What's Your Passion Project?

An interesting life is defined by having passions. Those who's passions overlap career are able to have a fulfilling life as work becomes much more than a way to pay the bills. Having a career worthy passion isn't a stroke of luck, rather in most cases it's cultivated. The beauty of the "long tail" internet is no matter how minute, how obscure your passion is (e.g. the love of Chipotle,) you can connect to others who share your interest.

Online Video Takes Off

Have you noticed your Facebook feed blowing up with video? Facebook is now claiming more views than YouTube. Partially because YouTube calls a view when you watch most of the video, where Facebook looks at a view more as an impression. When a video shows in your Facebook stream it's counted, even if you don't watch it.

Regardless the importance of Video on Facebook is growing every day. And if you put video up on Facebook, they will show it more than if you link to an outside video on YouTube.

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What questions do you have?

Most of you will have a dozen or more jobs in your lifetime. Some job changes will also mean a different career. Switching jobs is hard enough, career changes can require years of training and acclimating just to be at the same level you were previously. 

Meerkat and live streaming video

Have you used Meerkat?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, check it out now. This new livestreaming video app has been one of the hottest new apps since it was released earlier this year. What the app lets you do is post live streaming video from your phone in a very quick and easy way, and to watch livestreams from your friends.

Meerkat ties in with Twitter, so whenever you start broadcasting something, a link automatically goes out to your Twitter followers notifying them of the live broadcast.

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The Future of Media

The way in which people consume media is changing. In many ways, it's becoming more democratic. Fifteen years ago the only way you could get in front of peoples screens was if a major broadcasting company deemed you worth. Today, anyone with a smart phone can record and upload content to YouTube. Many stars have been discovered based on YouTube videos alone (for better or worse, Justin Bieber.) This shift has occurred on both sides of the spectrum. Television is no longer the only way to consume entertaining content. Soon, it will no longer be the most popular way.