Google stock down 9%!!!!

Google just released its Q3 earnings and the stock price is down 9%.

Find an article online talking about these results, and let us know what you think... 

Does it matter?

Is Google in trouble?

Why is the stock down so much according to analysts?  Is that good or bad in your opinion?

Local SEO Link Building

Local search is an increasingly important component of search engine optimization. Building links that help your local search is a smart tactic, and something that will help if you want to be found in your town, city, or region.

I just read a post from our friends at SEOMoz that talks about acquiring links from local search. We do many of these techniques, but it's good to see someone write it up in this manner.

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How Social Media is Changing Brand Building

You think buildign a brand requires multi-mllion $$ budgets, flashy TV ads and good looking celebrity endorsements?.  Can you build a brand on FB, Twitter, and other social media platforms?

What is a Brand Equity after all?  

Is it just the "Brand Perception" (how you perceive certain brand or a company), just the "Brand Experience" (how you and your friends have experienced the brand) or a combination of both?


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Twitter Engagement

Twitter is a funny social network. They say you can use Twitter for whatever you want. And that's true. For this class we want to use it to carry on conversation with our students. That's why we use the hashtag #NMDL and we tweet at you, and expect you to do the same.

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Klout competition

Hi, everyone!

Lots of interest in @Klout competition - that's great!

Here are the rules:

We want you to work on improving your Klout Score throughout the semester.

Two students (active NMDL students) with :

a)  The highest overall Klout Score as of Nov 11th, 2012, or

b)  The highest increase of your Klout Score between beginning of the class and Nov 11, 2012

will be declared winners.