YouTube is An Advertising Magnet

YouTube claims to now have more than 20,000 advertisers. These advertisers run the gamut from the large Super Bowl advertisers to the small firms. This growth is partly because YouTube is trying to reach out to digital agencies to attract the smaller firms. One example of this outreach is TrueView, where the advertiser only pays if a viewer chooses to watch a video. The digital agency can expect other outreaches as well.

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Keyword Tracking of Brands

Brand monitoring is a full time job. Tracking #hashtags and following Google alerts, and tracking sentiment on Facebook is big business. When I think of monitoring brands it seems easier to monitor big brands like Pepsi or IBM. But how do you monitor small mom and pop businesses? There simply aren't people tweeting at a high rate about Jerry's Sub Shop in Alpena Michigan.

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Phish or Phancy?

OK class. As you may or may not know, I am a huge Phish fan. Been following them for years. I guess being in Advertising, it's good to have a creative outlet, and the long jams are surely good for inspiration.

At the show the last couple of nights I got to thinking about following your dreams, and doing the things you really love to do. It's a rare thing to be able to do that. And I encourage you to do it. I really like seeing live music, so I make time for it. And I believe that Phish is the best band out there right now. (Feel free to disagree with me.)

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Wages are Higher in Michigan

There is a dirty rumor going around that Michigan doesn't have well-paying jobs to offer graduating college students. Some graduates from around Michigan are under the impression that in order to snag a good job, they need to look to other states for a better salary. 

A recent study I found in the Wall Street Journal begs to differ. When the WSJ compared wages across the United States, the results debunked the Michigan wage rumor. 

Opening Day Presentations

Hello, everyone!

As promised - here are copies of presentations I shared during our 1st day of class:

Intro Deck -

AdWords Intro -