campaign for Toyota company

My target user is people who want to buy cars.

my goal is put on the ad that people want more information about the products when they see the ads.

keywords: travel vehicle, hybrid, safe fuel, save environment, family vehicle, safe vehicle, fun vehicle, large space vehicle, brand new vehicle, drive, green vehicle, family trip, long mile, four doors, comfort vehile. nice vehicle.

my max cost par click for keywords is $2.34

my daily budget is $50.00

here is the screen capture of my google adwords:

Live Nation Entertainment

The company I chose to do my Google Adwords on was one of the companies I work for, Live Nation Entertainment. Live Nation Entertainment owns Ticketmaster and is one of the largest concert search engines.




Dell Inspiron Laptop Campaign


To: Dell

Subject: Advertising/Marketing Idea


Intel Google Ad words Campaign

Whole Foods Market - Benefits of Organic

I choose Whole Foods Market for my final presentation as I live a healthy lifestyle and I feel that the Whole Foods experience promotes the same values. For my adwords campaign, my main goal is to drive traffic to their website to increase awareness on the benefits of organic foods. Not only do organic foods taste better, but the positive health factors and ability to support local farmers may not be known by the average consumer.

Google stock down 9%!!!!

Google just released its Q3 earnings and the stock price is down 9%.

Find an article online talking about these results, and let us know what you think... 

Does it matter?

Is Google in trouble?

Why is the stock down so much according to analysts?  Is that good or bad in your opinion?

Klout competition

Hi, everyone!

Lots of interest in @Klout competition - that's great!

Here are the rules:

We want you to work on improving your Klout Score throughout the semester.

Two students (active NMDL students) with :

a)  The highest overall Klout Score as of Nov 11th, 2012, or

b)  The highest increase of your Klout Score between beginning of the class and Nov 11, 2012

will be declared winners.


Google Ad Words and IKEA - Reminding Consumers that IKEA is There in Every Walk of Life

Transitions in life are often marked by moving to a new home or upgrading the home you have. Sometimes it's if you're expecting. Other times it's because you just got that promotion and your kitchen is in dire need of fixing. Whatever the reason, our home will never be truly finished, and that's all the fun of it. The Google AdWords campaign is designed with this idea in mind.

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