The Creation of Pins & Grins

Blogging has never been out of the question for me. Having seen numerous blogs, the fact that the topic of the content shared is essentially limitless kept my interest. Ultimately I've never been able to find a topic worth writing about, until now. I am clearly still trying to learn the ropes of it but the resource Blogging Tips: Creating Valuable Content (found on page 58) made me evaluate what exactly needs to be applied when forming the overall purpose of a blog.

Power bloggers have in common



Why Aren't You Blogging Yet?

If you haven’t figured it out just yet, the importance of blogging, especially in public relations, is key. In order to really understand the business it’s important to explore all forms of media. Between web design and blogging, the Internet is a PR’s oyster. It allows a potential client or business to pinpoint and decipher what they’re looking for. It also gives the blogger/web designer a chance to expose exactly what they want.

Advertising Strategy for Vogue e-book edition, new paradigm

Live Nation - Full Digital Strategy

The company I chose is Live Nation. With the slogan “One Nation Under Music”, this company’s main focus is helping people find tickets to events ranging from comedy and sporting events to concerts of all genres for all ages.

A Pinterest Hater Makes a Pinterest Board

I'm going to be honest here: I am a former hater of Pinterest.

Optimizing my Snowboarding Blog

To optimize my blog, I first created a Google Analytics account. I liked this up with my WordPress blog. I also created a Squidoo account. At first, I had no idea how Squidoo worked. After messing around with the site for a while, I felt confident enough to create a lens. I made a lens about the top 5 women's snowboards of 2013 that I would most like to try out. I made sure that my title was optimized by using the phrase "women's snowboards" and the year 2013 for people searching for the most curren gear. In my introduction I also repeated my title keywords in singular and plural forms.

Let's Get Optimized

After commuting back and forth from State this semester, winter driving has been a huge discussion topic in my household. It just so happens that we also got a crazy amount of Lake Effect Snow this weekend, which worked perfectly for photographing pictures for my blog! Like the one below I took this morning.

Watkins Rd. Battle Creek, Mi

Search Engines Optimization for Dummies

I am still relatively new to the world of blogging, and there’s a lot to learn. The next item on my plate is learning about search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

Millennials Can Use SEO to Reach Millennials

There are only so many times you can be told that SEO is the key to success… but I experienced it first-hand tonight. I’ve been working on optimizing my blog since last week (picking out keywords such as "millennial" and "generation y" through the Google Keyword tool I mentioned in my blog post/assignment last week); I wanted to pick a topic that I could actually write about.

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