SEO and Detroit Food Squidoo

When I sat down to do this assignment, I was very confused. I came to it a few different times hoping I would be able to understand it more clearly with a clear head. With that being said, I did a lot of Googling and researching on my own about SEO. I did use the assigned readings and videos as a reference, but I learned a lot on my own.

My Struggles with Optimization

Don't Let Your Blog Be A Mystery Spot

SEO What?

The Mystery Spot

What We Do for Love

Two screens. Apple computer, Dell computer, Ipad, Iphone, scores of readings, hours of looking for code that maybe I wasn't going to find. Writing hundreds of words. Choosing between them. Headlines? The Wall Street Journal once told me I was a fine writer but my heds ... hmmm ... perhaps why I didn't go to the Asian WSJ offices. Pictures. Now hold still everybody. Where is that stack of old photos? In the closet? They'll fall on me.

Blasting my Blog with SEO

I have learned one important thing about search engine optimization from this week and I can sum it up in two words: Google It!!! The biggest way to find out if you are using SEO correctly and that it is working is to google your blog/website/post to see where it ranks. I googled my blog after I made it and couldn't even find it in the first 10 pages. Now, it is on the third page! Probably not the greatest achievement ever but I feel pretty proud and am excited to continue seeing how much higher it can climb as I continue optimizing. 

Success and Failure: To Be or Not to Be

To take a risk or not? That was the question. In the beginning.

What to blog about was really the question. And after reading and reading, I had decided to write a blog that would include all the information I needed for a whoopee final project -- writing a communications plan for my office.

I attended a seminar. I made notes. I created a folder, Printed documents and hinted about a wonderful project to my boss.

Blogging: How to benefit your Business

At the start of this class I had never posted a blog in my life. I did not really understand what blogging was and I did not know that it could help business succeed. My understanding of blogs was that a blog is something a single person will post when they want to talk about a topic that had to do with their life. I thought it was an open online diary that everyone could look at and comment on.

Blogging is Like Sushi

Reading is involved in the ordering process of sushi and is also necessary for blogging, but that's not what I'm talking about. After reading countless blogging tips and scanning several 'how-to' websites, I've come to the conclusion that starting a blog and keeping it 'fresh' is similar to trying sushi for the first time and keeping the love for the delicasy alive.

Professional Blogger in the Making

At the beginning of this week, I was completely unaware of the potential of creativity that comes with blogging. It is, in a sense, similar to writing, but you can do SO much more with a single blog post. You can give millions of people access to your thoughts just by hitting the "publish" button.

I have always envied people who have aesthetically pleasing, successful blogs.

Blog doesn't die, it still keeps possibility.

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