YouTube - yesterday, today and tomorrow...

Welcome back from your SpringBreak.  Chances are - some of your (or your friends') experiences were captured on video.  Some of these videos will end up on YouTube - some will go viral, others will not.

Check out this insightful article from The New Yorker (fair warning - it's pretty lenghty, but definitely worth the read).

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Google Goggles?

So the latest rumor in the tech space... - Google is expected to sell "Terminator Glasses" which will stream information, entertainment, maybe even ads in augmented-reality-like fashion.  It must be true - The New York Times and Mashable said so.

New Media Drivers License Resource Guide

Looking for the best book on digital marketing? The New Media Drives License Resource Guide by Richard T. Cole and Derek Mehraban is a great place to start.

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Thoughts on Pinterest

Everyone is talking about the social network Pinterest. What are you thoughts? My friend C.C. Chapman has a nice video that you can watch and comment. Do you use it? Would you recommend it to a client? How do you see companies using Pinterest in the future? Do you have any companies who are doing a great job now using Pinterest?

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Facebook Filing for IPO

It's called the top of the bubble...or the next phase of the Internet.

Either way - it's a huge step for Facebook (the company) and entire Social Media scene.