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Best Ways to Write for the Web

Blogging Smarter by Using SEO Tools

Ways To Make Your Blog More Successful

Blogging for the Beginning Beginner.

Before I get into what I learned from one of the resources in the book, I have to share the experience I just had with trying to use SEO. It really isn't all that exciting but it is worth sharing for others to learn from. I had posted two videos to a new Youtube channel I started for my cheerleading gym. I tagged "pride123" to the videos hoping that this tag would be unique enough and help with SEO. Well, come to find out when you search Google for "pride123" it is actually a business about drug and safety education based in the UK.

Useful Tips for Building a Valuable Content

This article introduced the 7 important factors to keep in mind for bloggers to build valuable content. It can connect to the resource I shared this week, 5 ways to keep your followers. By referring to these two articles, we sure will build our blog or social media platforms pretty well.

Being the Best Blogger You Can Be

Person Blogging

iPhone 5 Digital Strategy Presentation

My client is Apple and I will be doing my presentation on a digital strategy for the Apple iPhone 5.

Slide 1: Introdue the product


Slide 2: Target Audience

Pinterest or Bust

This week's assignment was actually pretty fun, as well as useful. I haven't previously been a member of the Pinterest community, so it was interesting to learn more about it. I had previously assumed that Pinterest was more for the "Wedding/Fitness/Crafting" types, and figured that I could spend my time in other ways. However, I learned that there are actually some pretty cool things associated with Pinterest, not to mention the marketing ability of the site. 

SEO: Optimization of My Customer Service Blog

For this week's focus on search engine optimization, as per the assignment I chose five keywords that I wanted my blog to be associated with, and did my best to optimize for them.  The five keyword phrases I chose were customer service, buisness to consumer relationships, interaction, public relations, and brand loyalty.  I not only added relevant tags to all of my previous blog posts, but also added internal links on my latest post, redirecting readers to related posts also found on my blog, as

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