Google Tools: How to Improve Your Business With Them

Google Tools

You might have heard about this week's "Michigan Get Your Business Online" events.  The one held in Detroit this Tuesday attracted nearly 1,200 small businesses, Friday's one planned in Kalamazoo for app. 500 attendees filled up in days.  (You can read more about it on Crain's Detroit Business website).

Why such high interest?

Google+, future success or failure from the start?


Magic Kingdom Keyword Monitoring

I chose to use HootSuite and Google Alerts to monitor Magic Kingdom's brand. It took me a while to figure out how to use HootSuite because it seemed counter intuitive to put in my own social media information.

E-Trade Gets an SEO Audit

E-Trade by it's name is pretty self-explanatory, but it's commercials can be somewhat distracting for the actual value of the company. If you're familiar with E-Trade you understand that it is a site that allows you to trade stocks, gives you educational tips on how to trade your stocks, and also provides stock trading tools. But if you watch one of their commercials you may be distracted by the very intelligent babies making you fall of your chair in laughter, like they have for me. Okay, I have to admit that's a bit exaggerated. But... you get the point. Their hilarious ads. 

Key Points - Search Engine Optimization

5 key points about Search Engine Marketing

1. Making the First Page On Google-

What you need to know about SEO

1. David Meerman Scott defines SEO as the art and science of ensuring the words and phrases on your site, blog, and other online content are found by search engines and that, once found, your site is given the highest ranking possible in the natural search results.

2. SEO does not rely on interruption technique- people are looking for information

Personalized Search is the New Search

Personalized search is just the new search. Every search is personalized now, no 2 people see the exact same search results. 

For this reason, many people claim that personalized search is killing SEO as we know it. Not true. While personalized search may cause tracking SEO to become more difficult, personalized SEO actually makes optimization easier. You no longer have to be globally relevant where global relevance is not necessary, only have to be the most relevant for the people doing the queries

139 For Google 1 for Facebook

Google wins according to the New Media Drivers License students from the Fall 2011 class. When I asked which was a more important and powerful company - Google or Facebook, the answer was resounding approval for Google. In fact it was 139 students raising their hands for Google and only one brave soul said Facebook was more powerful. Where do you fall on this issue?

Google vs Facebook

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