine how I would get in touch with my family without these social networks. In the past seven days, my top social network are :

Wechat----12.4 hours

Outlook----7.3 hours 

Instagram----6.7 hours

Weibo----5.4 hours

I spend almost all my free time on using these social media. 



I personally have never taken a full break from social media, however, I'm not the biggest social media person to begin with. I do spend most of my time on Snapchat and Instagram. Over the course of 7 days I spend a total of 3.8 hours on Snapchat and 4.1 hours on Instagram. I usually accumulate all of this time at night before I fall asleep because that's when I have the most free time. Facebook and Twitter are only about 42 minutes each over the course of 7 days.  


I think cell phones are a very important part of me because I use social software on my phone to talk to my family or video, and secondly, I use my cell phone to share interesting things with my classmates. Another point I will use the phone to watch some news, such as from Weibo or YouTube. One more thing I will use my cellphone to check my email.

Wechat: 27%

Xiami music:22%

Weibo: 18%

YouTube: 13%

Instagram: 7%

Outlook: 5%


Others: 4%


I have barely taken a real break from social media. In my daily life, I always check my phone to see if I missed something, otherwise I'll get anxious about the missing information. My top social network is Weibo. Here's more about my past 7days data for social media:

Weibo:           24hrs       55%

Youtube:        14hrs       32%

Instagram:     2.5hrs      6%

Wechat:         3hrs         7%


As for me, I do not use that much app on social media. The only few app I use are for music and contact with friends or see news. 50% of the time I use social media spend on the Wechat, which is an app that similar to the snapchat. I use that to contact friends and families. About 25% of the time on the music app. And another 25% time on the Weibo, to see news.


When I play my mobile phone, most of the use is social media. I can't stop using social media except do my homework, in my class and sleep. My life is inseparable from them. There are my past 7 days datas of using social media.

Weibo - 14 hours=40%

Wechat - 10 hours=29%

Youtube - 6 hours=17%

Group Me - 2 hours=6% 

Instagram - 3 hours=8%


I think that people are mostly can not live without checking their phones. I personally check my phone every day. Mostly use my phone to communicate with friends or family members. For the past seven days, I checked my phone several times.

Wechat:              28hrs

Weibo:                18hrs

Music app:          7hrs

Instagram:         4hrs

Email check:       70min



I constantly checking my phone within a day and that already become a habit. Over the past seven days, my top five used apps are WeChat, QQ music, Weibo, Instagram, and Outlook.

We chant - 23%  - chat with my friends and family

QQ music - 14% -  listen to the music while I'm driving of studying

Weibo - 6% - to see what new things happened

Instagram - 10% -  to check my friend's activities and post mine.

Outlook - 4% - to check email I received. 


I've never taken a formal break from social media, but I feel like my habits have changed over the years. I used to only use Facebook and Twitter, but then I switched from those two to Instagram and Snapchat. Lately, Snapchat has been my go-to followed by Facebook, which I like to use because of the Events page. 9GAG has always been one of my favorites because I love to look at memes, and most of the posts on it are pretty funny.

Social media usage during last 7 days:

  1. Snapchat - 2.4 hours
  2. 9GAG - 1.7 hours
  3. Instagram - 47 minutes

I have recently decided to try and stop using social media as often. I even went as far to stop using instagram almost at all. I thought I would give it a try and see how it goes. I havent noticed any crazy effects yet as I do not think I will at all. It has been different and I find myself reaching for my phone to check social media often.

Facebook 6.1 hours (27%)

Youtube 3.7 hours (20%)

Snapchat 2 hours (10%)

Instagram less than 1 hour (3%)


I use social media multiple times a day, for past 7 days:


Instagram 12.6 hours ---51%

Twitter 4.7 hours---12%

Facebook 3.4 hours---11%


I will use Instagram almost all the time when I am free.  


My top five used apps over the last seven days were soundcloud, snapchat, FB messenger, chrome, instagram. 


Soundcloud at 15% - music streaming + bluetooth will drain a battery fast

Snapchat at 8% - primary mode of communication for a lot of my friends

messenger at 6% - primary mode of communication for close people like girlfriend, family, etc.

chrome at 5% - I like the chrome app a lot, it consumes little battery while allowing me to surf the web and use FB, ultimately letting me avoid having the dreadfully bulky FB app

instagram at 4% - I do not spend much time on instagram but all the pictures and videos take their fair share of battery

In general, I am never too active on social media these days but I think a break may be just what I need to reengage myself.


While I have not necessarily taken a break from social media, there are some media apps that I rarely go on anymore because I can find the same information elsewhere. For me, this is Twitter. I have never been an avid tweeter, but when Snapchat and Facebook started to deliver the same content as Twitter, I no longer felt the need to go on it. 

In the past seven days, I have been on:

-Instagram for 8.7 hours 

-Snapchat for 4.2 hours

-Facebook for 2.7 hours

-Messages for 5.1 hours

Not including all of the other things I use on my phone, social media apps like the ones listed above account for nearly 3 hours of my everyday routine. I had no idea about how much time I spend on these apps until now and honestly it is very shocking.


While I have not necessarily taken a break from social media, there are some media apps that I rarely go on anymore because I can find the same information elsewhere. For me, this is Twitter. I have never been an avid tweeter, but when Snapchat and Facebook started to deliver the same content as Twitter, I no longer felt the need to go on it. 

In the past seven days, I have been on:

-Instagram for 8.7 hours 

-Snapchat for 4.2 hours

-Facebook for 2.7 hours

-Messages for 5.1 hours

Not including all of the other things I use on my phone, social media apps like the ones listed above account for nearly 3 hours of my everyday routine. I had no idea about how much time I spend on these apps until now and honestly it is very shocking.


Once upon a time on my study abroad in Rome, Italy my iPhone was stolen two weeks into my six week program. Not having a phone forced me to give up all social media for a month. Even though it wasn't my choice to be without a phone, the entire experience was liberating. At first I definitely went through witdrawals (how pathetic, I know) where I would reach for my phone and forget it wasn't there. However, once I got over the initial withdrawal I really enjoyed life. I did not have any social media distracting my attention and I was able to constantly take in the environment around me. The experience also made me use a map and ask people for directions on a daily basis. Through the experience, I met some amazing people and wound up in places I wouldn't of if I would've had a GPS but I wouldn't change the experience. I truly LIVED in the moment without having my phone and social media. 


Now that I do have a phone again here is a run down of what I used the most in the past 7 days: 

Snapchat - 5.7 hours, 29% 

Messages - 4.3 hours, 13% 

Instagram - 2.7 hours, 11% 

Facebook - 1.8 hours, 8% 


For the last 7 days, my top social nework was YouTube and I spent 12.9 hrs on it and 5.5 hrs out of the 1209hrs was in last 24 hrs.

That doens't really surprise me because I ususally use YouTube to watch tutorials and listen to music.

The other significant one would be WeChat which I spent 6.2hrs in last 7 days;

Other than that, for Instagram, which I spent 1.7hrs in last 7days; for Facebook, which I only spent 52mins in last 7 days. 

I used to rely on social media. I had run out my phone storage before so I deleted all my Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook for quite a long time. It was difficult at the beginning. However, I started to get used to the life without social media. Actually taking a social media break is not as hard as I think.


I never break for social media. Actually I have spent most of my time to using to phone on varieties of mobile application. There are my past 7 days datas of using social media.

WeChat (an application which found in China) - 8.5 hours =59%

Weibo     - 4.8 hours =24%

Instagram - 2.6 hours =12%

Youtube - 58 mins = 3%

Facebook - 10 minutes = 1%

Linkdin  -12 minutes = 1%


I have never officially deleted my social media accounts, but I have deleted the apps from my phone for a few days to take a break and "unplug". My top app is my messaging app, using it 7.7 hours in the past 7 days. 

Messages - 7.7 hours

Snapchat - 6.4 hours 

FaceTime - 4.2 hours 

Instagram - 3 hours 

Twitter - 2.9 hours 


Other than these apps, every other app I've used in the past 7 days has only been for a few minutes at a time.



Wechat is the most app I used in past 7 days. 55% 

facebook 20%


Airmail 5%

photo 1%

phone 1%


Wechat is the most app I used in past 7 days. 55% 

facebook 20%


Airmail 5%

photo 1%

phone 1%


WeChat is the top media that I used in the past 7 day. It shocked me that I spend so much time on it, that’s more than I thought. 

When I am traveling, I maybe take a little break from other social media, but I don’t think I can ignore WeChat for one day, it’s the communication tool for me, and specially I am far away from my home, I need it to be connected with my family.


WeChat 25%          13.5 hrs

Instagram 17%        7.2 hrs

Youtube 8%             2.3 hrs

NetEase Music 6%  2.2 hrs

Safari 4%                 1.9 hrs

Bilibili 1%                  28 min

GroupMe 1%            16 min


I' ve never formally taken a break from all social media.

Youtube- 55%








In seven days, I spend most of the time on using Weibo and Wechat. I always know that I did spend a lot of time on social media, but I did not really count the hours like this before. I was surprised by how many hours I spend on the phone per day. I do feel I need to spend my time on something more meaningful now.

Weibo: 10.6 hours 

WeChat: 8.3 hours 

Instagram: 4.3 hours 

Facebook: 2 hours 

Safari: 4 hours 


The only times I've ever taken a break from social media is when I haven't had acess to wifi or data, which truthfully hasn't happened in the past 5 years. 

the amount of time I've spent on social media is as followed:

  • 3.6 hours on snapchat
  • 4.9 hours on instagram
  • 46 minutes on facebook




I have never taken a break from social media except for when I was in Republic of Korea Marine corps, I was not allowed to have cellular phone in Korean military for security issue. It was really boring, I had nothing to do when I was having my own time. Furthermore, I could not figure out what is going on real world. I was isolated from my friends living in a real world. It was bad and I hope that does not happen agian in my life. If you spend too much time on social media, it will hurt your health, but if you can controll it, it will be great. 


I've never formally taken a break from all social media. However, I don't have the Facebook app on my phone. I find myself getting too caught up in pointless videos and information that isn't ultimately benefitting me. And knowing that, I become less attracted to the app. The closest thing I've taken to a social media break is when I was traveling in Europe, but even then, I'd still check Instagram or post when I had access to WiFi. All that said, I don't think my social media habits are unhealthy, especially in comparison to some. 

Messages - 18%

Spotify - 15%

Snapchat - 14%

Instagram - 14%

Nike Training - 7%

Phone - 5%

Home & lock screen - 5%

Safari - 4%

FaceTime - 4% 

Netflix - 3%

Photos - 3%

Twitter - 2%

Notes - 1%

Clock - 1%

Hulu - 1%

Outlook - 1%

Flashlight - 1%

Venmo - 1%


Wow! Your record is detailed. It seems that you usually use a lot of social media. I want to learn from you. I will allocate more time to other social platforms.


My top social media that I have used in the past 7 days is snapchat. I never thought i used snapchat that much, but I guess I use it more than I thought. My messages though, is where my most activity takes place. 

Messages: 21%

Snapchat: 17% 

Instagram: 16% 

Home and Lock screen: 9% 

Youtube: 8% 

Netflix: 5% 

safari: 5% 

Facetime: 4% 

Spotify: 3% 

Facebook: 2% 

Phone: 2% 

Photos: 2% 

LinkedIn: 1% 

Siri: 1% 

GroupMe: 1% 

Google Photos: 1% 


Sometimes I take a social media break but it is usually when I am dealing with something in life and want to get away from everything for a minute. I wonder how much more productive I would be if I deleted every piece of social media on my phone. Maybe one day...

7 Day Breakdown:

Facebook / 27 % / 8.3 hours

IDMSS Lite / 19 % / 6.4 hours 

Phone / 9 % / 9.9 Hours 

Messages / 8 % / 4.3 Hours

Home & Lock Screen / 5 % / 4.2 Hours 

Chrome / 4 % / 1.8 Hours 

Outlook / 4 % / 1.5 Hours 

Mail / 4 % / 1.3 Hours 

Spotify / 3 % / 38 Mins

Linkedin / 2 % / 31 Mins 

Instagram / 2 % / 42 Mins 

Messenger / 1 % / 30 Mins

Flashlight / 1 % 

Whatsapp / 1 % / 19 Mins

Nike Run Club / 1 % / 36 Mins

Photos / 1 % / 12 Mins 

Safari / 1 % / 12 Mins

Snapchat / 1 % / 17 Mins

Ebay / 1 % / 27 Mins

Music / 1 % / 2 Mins

Quickbooks / 1 % 


Over the past seven days, I spent my time on the following apps: 

Instagram -- 6.6 hours 

Messages -- 8 hours 

Safari -- 2.4 hours 

Snapchat -- 1.4 hours 

My top app used is messages (8 hours) 

I've never actually taken a break from social media because I don't have enough will power. It's sad how much our lives revolve around social media and our phones because it takes away a lot of time from actually being productive. Since I've never taken a big break from social media, I'm going to try to decrease the amount of time I spend on my phone and trade it out for more studying time. 

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