Finding the News, How Has New Media Effected Journalism?

This past week I had the opportunity to consult with a national news publication. Their problem is all too familiar. Like most traditional publications worldwide, their subscription base is dwindling and advertisers are unwilling to put money into print advertising. They have a website but it doesn't generate enough money to support their business.

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Sharing Buttons, Useful Tool or Unnecissary Sleeze?

Sharing buttons— the small graphical icons that make sharing content over social networks and e-mail as easy as one click. Almost like a virus, these buttons have infected an exponentially increasing amount of websites over the past few years. Between the sheer number of social networks and the "more is better" approach, many websites are literally stuffed full of these not so subtle marketing ploys. Until now, most designers (including myself) assumed that including them would naturally lead to more sharing of content.

How do you get your content?

It can be argued that these days people are too busy to sit and read posts and they tend to skim the content more often that not. That is one of of the reasons Ross Johnson suggested in hist rules for writing blog posts to use subheads, and quick paragraphs, so people can skim and get the information quickly.

How do you read blog posts? Social Marketing Insider argues that skimming content is the way to go. What do you think?

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Is Reusing Content a Punishable Offense?

Someday, if you haven't already, you will find writing is to be an essential skill (regardless of career path.) No one is exempt from the writen word, regardless if you are a designer, marketer or media buyer. I myself (a designer,) am constantly writing e-mails, composing tweets, shaping social media updates, vomiting out proposals and agonizing over blog posts. If your breathing and earning money then chances are you are also writing.

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My Favorite Social Network

What is my favorite social network? I use Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. But which is the best?

I would have to say the most value comes from Linkedin. I have almost 4,000 connections. I have used Linkedin to build networks, and join groups, and generally connect with professionals around the world.

Be sure to connect with me on Linkedin so I can give a recommendation when class is over.