Editor - job for the future?

Seth Godin

In a recent post Seth Godin was interviewed and talked about how it's more important to have editors than brand managers. What a concept. This fits in well with the content and inbound marketing approach. And brands have to tell stories to engage their audience and essentially make sales.

Top Super Bowl Commercials 2015

This Sunday is the Super Bowl. Get your snacks ready and your game on for a fun time watching football and some amazing commercials. As you know, Super Bowl spots cost $4 Million and you have to wonder if they are effective and worth the money.

So this week let's talk about the best super bowl commercials. So you're assignment, should you choose to take it. Watch the Super Bowl. Tweet out commercials you like the best using the #NMDL tag.

A few good men, and women

Graham Davis just posted on finding a job, and I can tell you that an internshp goes a long way in making that happen.

This winter/spring semester Ingenex Digital Marketing is looking for a few star interns. If you are good at social media, enjoy writing blog posts, or simply want to take a deeper dive into graphic design, analytics, web design, or content marketing then an Ingenex Internshp may do you well.

Time to learn something

OK - we are in the middle of the semester adn I hope you are all learning something good. I'd like to call your attention to my company blog which has some really interesting posts that can teach you something.

Please visit the Ingenex Inbound Thinking blog and give some posts a read. Then comment on this blog about what you learned or thought was interesting. Keep up the great work. Go Green!


Connect, Follow, Tweet

This is social media week in the class. Let's get involved. How about sending some tweets using the hashtag #NMDL or #ADV420. Tweet and follow your profs (@mehraban, @3pointross, @grahamdavis and the class Twitter @msunewmedia).

Tell a friend

This week I'm asking you to help us out. We need to fill the class for Fall 2014, so if you have any friends who could benefit from this class please tell them. We meet this fall on Saturday, September 13 and Saturday December 6. 

December 6 we will probably be playing in the Big Ten championship game, but we usually finish early enough to get home and watch the game.

20 Success Habits

Digital marketing is pretty amazing. I like it a lot and its what I do for work. The stuff you are learning in this class will help you in your future. And there is no telling where you will end up in your career. You may work in an agency, you may start your own company. You might work in marketing or communications at a company. The sky is the limit.

I am always on the lookout for great posts and today I found one that I think can help you succeed in the future.

Graduation Day

So this is the last blog post for the Spring 2014 #NMDL class. I call it Graduation Day, because I'm wondering if any of you have decided to go into a career in digital when you graduate. Shoot, these days you don't have much of a choice, it's all turning to digital.

So when you graduate, what do you plan to do? Where do you want to work (city/state)? And what type of agency or client side?

As I told you when I graduated I wanted to be a copywriter and do television commercials at a top agency. Oh, does anyone plan to go to Portfolio School?

Learn inbound marketing

Leading up to our exam on Monday, it's time to dig deep and learn about Inbound Marketing. Inbound is the process of creating such great content that people come to your site, give you some information, and in exchange learn more about your business and how you can help them.

Thumbs up for inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing - Learning more?

Class, as we discussed in opening day, Inbound Marketing is something that I think you can learn more about. Inbound Marketing is a way to create wonderful content that your audience really wants, and offer it to them in exchange for some marketing data. This allows you to see what motivates action, allows you to be a trusted advisor and expert to your prospects, and in the long run will help you get sales.

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