Win a Trip to LEGOLAND: How Pinterest Can Make My Dreams Come True, and Get Some Inexpensive, Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The contest I chose to enter on Pinterest for this week's assignment was the "Build It to Win It Dream Adventure Contest".  which is a contest being held by LEGOLAND, Florida, and offers a grand prize package, and two first prize winners, all of which would include tickets and passes of some sort to the theme/water park.  I found out about this contest by doing a search on Google, and employing some of the techniques t

Pinterest Contests: Win for Companies AND Consumers

Prior to reading this week’s assignment, I didn’t even know that companies held contests on Pinterest. After coming across REI, a Washington based recreational equipment retailer, I found a contest to enter:

The contest works like this:


eBay Halloween Pinterest Contest

Being new a Pinterest member, I didn’t know what to expect when entering this new social media platform. And to come in entering a contest, how was I going to do that? Immediately upon creating an account, which I was about to connect to my Facebook page, I realized tht Pinterest was a very inviting site. Guiding me along the way, Pinterest provided easy interaction, pleasing visuals and a very user-friendly interface.


The Four Uses of Blogs for Marketing and PR

In this weeks reading, there was one section that really stuck out to me. It began with the four different ways to use blogging to improve your marketing and public relations. The four ways that Scott identifies to use blogs are:

Online Profiles Lead to Enhanced Brand Equity

Starting a Social Media Campaign

Full Digital Strategy - Whole Foods 365 Days a Year!


What Whole Foods is currently doing with social media networks. Present a picture of how Whole Foods Market uses social media to promote their business and products and how they promote and educate the community prior to the store opening in an area. Build an identity around the 365 products that will have broad appeal to the target audiences and prepared meals.

The competition and their lack of social media networks; I’ll present a picture of Kroger and Trader Joe's and how they promote their business without social media. 

Detroit Red Wings Full Digital Stratgey

TOMS Shoes and Eyewear: Taking Our Success to the Next Level

Toms Shoes

Slide 1- Objectives

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