Klout competition

Hi, everyone!

Lots of interest in @Klout competition - that's great!

Here are the rules:

We want you to work on improving your Klout Score throughout the semester.

Two students (active NMDL students) with :

a)  The highest overall Klout Score as of Nov 11th, 2012, or

b)  The highest increase of your Klout Score between beginning of the class and Nov 11, 2012

will be declared winners.


What Will You Do to "Make A Better Internet?"

My first foray on the Internet happened in 1995. My connection was fueled by a phone line, download speeds were slower than a 1G connection and there were no graphics-- only text. Throughout most of my life the internet has been regarded as "new," but we no longer can honestly describe it as such. The Internet has been around for decades, it's hardly "new."

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How Are You Going to Brand Yourself?

With the persistant struggling economy and increasing number of qualified candidates it's becoming increasingly difficult to land a great job. From my own experience, posting job openings can result in a flood of hundreds of qualified applications with little differentiating one to the next. 

Best Metrics For FaceBook Page Optimization

Social marketing agencies are constantly on edge to prove value to clients. The lack of immediate conversions is a problem, but a larger issue is how to show that the FaceBook pages for brands are getting traction and actually improving the awareness of the brand. Amy Porterfield has an essay where she points out the three metrics provided by FaceBook Insights that the we all need to pay attention to.