Universal tips for both individual and business bloggers

As an effective platform for expressing your voice and building your online images, blog is a huge treasure for both individual and business bloggers. Even though their purposes for blogging might vary, there are still some practical tips in common.

First, pick the most suitable, not the most popular, platform. (G. Page# 53 Why Fashion's Top Brands Are Flocking to Tumblr)

Assignment 2

The assigned chapters this week gave me a lot of good insight on blogging and connected me to numerous resources. I have always wanted to start a blog to in order to connect with other people who share my passions and showcase my writing, but I have lacked the motivation and discipline to keep it up. I hope this class will force me to overcome that and become a regular blogger.

Why Blogging is Still Around

Best Blog?

As you build your own blog and become a blogger it's important to look for inspiration. I am a big believer that its very OK to imitate before you innovate. And in order to do that you need some great blogs to ready and understand how they succeed.

Commenting on Blogs to Increase Your Traffic

Commenting on Blogs

Spring Essential Contest

Making Sure My Blog Gets Noticed!

What I Learned About SEO

Blog Optimization: What can you do?

While optimizing my blog I found the whole process to be somewhat confusing. Eventually I stepped into it though and began to really get a feel for what is necessary in order for a blog post to be successful.

What Needs to be Done?

The 4 Big Tactics I Used To Optimize My Blog


Everything is connected; Blog and SEO


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