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The Facebook persona for Michigan Supports Creative Writing, is encouraging, light hearted and ultimately positive/happy in nature. The responses I will come up with for this page will promote positivity, even in the face of a negative comment. My persona will not apologize unless there is some kind of technical error with the page (e.g. broken link etc.) but instead offer something relative to the commenter by way of encouragement or an example of proof against or for their opinion and how it relates back to creative writing.

Go Green, Go White, Go Paperless!

I created my Facebook page on going paperless with billing and advertisements.  When managing a Facebook page, I think it is very important to always interact with the fans on their posts on the page and their comments on the posts, whether they are positive or negative.

Social Media: A Fad That's Stinkin Around

Defining Yourself through your Online Presence

The importance of social media campaigns./ Facebook- "Everyone's Friend"

Becoming a Confident Social Media Rookie

Facebook Fan Page Tips

Facebook is a website I feel extremely comfortable navigating, but only for my personal page.  Recently I have become a campus representative for an iOS and Android app, and part of my duty is to increase our likes on Facebook.  I read the “Enhance your Facebook Fan Page with 11 Quick T

How much different will our social media sites be just a year from now?

I love me a good old-fashioned competition. So naturally I really enjoyed this week when I started to read and learn more about the rivalry between Facebook and Google. Facebook Pacman

Ms. JK Rowling, you have had quite the success.


Dear JK,

Please do not forget that I do not want a lawsuit. I am only joking, think of it as a parody. Let's face it, even you know that Harry Potter is 12.29x better than Twilight.

Most Sincerely,

Lowering The Cost Of Living In East Lansing

The cost of living in East Lansing is becoming more and more expensive each and every year.  This is extremely frustrating for a college student who is already pilling up debt from tuition and books each year.  It is getting to the point where were paying more for a month then my parents are at their place.  The landlords can drive up the price because there is one major company who owns 80 percent of the housing and apartments around the city.  It is easy for them to control the market without any real competition. 


Why tips may not always be enough to support those in service industry

The cause of issue that I chose to address was the low wage given to waitresses and bartenders before tips. Many believe that they don’t necessarily deserve to have a higher minimum wage, or need one, but there are many issues that can arise from this low sum of money.


Response to positive comments:

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