Master of the Universe: Google Webmaster

Written by: Elizabeth Houser

Google, in my opinion, has the ability to take over the online world. This, along with the charts, graphs, and numbers that many of their “applications” contain, has the power to intimidate me.

General Motors is Extraordinary Motors

Leia  Stephan 

General Motors is Extraordinary Motors


Final Exam

Best Inbound Marketing Agency Approach?

This week we focus on Inbound Marketing for your client brands. It's possible some companies may not spend much time, money or effort on Inbound. 

At Ingenex Digital Marketing we feel companies need to spend around $10K per month in order to move the needle on organic lead generation.

And that's just for strategy, design, content marketin, writing, web CTAs and such. We also manage your paid media and paid social as part of that. 

Then you need to include media costs and Inbound software such as HubSpot. That adds a few more thousand to the mix.  

What's your favorite online video?

We are coming up to the Video Presentation for this class. And the power of video is more important than ever. This week as a comment can you post a link to you favorite video? Show us something unique we haven't seen. Thx.

Social Media Savvy: Southwest Airlines

      Southwest Airlines is one of the most successful airline companies in the world. Many people attribute this success due to their ability to adapt to the new trends and needs of the customer. Most recently they have adapted to consumers use of technology, specifically social media. Southwest Airlines utilizes the most popular forms.

Kohl's: Inbound Marketing Savvy

What is Inbound Marketing?

ADV 420 Summertime Edition

Great class today. Thanks to all who participated and made it even better! On this blog post is where your participation begins. Please ask a question that relates to Week one and I will answer it. Good luck and do your best this semester! And enjoy the summer too!

- Derek

What do you want to know?

Most of you will have a dozen or more jobs in your lifetime. Some job changes will also mean a different career. Switching jobs is hard enough, career changes can require years of training and acclimating just to be at the same level you were previously. 

What's Your Passion Project?

An interesting life is defined by having passions. Those who's passions overlap career are able to have a fulfilling life as work becomes much more than a way to pay the bills. Having a career worthy passion isn't a stroke of luck, rather in most cases it's cultivated. The beauty of the "long tail" internet is no matter how minute, how obscure your passion is (e.g. the love of Chipotle,) you can connect to others who share your interest.

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