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So! I am so super excited about my blog, “Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Mommy!” ! If you haven’t already noticed, I have previously been enrolled in this class. The last time I made a blog, it was about my upcoming experiences as a pregnant expecting mother. Well, during that time, I became extremely ill and had to take a break from school and everything else in my life to make sure I was able to get my baby here safely. Fortunately, that was a success.

What the Hale?

Photo shoot

Photo by Troy Hale


Run Ronnie Run (sometimes)

The Best Blog I Ever Read

As you do your own blog I encourage you to read other blogs. They will inspire you. So in this post I ask you, what is the best blog you've ever read? Please link to it in the comments.

Mine would be Seth Godin's Blog.

What's yours?

The Hobbyist: Indulging in the Hobbies of Those Around Me

Graduation Day

So this is the last blog post for the Spring 2014 #NMDL class. I call it Graduation Day, because I'm wondering if any of you have decided to go into a career in digital when you graduate. Shoot, these days you don't have much of a choice, it's all turning to digital.

So when you graduate, what do you plan to do? Where do you want to work (city/state)? And what type of agency or client side?

As I told you when I graduated I wanted to be a copywriter and do television commercials at a top agency. Oh, does anyone plan to go to Portfolio School?

Gender Wars and Social Inequality

If you’re anything but a straight, white person, filling out Web forms that ask for personal information can give one pause. If you’re Cuban-American, you may have to decide whether or not you should fill out Black or Hispanic as the forms rarely allow for both. And what if you’re mixed race?

3 Ways to get Traffic to Your Blog: SEO Optimization

How to get Optimized

There are many ways that you can gain more traffic to your blog, to make it become the popular place to be. Here I am going to share with you 3 of the ways that I have recently learned how to Optimize my blog post site Sports Insider and the ways that I went about doing so.

Freeway to my Blog Post!

SEOAs a layman to SEO, my first questions were what is SEO, how does it work and what am I supposed to do. So in order to answer these questions I read and tried understanding as much as I could.

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