What's Your Passion Project?

An interesting life is defined by having passions. Those who's passions overlap career are able to have a fulfilling life as work becomes much more than a way to pay the bills. Having a career worthy passion isn't a stroke of luck, rather in most cases it's cultivated. The beauty of the "long tail" internet is no matter how minute, how obscure your passion is (e.g. the love of Chipotle,) you can connect to others who share your interest.

What questions do you have?

Most of you will have a dozen or more jobs in your lifetime. Some job changes will also mean a different career. Switching jobs is hard enough, career changes can require years of training and acclimating just to be at the same level you were previously. 

Meerkat and live streaming video

Have you used Meerkat?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, check it out now. This new livestreaming video app has been one of the hottest new apps since it was released earlier this year. What the app lets you do is post live streaming video from your phone in a very quick and easy way, and to watch livestreams from your friends.

Meerkat ties in with Twitter, so whenever you start broadcasting something, a link automatically goes out to your Twitter followers notifying them of the live broadcast.

Editor - job for the future?

Seth Godin

In a recent post Seth Godin was interviewed and talked about how it's more important to have editors than brand managers. What a concept. This fits in well with the content and inbound marketing approach. And brands have to tell stories to engage their audience and essentially make sales.

Exploring the world one letter at a time

In this blog, I hope to share some of my favorite things and reach out to people with similar interests.  From this blog I hope to make connections and gain a better understanding about things that I have surrounded myself with.

Creating an Image

My Plans

What to Expect from my Wineries in Michigan Blog

As a born-and-raised Michigander, I take much pride in all that our beautiful state has to offer. For this reason, I chose “Wineries in Michigan” as my blog topic. It is an industry that relatively few other states can claim to excel in, and the wine industry fascinates me.

A Presentation of the Search Engine Optimized Blog Site - ADHD, Just Like Me

YOAST WORDPRESS SEO PLUGIN. In order to optimize this blog site I used the Yoast SEO plugin for the blog site's WordPress platform. I began in the "Dashboard" for the SEO plug-in. Under the "Tracking' category I checked the box, in order to allow WordPress to keep tabs on the goings-on of the plugin. This will help the plugin run more efficiently.

The Key to SEO

 Search Engine Optimization 

The importance of keywords and phrases

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) incorporated by making use of keywords and phrases within the content one is publishing on a blog, became more important in recent time

Building a blog for myself that others will love

I am actually pretty excited for my blog! I decided to do my blog on something I find to be personal and beneficial to myself, however at the same time I know it could be beneficial to others as well. I’ve titled my blog “Inhale. Exhale. Yoga”. In it I plan to implement all things to know for beginners practicing yoga. I am a beginner at yoga, so it’s going to be a journey for myself as well, and I’m glad that I’ll have this blog to be able to document it.

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