Which Social Media Platform Should I Use? Working on a small budget? Social media effectiveness and NFL on Twitter.

How do I determine which online social media platform is best for my company?

Simple, figure out which social media platform your customers use. Targeting teens and young adults? You're probably going to use Snapchat. Want to target an older consumer demographic with more money? Facebook is a better bet. Many companies select their platforms back-assward. They think "What platforms do we want to participate on?" but the question should be "What platforms do my customers participate on?"

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What do you personally think the most important part of this class is? I know its all important but what do you think is going to be most helpful to us?

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What if Social Isn't Relevant, when should you invest in an e-commerce app, increasing e-mail open rates and advertising that appeals to everyone

Q: I think for some companies and products, it is unnecessary to have social media platforms. Because it seems like not related to out daily life. In this case, what is the best way to motivate the company and the customers?

I think what you're asking is how do you reach an audience when they aren't using social media. There are lots of ways, which is best will depend on the audience, product and company. There are plenty of effective non-social digital means and you can always fall back to traditional marketing techniques.

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My company is based out of Italy, although it is prevalent in various countries. In terms of adding value, how do you make sure your advertisements are catering to the differences in cultures? Is it necessary to have all different advertisements aimed at the different countries or is it better to find a way to make your message consistent across all cultures?

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The top five most important factors of online advertising, standing out on LinkedIn, building a following and is social required to get a job?

Q:What are your top five important factors of online advertising?

1. Add value - Users are in control of the online space. If you're pushing out advertisements that serve you and not your audience they will ignore, block and skip them.