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Developing my blog and sharing it with friends

Promote Your Blog (Chris Tatti)

After going through the suggested readings in “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” the topic of “Blogging Basics” grabbed my attention. I started reading about better ways to engage my audience, share my blog and attract new readers. I followed some of those guidelines by having readers be able to share my articles with others on sites such as twitter, facebook, pintrest to name a few, using the “like”, “share”, and “tweet about” features. I also sent some of my blog posts into and to try and acquire inbound links.

Promote From Within

This week I learned about promoting blogs.  I was surprised to learn that there is more to getting an audience than just writing and waiting for people to come.  There are many tested and proven strategies for attracting a high volume of traffic and keeping it.


Blog Pimping

Promoting your blog can take you down many avenues given the amount of available recommendations, plug-ins and other bells and whistles you can incorporate into your website to promote your blog.  It’s not that I am an in-decisive person but I do want to think about how I want to go about branding the blog in the long run and not just hitting a checklist for an assignment.  Perhaps not so surprising since I started out as a journalism major a lifetime ago, I am really enjoying the writing portion of the blog.  The topics are subjects I am familiar with and passionate a

Blog Focus and Promotion

My blog has really gone through some changes this past week!  I gave it an updated look, added more posts, changed up the widgets and invited a guest blogger.  In this week's David Meerman Scott's reading, I wanted to focus on the Blogging Ethics Guidelines he writes about on pages 240-241.  Now that I am part of this blogging community, I want to contribute the right way.  So "transparency, privacy, disclosure, truthfulness and credit" are now top of mind every time I create a new post and comment on other blogs.  

The Four Uses of Blogs for Marketing and PR

In this weeks reading, there was one section that really stuck out to me. It began with the four different ways to use blogging to improve your marketing and public relations. The four ways that Scott identifies to use blogs are:

Interaction is Key

Any Questions, Comments or Concerns?

Rise to the Top Through Blogs

Key Blogging Tips At Your Disposal

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