Commenting on Blogs to Increase Your Traffic

Commenting on Blogs

Spring Essential Contest

Making Sure My Blog Gets Noticed!

What I Learned About SEO

Blog Optimization: What can you do?

While optimizing my blog I found the whole process to be somewhat confusing. Eventually I stepped into it though and began to really get a feel for what is necessary in order for a blog post to be successful.

What Needs to be Done?

The 4 Big Tactics I Used To Optimize My Blog


Everything is connected; Blog and SEO


What it Takes to Get a Blog From Ideas to the Internet

Blog with comments 

Blogging in Today's Day and Age

What exactly is a blog?

Well to put it simply a blog is a form of communication done over the internet. Individuals can set up their blogs and write about a topic that they feel particularly passionate about. As David Meerman Scott points out in his book The New Rules of Marketing and PR, blogging is a crucial tool for small businesses as well as large ones when seeking out viable marketing options.

How to effectively use and optimize a blog


Uses of a Blog

      A weblog, or blog for short, is a very ideal channel for conducting a public conversation and expressing your opinion on a specific topic of your choosing. Creating a blog provides an outlet for users to express their opinions and provide insight on anything they may be passionate about.

Blogging About My Blog on the Class Blog

During the course of the week I learned the value of creating a blog and the benefits it can have if done correctly. Blogging is all about creating a successful online brand image behind your name. Having a strong presence online helps others get a better idea of the person you are and the areas in which you have expertise.

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