Social media and politics

Today is the tenth anniversary of Facebook.

Hard to believe, right? I have a hard time remembering not being on Facebook - despite joining in 2005 (Kalamazoo College, the school I attended at the time, received access later than U-M or MSU).

Facebook Page poverty & Hunger

Facebook Pages - A Great Way to Organize Your Public Relations

Focusing on issues around us

I've made a Facebook page about one issue that may need concern in MSU. The name of this Facebook page is "MSU Needs More Brody Buses." Brody complex now is not just a residents neighborhood with cafeteria, it also has classrooms! In my last semester I had two classes at Brody and it took me a really long time to catch a route 31 Brody bus, while other buses were so many and easy to wait.

Professors- Friends or Enemies?

Summer School is Better at MSU

Ever wondered what it would be like to go to school during a different part of the year?  What if instead of spending more than half of our college career in the freezing cold and snow filled walks to class, we went to class when the weather was warm and got to enjoy the beauty of this campus much more than we did now.

Roommate Protective Services Initiative

Roommate Protective Services Initiative 


Facebook Page Promotion

The Facebook persona for Michigan Supports Creative Writing, is encouraging, light hearted and ultimately positive/happy in nature. The responses I will come up with for this page will promote positivity, even in the face of a negative comment. My persona will not apologize unless there is some kind of technical error with the page (e.g. broken link etc.) but instead offer something relative to the commenter by way of encouragement or an example of proof against or for their opinion and how it relates back to creative writing.

Go Green, Go White, Go Paperless!

I created my Facebook page on going paperless with billing and advertisements.  When managing a Facebook page, I think it is very important to always interact with the fans on their posts on the page and their comments on the posts, whether they are positive or negative.

Social Media: A Fad That's Stinkin Around

Defining Yourself through your Online Presence

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