YouTube To Release Schedule Channels

Over the past several months YouTube has been purchasing content and hiring production studios to make more content. Supposedly, this new content is YouTube’s way to speed up cord cutting where people increasingly turn online for video content instead of the television. About a dozen channels are said to be in the coming release. Some of these channels already exist such as comedy, drama, food, travel and news. Some new channels will be created.

Google +1 Button To Invade banner Ads

Google announced on Tuesday that the +1 button will begin appearing inside banner ads. If a user wishes to share the ad, unlikely as that seems, then he will be able to +1 the ad and share it with friends. This is exciting for digital marketing agencies because now there is an easy way for friends to digitally recommend ads. The benefit is not only the recommendations but also the ability to share and to accumulate those recommendations so that someone outside the social network of the amused viewer can find it.

Red Bull: Digital Strategy

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How will Google Plus Impact SEO

SEO and SEM are in play when you think of Google+ and how it could impact search results for users. When people +1 an item on Google now, it can show up in your Google+ stream. It can also show up to your friends as a site that you like. What does it all mean?

Will the +1 metric really impact search rankings, or will it simply impact your network? How will Facebook Likes impact search ranking, and will Google even know if you Like a Facebook page since they don't have a close relationship with them?

ELFF SEM Campaign Brief

East Lansing Film Festival SEM Campaign Brief


I. Going Digital

East Lansing Film Festival Google AdWords Proposal

East Lansing Film Festival

Google AdWords Campaign Recommendations


To Whom it May Concern,

The purpose of this brief is to provide the marketers of the East Lansing Film Festival with information about the potential benefits of using online advertising to promote the festival and, more specifically, basic strategies for using Google AdWords to do so.



Google AdWords Campaign for East Lansing Film Festival

Client: East Lansing Film Festival, Susan W. Woods, Director,, 517-333-3333

Project: Google AdWords campaign for the East Lansing Film Festival

Prepared By: Bethany Balks,, 517-555-5555

East Lansing Film Festival

East Lansing Film Festival: The Importance of Online Advertising


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Google AdWords Campaign for East Lansing Film Festival

East Lansing Film Festival

Client: East Lansing Film Festival Board of Directors
210 Abbot Rd, Ste 48, East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 336-5802

Project: Google AdWords Campaign for the 2011 East Lansing Film Festival

SEM Campaign: East Lansing Film Festival

Dear East Lansing Film Festival,
film festival
  • I would like to thank you for choosing myself as the creator of your SEM Campaign (search engine marketing).
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