Coca Cola a Worldwide Brand

Written By: Sarah Hinsberg

The brand I chose to monitor was Coca Cola. I chose this brand because I am a follower of the brand on both Facebook and Twitter and recent tweets and posts had been popping up on my radar for the past week. Coca Cola had multiple ads during the Super Bowl Sunday and is also making a significant effort to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club.

Making Connections by Building Bridges

Written By: Jacob Isaac

      Fifteen years ago the concept of Social Media was non existent. Today it is a whole universe.  We use social media for communicating and building relationships.  But how can social media communicate and build relationships in the business/professional world?



My Starbucks idea.

Written By: Alexandra Fussman


Social Media is All the Rave

Written By: Jessie Murninghan

1. Gmail:

2. Yahoo:

3. Reach 75% so far on Linkedin

4. Following 55 people with 26 followers on Twitter

5. Created an account with Stumbleupon, Propeller and Digg

Experience of Twitter with Celebrities

Written By: Cierra Crawford

LinkedIn & Delicious - Essential Tools

Written By: Andrew Mann

New York Times Case Study on Successful Use of Social Media

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