Google Glass at MOCAD

Trying on Google Glass

Last week, I had the opportunity to try Google Glass for the first time at the #DetroitThroughGlass event at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. I have to admit: I was blown away. They're much lighter than I expected and I could see them becoming second-nature. So much better than constantly looking at your phone or computer.

#NMDLKLOUT Winners!!

Alright, we had ~ 40 submissions, with average Klout Score of 52.  Great job, everyone.

Wrapping up #NMDLKLOUT competition - Lunch at Google on 11/22

OK, Social Media Mavens!

Time to wrap up our @Klout competition.

Winners (one student with highest overall @Klout score, one student with highest increase in @Klout score since beginning of the class and 3 random winners selected from all competition participants) are invited for private tour and lunch at Google Ann Arbor office - on Friday, 11/22.

To be eligible yo have to tweet your @klout score (and increase) by end of day MONDAY (11/18)... /I extended deadline/

You have to include #NMDLKLOUT and @mlorenc in your tweet.


Good Luck!

Lululemon Campaign

                  An effective strategy for an individual to understand how a Google AdWord campaign works is to create one their self.  To demonstrate, I will walk through a mock process to go about an effective strategy.  For my example I chose the company Lululemon. 

The Palace of the NBA, Home of the Pistons


Blow Your Nose AdWord Campaign


“Pizza! Pizza!” A phrase that has become widely known as the trademark of the now third largest Pizza Chain in the nation, Little Caesars.  After researching this company a little further and discovering Google Adwords, I have discovered some of the keywords that are relevant in the searches produced by consumers.

Progressive Insurance Campaign

The company I have chosen to create a campaign for is Progressive Insurance. Progressive insurance is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the nation with over 10 million policies currently.

Promoting Rick's American Café through Google AdWords

The company I chose to start my Google AdWords campaign for is Rick’s American Café located not only in East Lansing, but Ann Arbor as well. To pick keywords I first researched the companies website to get some inspiration. I avoided one-word keywords because they are too vague for them to hold any relevance if someone is searching for those words. The keywords I chose are as follows:

How I optimized my blog

Optimizing my blog proved to be harder than I initially anticipated, especially considering the content of my blog.  I was determined to figure out the best way to get my blog out there so I began digging through the class resources as well as my textbooks.  The first thing I did was consult the Business Insider article about basic SEO tips.  After reading it, I discovered the importance of keywords.

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