Joe’s Crab Shack : Digital Marketing Strategy

Joe’s Crab Shack : Digital Marketing Strategy


PepsiCo Smile Digital Campaign

A Smiling Target Audience

Campaigning Digitally for Patagonia

*Overall objective: Increase awareness about Patagonia's parternship with "Common Threads" and the enviornment. After the six month campaign, we hope to see an increase in Common Thread pledges and ecommerce sales. 

Rebuilding the Silos: Hacking a Digital Strategy Through Social Media


Surely Juicy Couture has a problem that can be cured, or mostly cured, through social media. It’s signature perfume Juicy Couture is great for summer with its watermelon overtones and peachy undertones. A little freesia just smells wonderful

Holesom Longboards

Holesom Longboards is a business located in Laguna Beach, CA. It is a new business that began in 2008. I think Holesom has potential but their website and overall media strategy could be refreshed and more rich in content.

Target Audience:

Age: 17-24 year olds.
Gender: Males & females

Region: Laguna Beach, California

Personality: A person who is outgoing, energetic and likes to be outside. They live life lightheartedly and with a carefree attitude.

Burton Builds on Style

We Want to See YOU at the Palace

Boston Red Sox - Digital Strategy

Situational Analysis

Throughout history, sports have played an important role reflecting the way American society is established. The Boston Red Sox were founded in 1901 as one of the American League's eight charter franchises; the Red Sox's home ballpark has been Fenway Park since 1912.   They have played in eleven World Series, winning seven.   Playing in Fenway Park has its own sense of histor

The latest and greatest digital tool you've found?

Part of this class is testing, and learning about new digital tools that can help you future career. So I have to ask, what is the latest and greatest digital tool you've found that can help others in the class? Tell us about it here.

One thing that I think is pretty cool is this site called NameChk where you can search for username availability on all social sites and see if yours is available. Give it a try. Oh, and don't list this as your lastest tool - show me something new!

Thanks - Derek

End Sexual Violence at MSU

I created a Facebook page for the “End Sexual Violence at MSU” cause. I choose this topic because it is vital for Michigan State’s student population to first be informed about the overall probably that all universities are having regarding sexual violence then specifically what is going on here on our campus. Recently, a young girl was harassed in her dorm, which is what initially sparked my interest in starting up a page about this cause.

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