Facebook Filing for IPO

It's called the top of the bubble...or the next phase of the Internet.

Either way - it's a huge step for Facebook (the company) and entire Social Media scene.

Key Points Chapter 4 and 14

14: Social Networking Sites and Marketin

139 For Google 1 for Facebook

Google wins according to the New Media Drivers License students from the Fall 2011 class. When I asked which was a more important and powerful company - Google or Facebook, the answer was resounding approval for Google. In fact it was 139 students raising their hands for Google and only one brave soul said Facebook was more powerful. Where do you fall on this issue?

Google vs Facebook

New Site New Semester

We are about to start Fall 2011 semester at MSU and the New Media Drivers License is ready to roll. This fall we expect to have over 150 students in the class. You can see class details for the upcoming class at our ADV 420 Page.

Facebook shifts from personal to business - for me at least

Recently I trimmed my Facebook account from 1900 friends to about 400 friends. I debated closing my Facebook completely, but decided that I like the business functionality of it. This dramatic change has cleaned up my stream. Removed a bunch of noise. And really helped me manage what had become a messy account with too many connections.

Val's Art Diary is genius!

What a fun idea! Val is an artist that is using social media to promote her art. Realizing that this is the new age of online content, she wanted to make something that would be fun and interesting. On youtube she explains her art is funny ways that keeps the viewer interested and on facebook she keeps in touch with her fans by using some of the comments they make in her videos.

Ashley Oleszkowicz Assignment 8:Brand Monitoring

After reading about this week's assignment and what we had to do I was pretty interested because, I have never actually used a tracking website to basically monitor a company. It took me a while to figure out what company or brand I wanted to take my time and focus on, but after sitting and actually thinking long and hard about it I decided on monitoring a company I worked with all through out college for, and that is Mid American Pompon. Many people do not know what pompon is because it is only a northern sport.

Listening and Brand Monitoring Strategy: Silpada Designs

Silpada Designs (photo by Silpada Designs)

Monitoring Silpada Designs

Sterling silver jewelry has become a passion for me ever since I went to my first Silpada Designs home show three years ago. It was a fun girls' night in trying on beautiful jewelry with my friends.

What Happened to the Hand Shake?

Have you ever thought about yourself in the 3rd person? It seems these days as social media tools become ever more integrated into our personal and professional lives, it is a necessary skill to be able to analyze oneself from the 3rd person point of view.  From Facebook profiles to Linkedin accounts, these sites offer people the opportunity to 'profile' themselves personally and professionally. The internet is giving back individuals the control to create the image they want others to perceive about them.

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