Facebook Graph Search: What do you think?

One of the exciting – and sometimes frustrating – things about working in digital media is keeping up with constant change.

Last week, Facebook unveiled its Graph Search feature, which will allow users to search (in natural language - not weird jargon) for answers to questions about what their friends and other Facebook users like.

What do you know?

So I'm curious as to where you all stand with digital media knowledge. I must say, I was impressed with the participation, and the students from the first day of class. You all did a great job making it through the long day, and I hope you learned some things.

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What annoys you on social media?

Bird swearing on TwitterRagan's PR Daily – a great read for anyone working in communications, marketing or public relations - has a great piece this week on the 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media.
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New: Pinterest for Business

PinterestThis is the first year the NMDL course featured a week on Pinterest – which was perfectly timed with the company's rollout of Pinterest for Business on Tuesday.

NMDL Klout Competition Winners

Here we go!  #NMDLKLOUT Winners:

@BDobbins29  -64 total @klout score;

@ryanx14x99 -increase of 45.12;

@KelseySiler -random winner.


Congrats!  Winners - email me so we can figure out the best day for you to visit Google.