Ms. JK Rowling, you have had quite the success.


Dear JK,

Please do not forget that I do not want a lawsuit. I am only joking, think of it as a parody. Let's face it, even you know that Harry Potter is 12.29x better than Twilight.

Most Sincerely,

Lowering The Cost Of Living In East Lansing

The cost of living in East Lansing is becoming more and more expensive each and every year.  This is extremely frustrating for a college student who is already pilling up debt from tuition and books each year.  It is getting to the point where were paying more for a month then my parents are at their place.  The landlords can drive up the price because there is one major company who owns 80 percent of the housing and apartments around the city.  It is easy for them to control the market without any real competition. 


Why tips may not always be enough to support those in service industry

The cause of issue that I chose to address was the low wage given to waitresses and bartenders before tips. Many believe that they don’t necessarily deserve to have a higher minimum wage, or need one, but there are many issues that can arise from this low sum of money.


Response to positive comments:

Free Parking on MSU Campus

msuparkingParking rates on Michigan State's campus are absolutely ridiculous and that is why I chose for my cause to be on making spots available for students on campus.

Pure Michigan Construction

Too much construction in Michigan!!

    While creating a facebook page for a specific cause, I thought about issues that I deal with daily.  Summer is a time of relaxing and fun for some but others have work and summer classes.  On my way to most of my activities throughout the summer, I find myself sittin

Energize Detroit's Intriguing Facebook Campaign!

My Cause

Opportunity Detroit is a group founded by online mortgage lending company, Quicken Loans that promotes the growing opportunity and positive changes taking place in downtown Detroit. They’re creating a movement to restore the contagious energy that was once found in Detroit several decades ago. Opportunity Detroit inspired my fictitious cause, Energize Detroit.


Michigan Needs More Bike Lanes Facebook Page

I initially struggled with a cause of issue that was not only original but worth promoting through my personal Facebook page. Brainstorming seemed to get me nowhere until I realized a recent issue that I had come across. My fiance and I recently purchased bikes in hopes of not only having a more active alternative to walking but also to travel more throughout my Lansing neighborhood. In some areas we have encountered it is less then safe to say the least. This is primarily due to a lack of bike lanes in some areas. We have noticed this on other main, paved roads in Michigan.

Cleaning Up Our Great Lakes

Social Media: Exposing Users by a Click of a Button

 In today’s society, job interviews, advertisements, and even dating have a whole new meaning. Instead of a firm handshake to a potential employer, an announcement in the paper, or a simple sit down dinner, social media has allowed every single one of these traditional tactics to be disregarded by just a click of a button. The Internet has allowed civilization to expose each other one by one by just typing in a name. Some believe this to be beneficial, while others may argue it’s a violation of privacy. That’s for you to decide.

New Media, When Does Integration Go Too Far?

If you are like many savvy individuals, a few major companies make up a large portion of your "connected" life. You search on Google, check email on GMail and call people on your Android based phone. Your "virtual" socializing happens on Facebook, you purchase music through iTunes and download moves through AppleTV. All because the latest business trend isn't settling for domination of a particular market, but expansion through as many markets as possible.

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