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Hey class. Lots going on this semester. I hope you are learning and diving deep into the digital marketing for your brands. We are still working on grading, so no worries. Also, you don't have to share resources - only comment on the class blog for participation. 

So does anyone have any big plans for Homecoming? Anyone going to the game? Go Green!

What Was Your Biggest Take Away?

We've completed the first class and covered a wide range of potential new topics. Inbound marketing, social, search, content marketing, etc... We'll be taking a deeper dive into each of these digital marketing segments over the semester but we're curious what was the most interesting thing you learned on day one? Why did you find this interesting or relevant?



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Marketing Tech Stack

Now that you've focused on your brands and you have a good idea what they do for marketing and what you would recommend, I'm curious what you would put in their marketing tools tech stack? 

For example for many of the clients we handle at Ingenex Digital Marketing, we use the following tools:

- Google Analytics

- Wordpress CMS

- Hubspot Marketing Automation

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Most Interesting Digital Trends and Tools 2018

Curious to hear your thoughts on what are the most interesting trends and tools you have found for 2018? 

As you are doing research for the class you've probably stumbled across some interesting and unique ways to drive traffic and improve business using digital marketing. 

In the comments, list the one that you feel is most unique and compelling. Something I haven't heard of even. I will pick one winner who will win a $10 Starbucks card. Entries must be on time for class participation.

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Doner Agency Tour

On Wednesday, July 11 we have our agency tour at Doner in Southfield. We will be talking with some creatives on their team. What would you like to know? 

Give me a question or two you would like to ask them and I can submit in advance. This is a great opportunity. I also encourage you to bring your resume and dress for success, as you can land a job on this trip!