Lexus of Lansing Google Adwords Campaign: Exceptional Selection and Service in the State of Michigan

Written By: Sara Gardella

 Lexus of Lansing Google AdWords Campaign Brief

 The following is a Google AdWords Campaign outline for Lexus of Lansing, detailing products as well as promotion recommendations in order to introduce a suggested direction for online advertising.


Google Makes Ad Campaigns Easy

Written By: Andrew Mann

Google AdWords

Written By: Samantha Janus

Google is God!

Written By: Margaret Gendernalik

I was blown away with this assignment after I started learning what Google For Advertisers was. I did not even know that google had an entire campaign surrounded by helping their advertisers on their website but also for their users to use beyond

Google Tools - Google Takes over Television and more

Written By: Mike Murphy

Is your company optimizing their online presence?

Written By: Mike Sendek

Search Engine Optimization- How Search is changing

Written By: Casey Miller


Coca Cola a Worldwide Brand

Written By: Sarah Hinsberg

The brand I chose to monitor was Coca Cola. I chose this brand because I am a follower of the brand on both Facebook and Twitter and recent tweets and posts had been popping up on my radar for the past week. Coca Cola had multiple ads during the Super Bowl Sunday and is also making a significant effort to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club.

Social Media is All the Rave

Written By: Jessie Murninghan

1. Gmail:

2. Yahoo:

3. Reach 75% so far on Linkedin

4. Following 55 people with 26 followers on Twitter

5. Created an account with Stumbleupon, Propeller and Digg

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