Progressive Insurance Campaign

The company I have chosen to create a campaign for is Progressive Insurance. Progressive insurance is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the nation with over 10 million policies currently.

Promoting Rick's American Café through Google AdWords

The company I chose to start my Google AdWords campaign for is Rick’s American Café located not only in East Lansing, but Ann Arbor as well. To pick keywords I first researched the companies website to get some inspiration. I avoided one-word keywords because they are too vague for them to hold any relevance if someone is searching for those words. The keywords I chose are as follows:

How I optimized my blog

Optimizing my blog proved to be harder than I initially anticipated, especially considering the content of my blog.  I was determined to figure out the best way to get my blog out there so I began digging through the class resources as well as my textbooks.  The first thing I did was consult the Business Insider article about basic SEO tips.  After reading it, I discovered the importance of keywords.

SEO Application

Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or unpaid search results. This is important because research has shown that in general, the earlier and more frequently a site appears in the search results lists, the more the visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. It is a very powerful resource for bloggers and more to use. It allows you to see the direct effect of your blog and how it is helping your blog to get noticed and read by more viewers.

What the heck is Hummingbird... and why does it matter to SEO?

Have you heard of Hummingbird?

I don't mean the "small nectar-feeding tropical bird", but the newest update to Google's Search Algorithm.

You haven't?  

Well, people that do SEO for a living sure have - and some are chirping up a storm about that it means.

How much different will our social media sites be just a year from now?

I love me a good old-fashioned competition. So naturally I really enjoyed this week when I started to read and learn more about the rivalry between Facebook and Google. Facebook Pacman

The Future of Klout in Doubt?

As you know Michal Lorenc has challenged you all to raise your Klout score. It's a good way to engage in this class, and get a free lunch and tour at Google. How cool is that?

Klout Score 100

Content for watches?

Smart watches

If you follow tech news, you've probably seen stories about 2013 being the "year of the smart watch." 

Consider people who want to get more things

Korean air - Excellent in Flight

Global monthly searches: 550,000

 Local monthly searches: 201,000

Little Caesar's Digital Marketing Campaign

The Goal

Little Caesar's should begin to invest more money into digital marketing and advertising. With the more recent advent of online research the company could produce ads that are specifically tailored to individuals who would be more inclined to purchase from this company. The primary objective for this campaign is going to be focused on influencing consumers to buy a product. Awareness is not an issue with large companies like Little Caesar's Pizza so we will cut straight to the chase and focus on increasing sales.

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