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Welcome to the New Media Drivers License. Some things to think about this week. Doing participation by commenting on this blog, and sharing two resources. Also, be sure to connect with your teachers on social networks. You can find me at Derek Mehraban on Linkedin. You can also follow my @mehraban Twitter and my company Twitter for Ingenex Digital Marketing.

What do you know?

So I'm curious as to where you all stand with digital media knowledge. I must say, I was impressed with the participation, and the students from the first day of class. You all did a great job making it through the long day, and I hope you learned some things.

Local SEO Link Building

Local search is an increasingly important component of search engine optimization. Building links that help your local search is a smart tactic, and something that will help if you want to be found in your town, city, or region.

I just read a post from our friends at SEOMoz that talks about acquiring links from local search. We do many of these techniques, but it's good to see someone write it up in this manner.

Social Media ROI - What does it mean?

Even though advertising has changed, most marketing agencies are still clinging to old measures of success like Return on Investment. Vic Drabicky, a digital marketing and strategy consultant, argues that ROI needs to be updated to account for the new ways social networks drive sales.

My Favorite Social Network

What is my favorite social network? I use Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. But which is the best?

I would have to say the most value comes from Linkedin. I have almost 4,000 connections. I have used Linkedin to build networks, and join groups, and generally connect with professionals around the world.

Be sure to connect with me on Linkedin so I can give a recommendation when class is over.

Best of the Best Facebook Timeline + Pinterest

Class. Take a moment and look at some brand pages on Facebook. Who has done a great job on their Timeline? Then I want you to go look at some brand Pinterest pages, and see who has done the best. If you are so inpsired, share an example on the comments of this post of a brand that you feel does a great job. I am really curious to see what you come up with. BTW, have you tried the Timeline? Do you like it? The new Ingenex Digital Facebook timeline is a work in progress. Like our new photo?

Favorite MSU Moment in 2011

As you can guess I am a big MSU Spartans Fan! Teaching this class to the amazing students at MSU is one of greatest honors I have ever known. And I'm so proud to see our students graduate every year and get jobs in advertising, PR, marketing and more - using their New Media Drivers License to help them along the way.

When I grow up...

What do you want to be when you grow up? When I was a student at MSU in the Advertising Department, I wanted to be a copywriter. I was sure of this fact. I studied all the greats like Leo Burnett and David Ogilvy and Neil French. I read the books. Worked on my portfolio for weeks and months. Had creative reviews with agency types and writers. I did the circuit.

New Media Drivers License Commercial - Extra Credit

This is the Prezi Andrea Rottman and I created together. We were unable to find directions as to how to post the presentation to Youtube. Please use this link to view our Prezi. Thank you!


Note: Please scroll over the bottom of the opening "MSU" picture until the sound bar appears, then press "play" so the music starts. Then press the play button for the Prezi to begin.



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