Dream Agency Dream Job

When you think of the ultimate place you want to work where would it be? What would you be doing?

If you could write the script of the job you get after college, tell me how that goes. Agency, city, job title. What would it be like? And how do you plan to land that dream job? Do you have a plan?

Best Inbound Marketing Agency Approach?

This week we focus on Inbound Marketing for your client brands. It's possible some companies may not spend much time, money or effort on Inbound. 

At Ingenex Digital Marketing we feel companies need to spend around $10K per month in order to move the needle on organic lead generation.

And that's just for strategy, design, content marketin, writing, web CTAs and such. We also manage your paid media and paid social as part of that. 

Then you need to include media costs and Inbound software such as HubSpot. That adds a few more thousand to the mix.  

Pop Culture Roll Call

2017 is gonna be a great year. And IMHO a good year to have some distractions to avoid the news. What is a better distraction than Pop Culture entertainment for that?

So I ask you students, what pop culture do you follow? I'm very curious to hear your favorite band/musician, movie/movies, tv shows, hobbies, anything else?

Get to know your Michigan State University ADV 420 profs

Derek Mehraban

President and founder of Ingenex Digital Marketing. Co-Founder at Fantelope, sports fan engagement and competition platform. MSU Spartan.

Ross Johnson

CEO of 3.7 Designs. Wordpress guru. Father and husband.

Graham Davis

ADV 420 Summertime Edition

Great class today. Thanks to all who participated and made it even better! On this blog post is where your participation begins. Please ask a question that relates to Week one and I will answer it. Good luck and do your best this semester! And enjoy the summer too!

- Derek

Weekly Questions for ADV 420

What do you personally think the most important part of this class is? I know its all important but what do you think is going to be most helpful to us?

Sunny Day Answers to Digital Marketing Questions

Q. Regarding the Big Idea in the full Digital Strategy, should everything ultimately relate back to that Big Idea and incorporate the Big Idea? Or are some concepts allowed to not relate completely to the Big Idea?


Five Tips to Delight Your Customers

Delighting customers is integral to the inbound methodology but is often over-looked. Customers can become free promoters and brand ambassadors when they are treated right. Here are 6 tips for truly delighting your customers:

  1. Personalize it: Give customers an opportunity to share information about themselves, maybe by filling out a form, and then use that information to enhance their experience! When you send out emails be sure to use the information you have to make them as personal as possible.

Editor - job for the future?

Seth Godin

In a recent post Seth Godin was interviewed and talked about how it's more important to have editors than brand managers. What a concept. This fits in well with the content and inbound marketing approach. And brands have to tell stories to engage their audience and essentially make sales.

Top Super Bowl Commercials 2015

This Sunday is the Super Bowl. Get your snacks ready and your game on for a fun time watching football and some amazing commercials. As you know, Super Bowl spots cost $4 Million and you have to wonder if they are effective and worth the money.

So this week let's talk about the best super bowl commercials. So you're assignment, should you choose to take it. Watch the Super Bowl. Tweet out commercials you like the best using the #NMDL tag.

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