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Now that we are further along in the semester I know more about social media and because of my new job offer as social media coordinator for a fair trade shop in downtown East Lansing, I have added to and revised most of this first homework post.  


Facebook Graph Search: What do you think?

One of the exciting – and sometimes frustrating – things about working in digital media is keeping up with constant change.

Last week, Facebook unveiled its Graph Search feature, which will allow users to search (in natural language - not weird jargon) for answers to questions about what their friends and other Facebook users like.

Facebook Mishaps Won't Fly in the 'Real World'

Student uses cell phone for social media while at the bar

Don't Be a Facebook Felon

Don’t be a Facebook FelonFacebook in Prison

With social media on the rise your personal brand is public for all to see. Recently it has become normal protocol for employers to require social media information from potential employees. When postings, commenting, tweeting, and blogging remember who might see it and how It may be perceived. 

Is Facebook Better for Business?

In today’s world, a Facebook page is a great tool to increase awareness of your business! No, Facebook is not just for sifting through your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s photos, sharing funny cat videos or telling all your friends where you’re at for lunch.  There are so many benefits to having a Facebook page to promote a business’s goods or services!  I discovered this resource on page 86 of the NMDL book, under how business exploits Facebook’s potential.  I thought It was an interesting find.  It is titled 32 Ways to use Facebook for Business.  While some of these tips are pretty obvious I sorted out the ones that I really liked and elaborated on them.

Equal Pay for Women

In June 1972, Title XI was passed through legislation, which states “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance”. Also in the mid 1900s, the the Fourteenth Amendment ended discrimination against race.

Get a Bigger Fitness Center for IM East!

           For my assignment I created a Facebook page to “Get a Bigger Fitness Center for IM East.” This is obviously a ficticious cause, although it wouldn’t be a bad idea since IM East’s fitness center is very small in comparison to IM West’s fitness center<

Sparty For President

The Campaign

Digital Public Relations: Create a Facebook Page

Facebook Campaign

I helped create and manage a facebook page for a Trustee running for re-election here at Michigan State University.  The purpose of the page was to gain supporters for the November 6th election.  I would make daily posts, informing followers of issues the candidate supported.  I also uploaded many photos of the candidate working hard on the campaign trail.  The idea is to gather up as many supporters as possible wh

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