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            Working for Michigan State’s University Activities Board is one of the best opportunities I’ve had since becoming a Spartan. However, creating late night and weekend events for the student body can be daunting, but not as challenging as reaching them. Our target market is all around us, but marketing to one of the nation’s largest campuses is no easy task.

Best Metrics For FaceBook Page Optimization

Social marketing agencies are constantly on edge to prove value to clients. The lack of immediate conversions is a problem, but a larger issue is how to show that the FaceBook pages for brands are getting traction and actually improving the awareness of the brand. Amy Porterfield has an essay where she points out the three metrics provided by FaceBook Insights that the we all need to pay attention to.

Dreamworks Social Campaign


Kill The Alias & Land A Job!

Twitter Disguise picture

This was my absolute favorite resource so far simply because of its relevancy to my life at this time. It made me realize that if I wish to grow as a professional (as much as I would like to use my social networks to blab about personal information to my “friends” and “followers”) I also have to grow socially in my online profiles.

Best of the Best Facebook Timeline + Pinterest

Class. Take a moment and look at some brand pages on Facebook. Who has done a great job on their Timeline? Then I want you to go look at some brand Pinterest pages, and see who has done the best. If you are so inpsired, share an example on the comments of this post of a brand that you feel does a great job. I am really curious to see what you come up with. BTW, have you tried the Timeline? Do you like it? The new Ingenex Digital Facebook timeline is a work in progress. Like our new photo?

Who is really on Facebook?

The statistics on who uses Facebook are very valuable to companies.  Specific demographics are what makes Facebook's advertising so great; as companies can target the exact audience that they need.  I find it really interesting to note that 70% of Facebook users are outside of the U.S.  I would have assumed a higher percentage of U.S. users however this statistic is a great thing for Facebook and international advertisers.

Integrating and Promoting Blogs

In promoting my blog, I started by creating a Facebook page and a Google+ page for my blog, using the same title as my blog. I then linked the pages to my blog, and filled out their profiles a bit. For a profile picture, I searched through my blog and found an amusing one of a pickle I had ordered from Jimmy John’s that had a face drawn on.

Facebook Filing for IPO

It's called the top of the bubble...or the next phase of the Internet.

Either way - it's a huge step for Facebook (the company) and entire Social Media scene.

Key Points Chapter 4 and 14

14: Social Networking Sites and Marketin

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