Google + Redesign

Have you checked it out yet - new, cleaner interface, lots of #whitespaces, some very cool Hangout features (you have to check out YouTube and Hangout Extras for some cool effects).

This New York Times article does a good job outlining key changes.

Best of the Best Facebook Timeline + Pinterest

Class. Take a moment and look at some brand pages on Facebook. Who has done a great job on their Timeline? Then I want you to go look at some brand Pinterest pages, and see who has done the best. If you are so inpsired, share an example on the comments of this post of a brand that you feel does a great job. I am really curious to see what you come up with. BTW, have you tried the Timeline? Do you like it? The new Ingenex Digital Facebook timeline is a work in progress. Like our new photo?

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The Hunger Games and Social Media

Did you see the movie yet?  

Check out this article about social media campaign ThisMoment executed for this movie.

Might give you some ideas for final project.

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Perry Marshall is Google Adwords Great

Now that we are on Google Adwords, it's important to mention someone who taught me a lot. His name is Perry Marshall. Take a look at his Google Adwords web site. See what you can learn. He offer some free tutorials, and his book is stellar. Perry also wrote a new book with my friend Tom Meloche on Facebook Advertising. Here is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and really do a deep dive.

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Kony 2012 Video - Thoughts?

Here is a great example of using video for social media. Video talks about connections and influencing the world. Many of you referenced this in your video homework last week. For those who haven't seen it, it's worth a look. Is it impactful for you? Does it work as a social video? Take a few minutes to experience Kony 2012.