Jonathan Black - Smart Biking: Bikes Need Lights Too

Feel Fit for Free!

I think most MSU students would be for working out on campus for free, since it is really expensive to buy a gym or fitness membership as a student and we students have many other expenses they have to pay for like school, books and housing. For those who post positive comments I will defiantly respond, saying thank you for their support!

Love for Lansing's Pit Bulls Facebook page

Riley I created the Facebook page Love for Lansing’s Pit Bulls. The page is a way for Lansing locals to connect with each other and organizations to help put an end to dog fighting in our area and the rest of the country.

Parking in East Lansing is Stressful

Digital PR for "Spartans for Free Gym Passes"

Create a Facebook Page to Promote Small Local Business

Facebook page screen shootingI'm on an internship for Spartan Innovation Center. One of their small business is selling customized accessories such as controller or cases. Recently, I'm in charage of its branch --  cases promotion. So I started a Facebook page in recent days and invited my friends on Facebook.

End Sexual Violence at MSU

I created a Facebook page for the “End Sexual Violence at MSU” cause. I choose this topic because it is vital for Michigan State’s student population to first be informed about the overall probably that all universities are having regarding sexual violence then specifically what is going on here on our campus. Recently, a young girl was harassed in her dorm, which is what initially sparked my interest in starting up a page about this cause.

Are you sure you want to send this?

Now that we are further along in the semester I know more about social media and because of my new job offer as social media coordinator for a fair trade shop in downtown East Lansing, I have added to and revised most of this first homework post.  


Facebook Graph Search: What do you think?

One of the exciting – and sometimes frustrating – things about working in digital media is keeping up with constant change.

Last week, Facebook unveiled its Graph Search feature, which will allow users to search (in natural language - not weird jargon) for answers to questions about what their friends and other Facebook users like.

Facebook Mishaps Won't Fly in the 'Real World'

Student uses cell phone for social media while at the bar

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