Thoughts on Pinterest

Everyone is talking about the social network Pinterest. What are you thoughts? My friend C.C. Chapman has a nice video that you can watch and comment. Do you use it? Would you recommend it to a client? How do you see companies using Pinterest in the future? Do you have any companies who are doing a great job now using Pinterest?

Facebook Filing for IPO

It's called the top of the bubble...or the next phase of the Internet.

Either way - it's a huge step for Facebook (the company) and entire Social Media scene.

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Favorite MSU Moment in 2011

As you can guess I am a big MSU Spartans Fan! Teaching this class to the amazing students at MSU is one of greatest honors I have ever known. And I'm so proud to see our students graduate every year and get jobs in advertising, PR, marketing and more - using their New Media Drivers License to help them along the way.

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New Media Class Textbooks for 2012

New Media Training and Education is more important than ever. At Michigan State University we have the New Media Drivers License course, and this semester students are in for a real treat.

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Best Class at MSU?

Is the New Media Drivers License the "Best Class at MSU"? From what Michigan State University students tell me, it could be. Reasons students enjoy the class:

- Teaches them all about social media marketing.

- Teaches Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

- Gives students hands on experience with real brands.

- Taught by professionals in the business. One the owner of Digital Marketing Agency - Ingenex, and one at Google.