Professional social media development by using Klout

Klout Score

Klout is something that was very new to me before taking this course. I understand the Klout is used to measure your social media usage with a Klout score. The Klout score helps you gage how you can improve in areas of social media based on which sites you use. When I first logged into Klout I had a Score of 10. After a few days and increased activity on my social media accounts my Klout score has raised to 51.

Achieving Successful PR Through Social Media

Save The Red Cedar DucksDuck flying

My page acts to preserve the Red Cedar River's health, by explaining the damages that result from feeding the wild Ducks living along the river's banks. The Red Cedar river Ducks are suffering, because of passing students' tendancy to feed them year round.

Buzzfeed, Upworthy? Falling down the social media rabbit hole....

You see them. You click on them. You are hooked on Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Huffpost and more. But why? Are these sensationalist stories really worth reading? How far do you follow the clicks down the rabbit hole to more content?

These sites are posting original content, but is it worth your time? If you follow the money trail it's there and Buzzfeed for one is a large partner with Facebook. 

Facebook purchases WhatsApp for $19 Billion Dollars

The latest of Facebook's acquisitions is a mobile messaging company called WhatsApp. Earlier today, Facebook announced they had purchased WhatsApp for $19 BILLION dollars. $4 billion of the acquision to be paid in cash, $12 billion in stock options and $3 billion in RSUs for employee retention. This is the the most costly known acquisition Facebook has made, Instagram being the previous title holder which sold in 2012 for a measly one billion dollars.

Social media and politics

Today is the tenth anniversary of Facebook.

Hard to believe, right? I have a hard time remembering not being on Facebook - despite joining in 2005 (Kalamazoo College, the school I attended at the time, received access later than U-M or MSU).

Facebook Page poverty & Hunger

Facebook Pages - A Great Way to Organize Your Public Relations

Focusing on issues around us

I've made a Facebook page about one issue that may need concern in MSU. The name of this Facebook page is "MSU Needs More Brody Buses." Brody complex now is not just a residents neighborhood with cafeteria, it also has classrooms! In my last semester I had two classes at Brody and it took me a really long time to catch a route 31 Brody bus, while other buses were so many and easy to wait.

Professors- Friends or Enemies?

Summer School is Better at MSU

Ever wondered what it would be like to go to school during a different part of the year?  What if instead of spending more than half of our college career in the freezing cold and snow filled walks to class, we went to class when the weather was warm and got to enjoy the beauty of this campus much more than we did now.

Roommate Protective Services Initiative

Roommate Protective Services Initiative 


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