How to make your new blog stand against the rest

It seems that today, there is a new blog popping up every 5 seconds. And that the author of that blog believes theirs is the next big hit, and that their topics are semi-precious and more valuable than the rest. With so many blogs available on the internet, there are a few key reasons why some stand above the rest. According to's article on the 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging, there are many reasons to why the numerous blogs out there fail agains the test of time, and others shine.

Stepping Stones for my Blog

I didn't realize how much work was actually in a blog until I sat down and started messing with mine the other day.  It probably doesn't help that I have a mild form of self-diagnosed OCD.  The amount of times I changed my header image and the background image is absurd.  I can't even begin to describe how long it took me to come up with a title for it as well.

Attention: New Blogger Present

Becoming a better blogger

Blogging is going to be tough. I do not use social media to express my opinions. I don’t tweet, and I don’t post Facebook statuses. Reading through the assigned readings made me realize that promoting myself through blogging can be a good asset for my future career.

Never using social media obviously means I have no idea how to use a blog, so the readings were very helpful. Some of my favorite help was from page 44, “Becoming a better blogger” in the book Google this.

Starting a Blog that People Want To Actually Read

You've graduated, now what?

Coming to terms with blogs

I recall the early years of information sharing on the Internet.  Many teachers did not accept online resources as reliable sources of information for school work since little was known about who was sharing the information.  The only validated sources of information were found at web addresses ending in .org, .edu and .gov.  So when blogs gained popularity, I was skeptical of its legitimacy.  Even as David Merriman Scott states in his most recent edition of “The New

The Start of Something New: Blogging

I've never had a blog before, so everything I've read in the Google This book is all-new to me. I love all of the different ways of customization that can be done with blogs to make it totally you. I'm excited to put all of my newly learned skills together and entertain and inspire people with my posts. Who knows, I may have found a new hobby. 

Universal tips for both individual and business bloggers

As an effective platform for expressing your voice and building your online images, blog is a huge treasure for both individual and business bloggers. Even though their purposes for blogging might vary, there are still some practical tips in common.

First, pick the most suitable, not the most popular, platform. (G. Page# 53 Why Fashion's Top Brands Are Flocking to Tumblr)

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