iPhone 5 Digital Strategy Presentation

My client is Apple and I will be doing my presentation on a digital strategy for the Apple iPhone 5.

Slide 1: Introdue the product


Slide 2: Target Audience

Pinterest or Bust

This week's assignment was actually pretty fun, as well as useful. I haven't previously been a member of the Pinterest community, so it was interesting to learn more about it. I had previously assumed that Pinterest was more for the "Wedding/Fitness/Crafting" types, and figured that I could spend my time in other ways. However, I learned that there are actually some pretty cool things associated with Pinterest, not to mention the marketing ability of the site. 

SEO: Optimization of My Customer Service Blog

For this week's focus on search engine optimization, as per the assignment I chose five keywords that I wanted my blog to be associated with, and did my best to optimize for them.  The five keyword phrases I chose were customer service, buisness to consumer relationships, interaction, public relations, and brand loyalty.  I not only added relevant tags to all of my previous blog posts, but also added internal links on my latest post, redirecting readers to related posts also found on my blog, as

Metrics Measure Performance, SEO Dictates Performance

Over two weeks ago, when I developed a social media strategy for my blog, I forecasted the reach of my social media influence. However, my original goals have not been met. Fortunately, search engine optimization, along with Google Analytics and Adwords, are some tools that I can use to drive more engaged readers to my blog. Although I haven’t had many people visit my blog (based off of date from Google Analytics) I can use key metrics to target the right segments and increase traffic to my site:

Learning How to Optimize Myself

Ways to Optimize

For this week’s assignment I had to optimize myself and my blog. One way in which I did this was by creating a Hub Page. A Hub is a way I can share my knowledge about a topic that will hopefully create traffic towards my own blog. I wrote about a topic that relates to my blog and then added a link that would connect readers with my site.

Social Media Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Phrases

SEO is the process of choosing targeted keyword phrases related to a site, and ensuring that the site places well when those keyword phrases are part of a Web search. I have optimized myself and my blog by choosing 5 unique keywords that I want my blog to be associated with. I used the Google keyword search tool to make sure the words I chose were not already highly competitive.

SEO - Make It Easy With Smart Planning

Search Engine Optimization is a vital and necessary tool to get your website recognized by the right person at the right time.  As I read David Meerman Scott this week, he reiterated in Chapter 22 that you need "to focus on building great content for your buyers".  So keywords or phrases AND content will help you to achieve optimal results for your searches.  The key phrases I chose to build my site around are: healthy lifestyle tips, benefits of healthy living, smart choices for your body, moderation and planning and low-fat recipes.

Blog optimization for better SEO


Blog Promotion | Narrowcast and Broadcast Approaches

I took two main approaches promoting to my blog this week: broadcast, and narrowcast. Through my broadcast approach, I could potentially reach 1,400 people through my Facebook and Twitter profiles. I say “potentially,” because it is unlikely that all of my followers and friends will actually see this post, and it is even more unlikely that these people will take the time to visit my blog. I plan on checking the Google Analytics in the next couple of days to determine if people came to my site via these links.


Tips on Improving My Newly Created Blog

Tips & Tricks for a Good Blog

I found this week’s reading very helpful by suggesting ways to improve my blog. One of the tips that I utilized this week had to do with internal links. In my first blog post, I didn’t use any internal links, so this helped spark the idea I should put them in my post.

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