Best Class at MSU?

Is the New Media Drivers License the "Best Class at MSU"? From what Michigan State University students tell me, it could be. Reasons students enjoy the class:

- Teaches them all about social media marketing.

- Teaches Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

- Gives students hands on experience with real brands.

- Taught by professionals in the business. One the owner of Digital Marketing Agency - Ingenex, and one at Google.

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Favorite Social Media Tools

Now that we are most way through the season I have to wonder, what is the favorite tool, tip or trick you learned? We explored digital PR, blogging, social media marketing, Google tools, location based marketing, and more. What do you feel the most excited about?

Search Marketing as % of total online spend

According to IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), Internet advertising revenues in the United States totaled $14.9 billion for the first six months of 2011 (increase of 23% over last year).

Search Revenue accounted for 49% of that total (up from 47% from year ago), followed by Display/Banners (23%), Sponsorship (8%), Rich Media (5%) and Digital Video (5%),

You can view and download full report here

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Foursqure is my new social network...

These days I check in on Foursquare. Playing a game with friends to get points, badges, and street cred. I don't check it often. I comment on others occasionaly. But I consistently use this social network more than others.

Why? It's easy. It's relevant. It tells a story. Tired of Facebook. Twitter is OK, but I can tweet from my Foursquare. Google Plus seems too much effort. So I check in. And that's that.

What's your social network of choice? Has it changed for you? Will it?

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YouTube of Change...

Have you seen the latest news?


YouTube is partering with scores of Celebrities and Production companies (including Ashton Kutcher, Madonna, Shaq, The Onion, WWE, InStyle and more) and is re-designing it's interface around Channels to bring in more high-quality, TV-like content.

Add that to recently announced update to Google TV project and....