Google + Redesign

Have you checked it out yet - new, cleaner interface, lots of #whitespaces, some very cool Hangout features (you have to check out YouTube and Hangout Extras for some cool effects).

This New York Times article does a good job outlining key changes.

Proposal of Shape Magazine Google Adwords Campaign

Client Overview 

My Brief to Lou & Harry

Dear Lou and Harry,

Allow me to preface this memo by saying that I truly enjoy your sports bar and grill.  I have had many great times there, and anticipate many more.  However, I feel that you could do quite a bit to improve your presence on the internet.

First of all, I’d like you to take a look at the image you project online...

Cornering a Piece of the Pie: An AdWords Campaign for Pizza House

Pizza House LogoBackground Information

Oakley Google Adwords Campaign

Dear Mr. Colin Baden,

Perry Marshall is Google Adwords Great

Now that we are on Google Adwords, it's important to mention someone who taught me a lot. His name is Perry Marshall. Take a look at his Google Adwords web site. See what you can learn. He offer some free tutorials, and his book is stellar. Perry also wrote a new book with my friend Tom Meloche on Facebook Advertising. Here is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and really do a deep dive.

Google Goggles?

So the latest rumor in the tech space... - Google is expected to sell "Terminator Glasses" which will stream information, entertainment, maybe even ads in augmented-reality-like fashion.  It must be true - The New York Times and Mashable said so.

Google Tools: Informing Your Digital Strategy

Google Coffee Cup

Exploring Google+: Initial Impressions

I actually received a Google+ invitation this summer in July when I was still in New York working for Weber Shandwick (click here for my Google+ page).  It was actually pretty amazing to see the response to Google rolling out a new social network almost unexpectedly—clients were frantically contacting the agency trying to figure out "what this new Google+ thing was" and how they could get on it (i.e., inquiring about Google+ business pages).

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