YouTube of Change...

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YouTube is partering with scores of Celebrities and Production companies (including Ashton Kutcher, Madonna, Shaq, The Onion, WWE, InStyle and more) and is re-designing it's interface around Channels to bring in more high-quality, TV-like content.

Add that to recently announced update to Google TV project and....


Spartan Sagas at New Media Drivers License

Spartans, have you created your Spartan Saga yet? Now is your chance to show why you are a Spartan and what makes you and MSU so unique. MSU is driven by creative and hardworking individuals who know how to succeed, help others, and accomplish great things.

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Google Tools

You might have heard about this week's "Michigan Get Your Business Online" events.  The one held in Detroit this Tuesday attracted nearly 1,200 small businesses, Friday's one planned in Kalamazoo for app. 500 attendees filled up in days.  (You can read more about it on Crain's Detroit Business website).

Why such high interest?

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Hashtags and Tracking Social Media

HashTags are a great way to see what is up in the social media world. Do you know where the #hashtag came from?

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Personalized Search is the New Search

Personalized search is just the new search. Every search is personalized now, no 2 people see the exact same search results. 

For this reason, many people claim that personalized search is killing SEO as we know it. Not true. While personalized search may cause tracking SEO to become more difficult, personalized SEO actually makes optimization easier. You no longer have to be globally relevant where global relevance is not necessary, only have to be the most relevant for the people doing the queries