Google stock down 9%!!!!

Google just released its Q3 earnings and the stock price is down 9%.

Find an article online talking about these results, and let us know what you think... 

Does it matter?

Is Google in trouble?

Why is the stock down so much according to analysts?  Is that good or bad in your opinion?

Klout competition

Hi, everyone!

Lots of interest in @Klout competition - that's great!

Here are the rules:

We want you to work on improving your Klout Score throughout the semester.

Two students (active NMDL students) with :

a)  The highest overall Klout Score as of Nov 11th, 2012, or

b)  The highest increase of your Klout Score between beginning of the class and Nov 11, 2012

will be declared winners.


Google Ad Words and IKEA - Reminding Consumers that IKEA is There in Every Walk of Life

Transitions in life are often marked by moving to a new home or upgrading the home you have. Sometimes it's if you're expecting. Other times it's because you just got that promotion and your kitchen is in dire need of fixing. Whatever the reason, our home will never be truly finished, and that's all the fun of it. The Google AdWords campaign is designed with this idea in mind.

Google AdWords Campaign


The client that I am creating a campaign for is Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret is an American retailer of women's wear, lingerie, and beauty products.


Extend your reach. Google's suggestions for a successful online campaign.

I currently work as a project manager at a Detroit Agency; in this position, I have to be knowledgeable about all types of media - spanning from print and broadcast to digital and social. I'll be completely honest, however, I was not well versed in Google products whatsoever. With a client looking to expand its' digital presence, I decided to use this week to evaluate what Google could do for our client.


My Google Tools

The Many Facets of Google

i googled gogole on my mobile!


Getting Started with SEO

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