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Oakley Digital Media Strategy

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Whole Foods Market - Digital Strategy

IBM Digital Strategy


Google AdWords SUBWAY Campaign

The company/brand that I chose for my final project is SUBWAY. I decided for this week's blog post to focus on using Google AdWords to build a campaign with this well recognized brand. Being a new user for Google AdWords, I had to do some digging to find out what this program was all about. With my luck Learn with Google, displays videos to teach new users all about the Google interface and the tools that it offers.

The Body Shop

Intel Google Ad words Campaign

Adwords For Anthropologie


   The brand I have chosen for my final project is Anthropoligie. I think this store offer fantastic products in Women's Clothing, Accessories, and Home Decor, and I would like to help expand their outreach with a Google Adwords campaign.

Starbucks Coffee Ad Domination

Starbucks brand image progression over the years     Starbucks has successfully taken over the gourmet coffee market category as a market leader.  The brand targets multiple audiences, from the average worker on their morning coffee run, to the college student crammi

AdWords campaign for IBM

The idea of this campaign will be to attract new small and medium business to use IBM services. Almost all enterprise businesses will already have a very good infrastructure in place so targeting them would be wasting resources. The target for IBM solutions would be small and medium businesses that are looking to expand or reinforce their current setup.


Two Ads are going to be used initially for testing to see which Ad attracts more attention and generates more click-through. They are as follows:

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