Driving directions and digital marketing?

Foursquare Starbucks ad56 percents of U.S. adults have a smartphone, according to a new survey released yesterday. Since so many people are carrying these devices -- most of which have GPS location tracking -- more and more apps and social networks are taking advantage of location services to provide information to you based on where you are.

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Instagram and Vine

We live in a time of great innovation in the online/technology world - which makes it fun (and challenging) for digital media practitioners to keep up with the latest and greatest social networks.

Are You Currently Using The Browserless Web?

If you're like me, you use a web browser just about every day. The vehicle for my online experience since my first foray in 1995, web browsers have become an integral part of daily life. But the browser space has always been complex. You may remember the "browser wars" in the late 90's where Netscape fell to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. This leading to innovation stagnation and the poor quality Internet Explorer 6. Luckily, this all changed and now there are a lots of capable web browsers. What's more, they're all vying for your use. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari, etc...

Twitter advertising

Welcome to the New Media Drivers License. Some things to think about this week. Doing participation by commenting on this blog, and sharing two resources. Also, be sure to connect with your teachers on social networks. You can find me at Derek Mehraban on Linkedin. You can also follow my @mehraban Twitter and my company Twitter for Ingenex Digital Marketing.

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New Media, When Does Integration Go Too Far?

If you are like many savvy individuals, a few major companies make up a large portion of your "connected" life. You search on Google, check email on GMail and call people on your Android based phone. Your "virtual" socializing happens on Facebook, you purchase music through iTunes and download moves through AppleTV. All because the latest business trend isn't settling for domination of a particular market, but expansion through as many markets as possible.